In 1997 our child was taken over the matters shown on this blog. I’ve mixed in other stories to mask the possible attacks on us from stream ling the actions taken by the state of Mississippi against us.  So to save the reader a little time in understanding what this is all about. On October 32rd, 1995 some of the worlds largest corporations released a toxic cloud which landed on our home. We lived in a somewhat secluded area which didn’t go well with the new rage of attorneys newly introduced class actions. You know an action where you get fucked over by attorneys who get all the money that you were suppose to get for injuries damages and other harm cause you. In our case it wasn’t just lawyers, the matter was to simply from them to pay us and not pocket most of it for theirselves the the bastards brought in the state. The only names to the suit were myself, wife and one child.

Our court claims were used to get untold amounts of money and the attorneys class action trial failed. The court use us to placed the on and with hopes we’d die so the attorneys and the court as well the state could keep it all, our dying part hasn’t worked out to well so they have decided to start murdering to speed the process. Over the years the courts in two states have allowed the paying of fraudulent claims to past the time away and collect from the suit. The state worked out a way to collect as well. We lost all we had was injured and left for dead after the courts and attorneys used us to get the money.

By 2002 everyone and their uncle was in on the collecting from the lawsuit. We made sure everyone knew we were being screwed and attacked at every corner over money which belongs to us and had to this day never seen a penny of it. Our lost and injuries wasn’t enough though the state took our child at 14 and at 19 placed her in prison. That all started around 2004, but in 2002 they murdered my cousin. Our daughter was in and out of prison from the age of 19 till she was 30 after being released at the age of 30, an ongoing pattern of attacks she was dead at 31. She was murdered by the same group who murdered my cousin. These murders are protected by the state who collects after these murders.

In the case of our child April Nicole Marie, she had allowed us to adopt her two girls Amber and Sara. The adopting was nothing more than a death warrant for April. The attorneys devised a parental termination law murdered April in 2013, and after others got their parts of money on her name the states child services kidnapped her children from us. Its been 21 years now with no end to the amounts of money gained from our abuses and no end to attacks yet to come. The state through agencies are try to make a final push. I’ve had a false federal charge placed on me and the children as state have been abducted. I’ve written this because April’s death was on December 29th, 2013 and the children were taken 8 months ago. A sad world we live in these lives mean nothing to no one but those who can make monetary gain by taking their lives.








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