So when it was explained to me that the returned application for a grant to go to school in an attempt to gain a law degree expressed a negative. The reason because there was no record that I was a U.S. citizen smelled of the lawsuit extortion. It took a few years and an ex-army person who dealt  in records searching to explain the meaning of my being flagged or the flagging of anyone not working for the C.I.A. or other spy agencies. This action was simply a way of hiding the existence of the person. In- where spies were flagged to hide their identity, a common person being flag was just the way government rushed the desired death of someone to the assumption they never existed.  So having been flagged since 2001 the state fraudulent class action extortion raged on.

Sara's 1st bday

No doubt there had to be a chance that the repeated statements we would die by 2000 might not be correct. After all we constantly reminded the attorney buzzards and their doctor and court counterparts that the chemical we were exposed to wasn’t what wasn’t being reported. Give us whats owed and leave us be but no. The extortion plot had no one other than us and our injuries to gain the amounts sought for by the States. So move ahead to present day October 1st, 2014.  We are made to appear we died in the year 2000. April Marie our only child would have also been our only heir. This is why even after being dismissed of false charges three times by 1999 she was re-arrested in 2000 and held [ kidnapped ] by the state for thirteen more years on a five year charge.


Waiting for our death to be actual and factual the state of Mississippi having written us as dead held the heir of those billions.  In 2013 Robert and Rebecca are still alive. April is released from prison but is told she has all sorts of fines and cost owed to the state through MDOC. The Mississippi Department of Corrections. As the end of 2013 nears April is no longer spoken to of fines or other money such as an $800 dollar wrist band she is said to owe to the state. Her mother and I try to warn her to be cautious that she’s been held for thirteen years that it’s 2013 and that the entire extortion used the number thirteen and those links to the Masonic 13th Lodge of murders and corruption that runs Marion County on behalf the state conspiring against us.  April shows no fear and stated her only concern is for her children and that should she be murdered her mom and I would give them care.

At April’s death it occurred to us that she owned nothing but a certificate that showed she had completed her MDOC required time served. It was the only thing she gave any interest to. What she made of the life the state left her wasn’t going to be spent in fear. Sadly there wasn’t a lot of clothes, tv, radio cd’s, make up, nothing. She left as she came. A recent attempt to gain survival benefits for her children did little more than prove she was murdered by the state and we will up-date some county improvements soon. The application states that I am dead and there is no record that April’s children are hers.

bc sara


birth certificate amber






In closing I confess to not knowing all things. I do know that those who will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven are destine to a lake of fire. My hope is that conspirators join in that. All flesh will die but only those souls failing to overcome will perish for eternity. The murderer of my child, for all the glory given or whatever payment was given they best enjoy all their current life offers. Killing me means nothing more than killing anyone who has not failed the worst of temptations of this life. However thinking one is some sort of bad-ass when knowing their death will send them to a lake of fire and everlasting torment. Now that’s a little different isn’t it. The best thing is that it has never mattered if a person believes or not. It will never change what God states will, not maybe, not could be, but what will come to pass.

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