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A little on when you feel threatened by state government here,  oh well. And while were thinking accusations of being paranoid. The state paid for shrink said something as such as I explained the on coming attacks over a generation of, uh, as the bible describe as vipers which started back in 96. His view in report stated.

1.: having or showing an unreasonable feeling that people are trying to harm you, do not like you, etc.

Yes that one. So now what’s the word for being right about possible harm one that spans years. That one in 1996 months after your homes destroyed and a word called class action. The only enjoyment of life left in the current U.S. by all victims of government is a persons faith and occasional views from other Christians. Things like, The Supreme Court flatters itself with its title. It is made up of nine sinners, who will one Day stand before the Supreme Judge and give an account for every idle word spoken. Hey if it’s going up that high you know the bottom feeders have it coming. I was able to vent some anger to the most recent event on my own social sight but the worlds no better.


FROM MARCH TO MAY:  Never being one to socialize much my time from blogging spent on personalized social Media only adds salt to the wound. Were no doubt going through change. Facebook in particular currently resembles a tool of instigation by government on the people. We knew the forms of abuse regarding injustice, and denials of even medical care done to us would in fact spread. We can only wonder the number of extortion’s being had during this one. Once a criminal way is made to no justice others will follow. I wasn’t interested in blogging in April for personal obvious reason that associated it to the name of our deceased child. April’s company on the night of her death was Melissa Sumrall who’s photo was in an earlier post has sadly died from apparent overdose. Her involvement in the death of April being dealt with I wish I knew more.  Meanwhile back to the ole earth.


NEXT DOOR   To think the lawsuit crap alone wasn’t enough, the neighbors God help their poor old alcoholic souls, should give it a break. Ever since we’ve lived here we have had constant visits from law enforcement for calls near us and repeatedly from the house next door. Now mind you living with memory of past treatments and current events read while you can. I have little doubt that upon our death this blog will probably vanish. For over two months now calls to the local Sheriff’s office by others resulted in their stopping in front our home and gathering in our yard. Last week I felt they over stepped their legal authority by entering and searching three areas of our home before we even knew they were there. Makes a person question the reality of repeated calls to no arrest and these inspections. So earlier before the gathering began this time I ask before they unloaded that officers pull their car to the neighbors home and not ours. We were said to be having an attitude. One can only hope that harassment isn’t the end result.

One might wonder what now if they didn’t know. Yet we must be marked or targeted if you will to some form of observation at least that’s the feeling. So let me add the additional two bits to complete this picture. Our neighbor Tim was seen giving him self breathing treatments the kind that’s killing those signed up and are being used by attorneys to collect on the Gaylord Mississippi fraudulent class-action. Is that what this is all about? Might be! You see Tim’s daughter works for non other then poster boy for the city of Bogalusa, Bill Arata. You may recal Bill is the good for nothing son-of -bitch who started all April’s troubles with the states with one false arrest after another. This was on behalf the state for control of us and became a matter of kidnapping then her murder one year after her release. And now we know.

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AT IT AGAIN: Would you believe that the countless crimes and murders of two family members the lost/destruction their of home and injuries still isn’t enough. Currently Marion County’s local Media is boasting of money for all sorts of county projects as well has published the recycling of the Gaylord Mississippi extortion Lawsuit. With attempts to make wrong seem right by the laws of opting out lead plaintiffs of their fraud. In this change the real and proven claims of injury and lost wait for the fraudulent claims to get paid before the real ones are. In a matter where it involves billions the court recycles the class action by soliciting new claims every few years to share in the interest collected as they wait out unto death the real claims. In this case the only real claims are ours. Then there’s this. Seems to be some anger in the air over folks who want more of that shiny state extorted apple from this fraud, which perhaps doesn’t want to use the same names and social security numbers used in previous pay outs. So what does the extortion and murdering by Marion County and state politicians cause to those they extort from?


Let’s not forget the part of family members who aided with the criminal actions had here because the trouble caused by such evil doesn’t end.  Alice my ungodly mother and Jerry going to be rich and famous Stringer. With their nose far up the extorting attorney’s asses Alice and Jerry raked in a good deal of money helping the states fraudulent class, which included every form of attack on us they could think of.  This fraudulent state sponsored terrorism upon the lives of three people was created to last our physical life time. Before passing away Jerry purchased a life insurance leaving the two grandchildren a million dollar policy a mobile home and three acres of land. This being all he had he assumed Alice and Ray were in good hands with their up coming settlement from the extorted funds. This was his attempt to rectify some of the abuse deal my wife, child and the grandchildren by the states extortion. This was the understanding of our talks. Alice held the policy and allowed me to make finance payments on the property then sold it after little was left owed as she and Ray depleted their awards money. Alice currently seeks to gain more money from the current reinstituted past concluded Mississippi Gaylor blood money lawsuit.


THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL  :                                                               The lawsuit. So after  20 years of the state and attorney’s love of our money let’s look at where we are. Alice fails to gain the money from the policy of Jerry Stringer death and holds the policy from the children till it’s action time of three years expires. The one shot failed and failed on appeal class-action is once more revived from it’s repeatedly claimed ending of how classes are supposed to work. In this class a person 10 years old not even born at the time of the toxic disposal are asked to sign up now to the class which is paid by interest from the Marie’s escrow accounts. The class will end when we no longer live and the state and attorneys say to hell with the use of others of a class to get money from it.

you and me

The family being extorted. Robert Marie lives for the day of God’s re-payment knowing the evil involved here can only be handled by a higher force as it is a lower force driving the insane to their actions.  Jane cares for the children and her husband but doesn’t understand the states refusal to allow her or the older grandchild medicade. Being singled out the entire family lives with knowledge family members are being murdered over something being done for money an event occurring before the children were even born. Either by the actions already had or fear of what lies ahead the older state abused child states she needs psychiatric help. I warn of any other state involvement but intend to present the matter to a mental physician in hopes of aiding her. The younger child awaits with her grandparent to witness the events at the lake and the reuniting of herself with her mother.


SOMETHING A FOOT:   There can be no denying the state and local politicians are up to no good once more. Possibly the older child simply feels by way of ESP that the real actions to mistreat her by the state entails an action as such taken against her mother after years of witnessing the attacks had on her grandparents. A claimed survey of questions to Robert as to where millions should be spent by some agency isn’t helping. Perhaps the recorded phone interview will be manipulated to appear as though we approve of our awards being used. I work hard to instill the words of God. These people mean harm. These people are evil, yet what they have and will do is already explained in scripture. Only a love for God will see them through. Only God can help in matters such as these. Only God through Christ Jesus can protect you from the Devil. The hand of God isn’t easily understood by those who fear death isn’t a part of the overall plan. Being young can they understand that it isn’t money that is causing this and what all evil means. How does one explain to a child that it is misdirected love that is the cause. These children of the Devil won’t stop and that love directed towards money instead of God will take you to the root of or the beginning of all evil. It will take you to where evil started it will lead you to Satan. As it is written it is not the money but “the love of money is the root of all evil. ”



IN THE HEADLINES:                                                                          Today we say good by to Thomas Henry Freeland, IV, 59, who died Saturday, February 21, 2015 at Oshner Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tom practiced law in Oxford for 33 years, first with his father Hal Freeland and his wife, Joyce Freeland at the historic Freeland & Freeland law office off the Square in Oxford Mississippi. Tom as he was known by many was the owner of the blog site NMissCommentor.

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A Brief Recap:  HINDS COUNTY JACKSON MISSISSIPPI  Except for the physical pain I love growing old. Every so often I remind those who are to busy to go into what this blog is all about that the average citizen get’s a lot put on their plate by an insane tyrannical government now running the Un-United States called America. Now something resonates with me that my life is nothing more than a testimonial that describes an unheard evil not known to many who might believe that law and order or fairness or even the constitution holds some type of meaning regarding U.S. citizens. It doesn’t. So let’s recap quickly here what’s going down because the fact is corrupt America is a land of lawlessness corruption. It’s creation demands acceptance of the evil which rules.






The Vagabond Attack old v.s new:                                                                         So some of the worlds largest major corporations of old were involved in the intentional release of toxins which in cloud form landed on our home. An initial agreement of settlement gave way to state greed. A belief our injuries would kill us attorneys on behalf the states of Louisiana and Mississippi took to any action needed to extort what would have been our awards. Now I’ve lived here for over 30 years and personally witnessed how local law enforcement kept anyone waiting on a law suit payment of awards on a short rope. Because of the possible billions might be had our rope would be the shortest one ever used. The bible describes a group of poor and stupid lost souls who have no time for God and make their way through life by leaching off of others Vagabonds.  They are not able to to make it on their own. Their evilness must use someone to harm or steal from which generates the money they use to live on. The bible calls these Vagabonds of the earth.

AN ANATOMY OF CRIMINAL RICOMonetary Vultures:  To extort our awards attorneys would need a wider action then our personal injury claim. Although we were used as lead plaintiffs the plot was to create a fraudulent cause so the court and attorneys would have a wider action to draw the extorted funds from. Entered the fraudulent class action. When the trail and appeal fail to prove a class the law were cast aside and the uh, Children of Satan began their move to simply terrorize through extortion tactics to steal the awards. The move being so blatantly obvious never yield the victim/client their home and property or any aid to the needed injuries. With all the talk had it was repeatedly stated that no more than 4o persons were really effected by the released toxins we just appeared closer to the grave. The class drawn 24,000 on it’s first action and untold others the the other settlements had. The state and attorneys have made a claim the the court action has ended as least three times now already. The last ended action of theirs involved the murdering of my daughter. An earlier action involved the murder of my cousin. So here in Mississippi we have Vulgarizing Vagabonds coming out the ass. So anytime you hear bad things about the state of Mississippi remember SFB.



SFB spells >> Shit For Brains:                                                           Being at a lost to even guess how many are angered by governmental actions to steal from them, and I’m speaking the entire country. American citizens are being eradicated by actions to fed an insane monetary greed by a governments arbitration of law. Being it a law suit, false arrest and court cost or the usual abuse dealt out by the current corrupt government in America we get even more of what comes from those with shit for brains. It isn’t what is written here that explains being left alone by the ole powerful dumb shit called local government but more about what isn’t said. Place your bets and gamble your life this is your turn. To put in in short folks are getting more pissed off and it’s taking more to bribe anyone going into the fold. They start with what becomes lies to get elected before joins the attack.

TERROR YOU SAY?                                                                                                                  Scripture, Countless Law and the U.S. Constitution say what is your is your and you have a protected right to have hold and keep it but let’s keep this simple for those who know or follow what it is we own and were given. Unlawful seizure of land or home is a crime. Theft of money is a crime. The murder of another human being is a crime. Abuse, Segregation, Extortion and Un-equality are all crimes as well. America boast proudly claims that justice and an abiding constitution will bring to justice anyone violating these rights.  Why, it is said that men and women fought, bled and died to make secure these protected rights.

terrorWhat’s really happening is world events are pumping up untold fortunes as though the end of the world is around the corner. State government through Media control and state backing needs conflict to support the funds of corporations which now run the earth.  America’s government seeks a revolt. The self survival groups are supported by claims of legal Militia. Having a greater support of the populist they create to large of a revolt to beat. After all, all that’s needed is a physical proven need to warrant the expensive protection. Americas choice the terrorist.


Everyone gives wonder to the actions of Timothy McVeigh. Being objective to his actions what do you see. Horrible , Terrible, Evil and is a form of terrorist of gorilla warfare. A  general opinion of most Americans. McVeigh a veteran of war and decorated medal owner claims the actions at the Branch Davidian Compound inspired his attack on a federal building in Oklahoma. That the governments actions were totally military to a point of not even allowing a surrender to spare the lives of children.


terror 2

The idea terrorist  is the harmless man agitated to the point of given nothing but a vengeful act in-retaliation to the government bulling. The U.S. is creating these types daily. What gives power to this ability to destroy an entire country? Law Enforcement of one type or another. That’s from a bible verse that we would be placed under mans laws to the point of self harm. Just one of many events to transpire. Oh, and object of the post the only terrorist I’ve known or ever will are in the U.S. They play act a job in U.S. courts as Judges and attorneys. Their action make void law and right and especially God’s word. I need not join any group in a far away land to fight abuse, injustice, human rights, civil injustice or even terrorism as terrorist are all right here operating as part of a solution which in truth is the greatest and at most times the only real problem the U.S. Government.

ter·ror·ist  a noun a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.







Applying to the masses it was a cruel and unusual act to have the patience of pain medication to be grouped up and forced to change doctors as well to travel for hours to obtain the same medication used for years, the DEA. The IRS was recently said to be going through an investigation for possible criminal acts. IRS. Then you have an obvious purchase of armament to attack America citizens by the DHS which is now an ISIS witch hunt dealing with matters of no real necessity. It’s been like the stone strike but no fire. Except for control via the spying on America for the sole purpose of corporate interest. Please explain DHS.  A wide use of authority over citizens in public. The name alone cost to much.


SOUTH OF THE BORDER:  During the time of our child’s death people who had heard seen or were involved in the law suit were arrested, starting with the person telling us our child laid in a ditch dying and no aid would be forth coming. Her intentional murder is one in many for political reasoning to the modern day American government. Having their own citizens killed and in our case it involved money. These events to the victim are in part created to cause a needed reaction to which their moot court response already awaits. It’s this response that is giving strength to terrorist. Since the arrest of these local people and their release it is my understanding that a great number have fled. I would surmise the class action and arrest both served the purpose of taking away more awards money from anyone used to get it. .

I recently spoke to a friend working near the Mexico border who occasionally crosses the border. He calls to warn me I’d better watch out me name surfaced that way. South of the border. Really. Hey, with all I been through I’m not the least bit surprised. I see it now. Authorities investigating a terrorist threat from a man who blah, blah, blah in an attempt to join a group of ISIS backers attempting to penetrate our Southern Borders. Put nothing pass your enemies abilities. The necessities of the current beast is struggling a bit. Although confusions is had by most that belief in lies. The violence needed to fed this beast seeks total consumption. Now we live constant attacks to pressurize the people to turn. Accept your total slavery to the government or suffer any form of action [ which by the way would be used regardless ] deem needed to force confrontation with you. In a democracy that’s a job. Whether assuming sophistication or not Terrorism is Terrorism.

Truth be known the government will allow ISIS to grow as it uses their action to a continual lie that it is all for the safety of the people to move slowly. As the pressure to comply increases and enough becomes enough ISIS will be blamed for it all as politicians fill their pockets to the remaining money needed for final political power. Anyone taking action against tyranny will be labeled a terrorist. I’d say just do the math. This generation will not pass. What generation? The generation of the fig tree. Like the fig tree leaves Adam and Eve used to cover themselves. Not since 722 BC did Israel exist. She flourished back to life in 1948, aka this generation. There are three generational times given 40, 72 and 120 or years in biblical generations. Scripture states that their after the current world will be in the last of it’s age or this generation.  There are three ages of and in time written of the age of souls and dinosaurs an age of flesh and temptation and lastly thank God the age of only good souls with God forever.  Amen brothers, Amen.


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You’ve got Mississippi holding the damned title for being the most corrupt state in the nation. Oh but I have gun toting badge wearing attorneys to handle that. No shit? If I was a low down garbage ass pile of shit trash turned against the people on behalf the government, you bet your ass I’d arm my co-conspirators as well. It seems that there could be a way to explain how I feel, but no. The closes I’ll ever get is “KILL EM ALL, I MEAN EVERY LAST MOTHERFUCKING ONE OF EM.” with exception of the unknowing clients. But if it’s evil and doesn’t abide by law and/or constitution KILL IT.


Yet it never fails that the voices of those who love me go off in my head. You are better than that. God would rather I watch. And never listen to what people say. Usually anyone close to God is labeled crazy. Sense I would rather not take the path of my enimies, and by the way unlike these ass holes I can kill it without leaving any fact it was intentional. Having said that, those want to be bad asses never stop to think how easy it is to take a life. In fact me murdering someone would fit right up the states alley. Oh how a murder charge could do wonders. But then I wouldn’t be here to see the out come of these actions. May God bless Duke Polk, Marion County MS. who’s doing time for a law enforcement covered up murder.

OK, let’s cut the shit. It’s not often I give shout of anyone of these basters going down Today I’ll make exception. Notice how from the higher up to the low down trash government will hide the beginning of how some people got to where they were. Go look at the Judges and attorneys involved in this extortion of kidnapping thieves and murders. Look good and y’all find gaps in their history. Years of just didn’t know where or what they were doing during those times. Now go find a victim of governmental abuse by some who can’t make it on their own in government and you’d probably find another story.  The big headed ass holes. The wicked ones. Do I feel so righteous and above my judgments no! But I have no problem paying what I owe, Potty Mouth and all as long as you get yours. Get to know God and you’d have to love him.

There was never stopping these murdering thieves. As stated before we spoke to Ebbs in 2002, about the kidnapping of our child by the state politicians extorting us, three years before ebbs found his pot of gold to hell. Now if the rest could follow. Notice how the past, those missing years always get worked out to the benefit of evil state employees.


JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) –Former Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps is now a convicted felon.

“Obviously, I apologize to my family, to the state of Mississippi and to the association and board that I was on nationally, said Epps.”  Epps entered into a plea agreement with the government on two of the 49 count indictment against him. He admitted to receiving bribes and kickbacks from Rankin County businessman Cecil McCrory.  McCrory pleaded guilty to just one count of the indictment. So, what about the remaining charges? 
“Pursuant to the plea agreement, my understanding is they will be dismissed,” said Epps’ attorney John Colette. “Although it was the longest, most complex and largest public corruption case in the state’s history, today justice prevailed,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst.

Hurst says through this nearly decade long conspiracy scheme, Epps was able to outright purchase 2 Mercedes Benz, a beach condo on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, pay off the mortgage on his Flowood home and invest more than one million dollars.  Hurst told the judge, if Epps would have opted for a trial the government was prepared to have eye witnesses, video recordings and surveillance of the actions taking place. “It’s not over though,” added Hurst. “As God as our witness, we are going to come after the other corrupt politicians and we are going to clean up this state.” “There’s not a day that goes by that this doesn’t cross my mind several, several, several times,” said Epps. Epps faces 23 years behind bars. McCrory faces 20. Sentencing is scheduled for June.

Hey Boo Boo, God is witnessing all of it. The longest and most complex public corruption to murder and extortion is handed one guilty kickback plea which continues to hide what state government doesn’t want known. Why? So the next politician can steal even more.


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As the 17th, year anniversary of Gaylord, Mississippi, Louisiana Chemical dump and intentional disposal attempt rolls around, let’s not forget how it turned into the murdering attacks on this family for money started by the Hinds County Court. The trail of innocent blood goes from New Orleans through Bogalusa, Louisiana where this shit started right on to Jackson Mississippi for court corruption before stopping at our door step to cause as much harm that extorting hundreds of millions would afford. I’m taking this to the grave barring a return of my King. Here let’s look at this once more briefly.

 10-9-2008-84837-pm 10-9-2008-84945-pm So Ali Baba and the forty thieves of the of the Mississippi court say. The Marie Claims were dismissed on January 15th, 1998. OK, who’s arguing this false assumption? By January 15th, 1998 we had been attacked from every angle provided to have us arrested among all the denied rights to our home life and any resolution by the greed driven motherfuckers in our affairs. It’s a damned MS. thing for some placing your nose in the affairs of others. But let’s say along with all the fucking horse shit the court could muster that on January 15th, 1998 with discovery by the court of property destruction the court adds property right violations as we were dismissed. The court should use the order to wipe its ass, or shove it up it, why? Read on.

Yes the Mississippi court of extortion in HINDS COUNTY MISSISSIPPI via its greed driven employees and political friends got rid of us from court actions just as the judge and attorneys planned. Wopie Do Shit!. Look up dismissed it means its all over but wait this is Hinds County so add the baby shit. Then lo and behold Defendants Vicksburg offer up 84 million dollars to the Marie claim. Robert Marie, to be specific. When did this happen? August and September of 1998 remember the discovery is claimed incomplete.

 Not even the wizards of this court could connect the two actions in proving a permanent dismissal of claims. There wasn’t more than three discoveries completed before the attempt to claim dismissal. The greed which sought the dismissal now wanted the money of the claimed dismissed. So the claims were never dismissed or even if they were they had been reinstated for the Vicksburg offer. WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY  ????????????????

10-9-2008-92202-pm    10-9-2008-92334-pm  This is the day the court should have settled our shit, but oh no. Greed has no limit. The thieves now see a way to get more. So was the failed trial intentional? The appeal was rejected and all the money went to the court in our name. The state has led the way of this extortion and the justice department gives its support, but that has and never will change the fact. That all monies from this Court extortion event is ours. That the names on actions taken place after the claimed dismissal are ours and they span volumes. Perhaps its been this way for a while but I ain’t from here and if you want to want to fuck me we’ll make a movie and let everyone see it.

Jury Denies Claims      Cover for pleadings index  Cover for pleadings index   Cover Sheet Of Complaint and Jury Demand by David Baria

The trial held on behalf of ALL OTHERS failed. WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY ? You are nothing more than fucking thieves in a court house. Even if attorneys withdrew via the courts extortion plot, our pro’se action would have sufficed the demand of relief. Fact is the court used our claims as it wanted for extortion many time after the claimed dismissal.

Filing fee of CIV 251-98-1061         pict0012          Judge Graves' Order

Dismissed my ass. Excuse me it’s time for my medication.

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OK, lets update the ongoing problem for anyone with a little understanding of rock and hard plate. Question. How far does one go in stealing even when its made public. The greatest comments ever had were those stating legal actions against telling the truth. Knowing how things work around these parts add what were not sure of and call me a conspiracy theorist. It would seem that at every turn the state comes to maintain a closer connection and more direct ability to collect from known money deposits. With that in mind I’ll recap, Destruction, lost,injury,attacks,operations. Reactions,court denials, false arrest, dead relative in a pattren of attacks, child abducted. All past comments. And lastly with years before her our child was in our near Rankin County. So with 5 months claimed left on her time she is in Washington County. That one month adoption process going into its second year now. Does the state need wifey and I up near the northwest border of the state without the kids. Could we really conclude the meaning of dead man walking being a government process to eliminate someone. Is there a childish generation of idiots with secrets and potions running the world. ———————————————————-

CV. .. class payments with a response to the uh, State / Corporate News Reports

NEWS…….  Sixteen years after the event claimants in the 1995 Gaylord chemical release case cv. 251-96-493 McKenna, received their final settlement payments A Louisiana class action lawsuit, including 16,000 members, and 4,000 individual suits in Mississippi. ………………………………………………………………………………………………….

CV……….  McKenna is the only known action related by my wife to the conpensutory stage of trial. She was desposed under or in the McKenna action. Notice the Mississippi suits are listed as individual suits. McKenna was the attorney dreamed class which failed but gain life with the beast. It might have taken an hour to decide but I doubt it. Back to that state report.

News…..   October 1995 chemical spill that released an orange cloud of  [dinitrogen tetroxide and not] nitrogen tetroxide over Bogalusa………………………………………………..

CV….. Sixteen years and its still important to lie about what was actually relesed.

News….. The final disbursement is from a settlement with Union Tank Car, James “Pete” Farmer, plaintiff liaison counsel, said Thursday………………………………………….

CV…..       Our understanding would be that all money is ours after failed and proven trial and appeal. That is the law. No doubt that many a croked deals were made to get where we are presently. Again we see that the first action was of imporartants to note as it seems to stear the other actions. Of the names on those settlement ah,la   Vicksburg, hocus pocus, papers of the court. The victims are the only ones not awarded any money. Nothing here about the Vicksburg money or how much of it exist. Just that it steared all other actions. Which is the first best thing.

NEWS…..        Farmer said. “The company that first settled, Vicksburg Chem-ical, required that we hold some funds in reserve until a period of time passed,” he said. “It was until May 2011 originally. That was renegotiated to release some of the reserve, with a smaller amount to be held until Sept. 15, 2016. “If it is not used by the defendants according to reserve agreement, by that time, it will be divided 75/25 between the City of Bogalusa and Washington Parish Government.” The governing bodies reportedly get the leftover funds in a “next best thing” scenario because there is not enough money to pay all 20,000 plantiffs’ claims. ………………

CV. …. Learn from the Louisiana state Government here. When enough of your brain cells are burnt out and you feel self powered to place yourself above all other things. Next month label your bills the next best scenario and you don’t have enough money to pay them all, just keep it all for youself. Check out the other in this tale of two cities.

With the willingness to accept the 10 million and be on our way does everyone understand the amount of money fraudulently stolen by the states and breaking the country down because the wallstreet greed driven world is like a fearless child.

So the story of dead man walking goes like this. A certain person once worked for uncle Sam looking up diffrent people for the military. Benig reluctant to speak he did inform me that goernmental flagging was usually done for the purpose of covert operations. Mostly spying. He said a spy didn’t have the time to do all those things seen in the movies. The government simply erased their idenity. Never mattered what was ever found at the crime scene because even finger prints had no match. So I asked if the person flagged by uncle Sam wasn’t a spy what did that mean. He just looked at me and said, dead man walking. Anyway all but signing up for the draft has been flagged or erased. Repete after me boys and girls, Corporate America.

8-1-2008-32104-pm 8-1-2008-32315-pm This is how the eraser works bottom left.

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Looks like the folks at Bogalusa Stinks have called it a day.

Bogalusa Stinks

If the smell of shit reminds you of money, then you shouldn’t bank with assholes.


After checking their site this was all that remains of Bogalusa stinks. Guess I’m in this blogging for good. Unless they ban this format I’ll just keep writing and waiting. Today marks a one time date in history that I was told I’d regret. Oh how wrong can you all be again. Today in history we fired the scum bucket slop of shit Stuart Smith and his band of thieves known as attorneys. It did little good since that bigger pile of shit, a claimed to be judge named James Graves took his place with greater thieves. So having created a state of full blown corruption in Mississippi they have elevated their position from extortion from courts of lawlessness to include the highest of rankings their abominations to murder. One has to wonder with such a wide opened attack on their child including kidnapping, hostage holding and a brief release before her murder, why now one of the grandchildren holds the current attention of state neglect. A charge as all others that the state need not give concern. It’s not like these matters ever ended the stalking by extortionist murders.  At least it gives more to write of. It’s OK we all need be tested of temptations.

Would you believe Jane’s doctor has suggested she take treatments for depression. Jane should end her facebook postings of the lost of our child. It gives our haters more to drool over. Yet as I give consideration to her feelings I guess it’s OK. The only thought I want to share is how happy I’ll be when it’s to late to understand before we were here in flesh relation to each other we were children of God. In the spiritual sense it’s the meaning of brothers and sisters in Christ. The greater picture being how the scum of the earth the evil which knows nothing good has the truth revealed to it. In these days you see whole groups of people working one evil and lawlessness deal after another. Waxing hearts cold is the flavor of the earth, the work of Satan and his children. No matter how large the group the Ha Raa, won’t play any part in the final judgement, we all stand alone. If you review the court documents you’d see that the majority of court filings as well attacks on us were had on the 13th, day of the month. I directed this to mark these bastards of hell to their works. So in 1997 I knew that the greed of these criminal actions to dispose of toxins would be dragging all sorts of evil people into the snare. Even had my own time telling my step-dad he was wrong if it were me I wouldn’t have taken part. Could be why attorneys said to be silent about the fraudulent class. I was able to tell my step-dad when asked to join in on other class actions to “get that shit out my face” yeah, there are many who just refuse to believe and even they have been written of, so I’ll just keep writing as I wait.

God has revealed the evil, explained the needed patience, even told of the non believers. I would have to put as much in the grieving of the murderous death of my child with the like of understanding that allows those who feel free to murder. Hey hold up stupid, your not going anywhere. One knows scripture about as good as the other. But make no other mistake. I want to see the pleas, the crying, the begging by those who are doing so much for the cause of evil on judgement day. Can’t take the matter of personal injury to the unrighteous, their extortion will burden you as it will not serve their purpose. That being the lust of their father the Devil.

1 Corinthians: Does any one of you, when he has a case against his neighbor, dare to go to law before the unrighteous and not before the saints?

Luke 11:46 But He said, “Woe to you lawyers as well! For you weigh men down with burdens hard to bear, while you yourselves will not even touch the burdens with one of your fingers.

Luke 7:30 But the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected God’s purpose for themselves, not having been baptized by John.

Agencies which give no response to correspondence. (1.) The U.S. Justice Department. (2.) The F.B.I. (3.) With regards to the grandchildren (4.) Social Security (5.) Medicade (6.) The Mississippi Courts. They may have said if you ignore it, it will go away. But those of us in the know understand there’s a reason your ignoring and aiding and abet to extortion, kidnapping, hostage holding and murder comes with a cost. I will enjoy seeing your payments being made. Happy Friday the 13th, I don’t regret a damned thing! You all will die and then you’ll meet your evil paying faith and there’s not a damned thing you will do to stop it. Then they’ll be nothing you can do. Checkmate!

James 1:12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

Corinthians 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.

Revelation 21: But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

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Although having understanding of scripture is a true blessing for some, it’s also the point where many get left at the dock and the boat sails away. Two things anyone can find and read if they only had time for God and his words is the fact two things are made clear. Everyone will be known by the works they do. The works are what produces the fruit of labor. The second thing which can be known is that a person’s works will in fact follow them after this physical life is over. Your works are all you take with you. The righteousness of your works weave the clothing you wear in heaven. And since there isn’t any gender in angels any nakedness  shouldn’t be too big of a problem getting to the day of judgement.


The entire world must contend with corruption. It costs honest citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and saps trust in public and private institutions. Recently, Fortune Magazine covered a study by two public policy researchers—Cheol Liu of the City University of Hong Kong and John L. Mikesell of Indiana University—who looked the rate at which public employees in each of the 50 U.S. states had been convicted on federal corruption charges from 1976 to 2008 to determine which state was the most corrupt in the union.

According to the study Mississippi, The Hospitality State, is more a hostile State and clearly has not been all that hospitable to its citizens over the past 30-plus years. The state had the highest ratio of public workers who were censured for misuse of public funds and other charges and the hard numbers for—federal convictions—to control for differences in spending on law enforcement and the rigor of state corruption laws. While these numbers don’t lie, Mississippi officials were none too pleased to top this list.

CV: To the least billions being stolen and spent on Mississippi is done so by fraud, extortion and murder. The State auditor’s for the last 20 years just can’t find anything corrupt about it.


As the state’s top corruption fighter, Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering argued in an interview with Fortune that the study relied on old data and didn’t take into account the state’s anti-corruption efforts.  “This is dated material that goes back to 1976 until 2008, the year I was sworn into office,” said Pickering.

Pickering argued that many Mississippi laws have changed with the state legislature putting in an investigative arm into the state auditors office. “I’m the only state auditor in the entire country that has a law enforcement function. I’ve actually got a division in my office of gun totin’, badge wearin’ CPAs, lawyers, and investigators,” he said.

This allows Pickering to more aggressively pursue white-collar criminals. Pickering also argued that, since he often works with federal officials when pursuing crooked public servants, as Pickering pointed out, his office received the National State Auditor Association (NSAA) Excellence in Accountability Award for a Special Project to minimize fraud during both the post-Katrina rebuilding efforts and during the spending of the 2009 stimulus package money. Pickering’s office will also receive the David M. Walker Excellence in Government Performance and Accountability Award, sponsored by the National Intergovernmental Audit Forums and the Government Accountability Office for its efforts in fighting fraud during times when the federal government was spending big dollars in the state.

But at the end of the day, any way you cut it, Mississippi has had far too many corruption convictions over the past 30 years. The state is making strides, however, and perhaps in a decade we’ll see the fruits of that labor.

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