Although having understanding of scripture is a true blessing for some, it’s also the point where many get left at the dock and the boat sails away. Two things anyone can find and read if they only had time for God and his words is the fact two things are made clear. Everyone will be known by the works they do. The works are what produces the fruit of labor. The second thing which can be known is that a person’s works will in fact follow them after this physical life is over. Your works are all you take with you. The righteousness of your works weave the clothing you wear in heaven. And since there isn’t any gender in angels any nakedness  shouldn’t be too big of a problem getting to the day of judgement.


The entire world must contend with corruption. It costs honest citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and saps trust in public and private institutions. Recently, Fortune Magazine covered a study by two public policy researchers—Cheol Liu of the City University of Hong Kong and John L. Mikesell of Indiana University—who looked the rate at which public employees in each of the 50 U.S. states had been convicted on federal corruption charges from 1976 to 2008 to determine which state was the most corrupt in the union.

According to the study Mississippi, The Hospitality State, is more a hostile State and clearly has not been all that hospitable to its citizens over the past 30-plus years. The state had the highest ratio of public workers who were censured for misuse of public funds and other charges and the hard numbers for—federal convictions—to control for differences in spending on law enforcement and the rigor of state corruption laws. While these numbers don’t lie, Mississippi officials were none too pleased to top this list.

CV: To the least billions being stolen and spent on Mississippi is done so by fraud, extortion and murder. The State auditor’s for the last 20 years just can’t find anything corrupt about it.


As the state’s top corruption fighter, Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering argued in an interview with Fortune that the study relied on old data and didn’t take into account the state’s anti-corruption efforts.  “This is dated material that goes back to 1976 until 2008, the year I was sworn into office,” said Pickering.

Pickering argued that many Mississippi laws have changed with the state legislature putting in an investigative arm into the state auditors office. “I’m the only state auditor in the entire country that has a law enforcement function. I’ve actually got a division in my office of gun totin’, badge wearin’ CPAs, lawyers, and investigators,” he said.

This allows Pickering to more aggressively pursue white-collar criminals. Pickering also argued that, since he often works with federal officials when pursuing crooked public servants, as Pickering pointed out, his office received the National State Auditor Association (NSAA) Excellence in Accountability Award for a Special Project to minimize fraud during both the post-Katrina rebuilding efforts and during the spending of the 2009 stimulus package money. Pickering’s office will also receive the David M. Walker Excellence in Government Performance and Accountability Award, sponsored by the National Intergovernmental Audit Forums and the Government Accountability Office for its efforts in fighting fraud during times when the federal government was spending big dollars in the state.

But at the end of the day, any way you cut it, Mississippi has had far too many corruption convictions over the past 30 years. The state is making strides, however, and perhaps in a decade we’ll see the fruits of that labor.

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Digital Camera

The Weather Channel said it was heading to Columbia. The map showed the edge of weather extended to the area located near the Marion County Activity Center on 13 South. Being worried our car would have a tree or our trailer disable it we decided to head for clearer sky. So we headed to the Activity Center parking lot only to see the winds pickup and debris started flying around.

Digital Camera

Leaving there we travel further South to the PRVO building. About a minute there the winds got really strong and by the time I started the car and got on the highway the rain was so hard we couldn’t see in front of us and the car was rocking around. We just kept traveling as fast as we could South until we were out of the darker clouds and into calmer weather.

After 30 minutes we thought we’d head home and were stopped at the Activity Center.

Digital Camera

Digital CameraDigital Camera



Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera





It would be another 41/2 hours before we were allowed to go through the debris field. We spent 30 minutes across the old Laundry-mat in Singley’s parking lot.

Digital Camera

Digital CameraDigital Camera



The entire area was destroyed. The worst of it began .2 tenths of a mile from the Activity Center heading North toward Columbia and .6 tenths of a mile from the PRVO where we were when it came through and we fled South.

Digital Camera

Digital CameraDigital Camera




We returned this morning to get these photos. The storm clearly went further South than last reported by the National Weather Channel and in doing so revealed some interesting thoughts about the death of our child and the evil involved in state sponsored extortion. These people will collect insurance for their lost and will probably never see anything in what happened here. Just another unusual event at an unusual time.

Digital Camera

This place used to be an insurance business. When April died the same man who came to our home to tell us she was being denied medical aid also took us here. We were told that if April had died from an accident that they could help in burial expense. The owner of this business thought April was my step dad’s child and immediately stopped any help simply because April was my child. The Funeral home wanted to cremate her body the very next day. Even having found the money for expenses April’s coffin remained closed. I suspect her body wasn’t in it.

Digital Camera

The funeral home where April was allowed to be placed although we didn’t have the money for the entire expense. Their overhead cost alone was $3500.00 Record indicate the coffin April had was purchased several months before her death.  An attitude change occurred three days after her death. All would be handled.

Digital Camera

Digital CameraDigital CameraThe Church of tax breaks noted in a previous post. Base of Aid.

The service road Mini Mall one of many things we are told we paid for.

Digital Camera

Digital CameraDigital Camera



Digital Camera







Now this is interesting. If your life history is ever flagged and your not a secret agent that means your government considers or has labeled you a dead man / women. My step dad contracted the tile work on this construction job and this is where dead man walking was explained to me. I recall bringing them lunch one day when this discussion took place. Except for the damage the ceiling looked pretty much the same in this photo as it did then.

Digital CameraDigital Camera Digital Camera









A structure posting the ten commandments remained near a huge building that was totally destroyed. Awesome!! Looking at the photo of the twister this picture was taken from what appears to be 13 North. Our home is about three miles to the right of this photo and we were 6 tenths of a mile to the South  of it at this point. We crossed in front of it at about 3 miles.

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2 Responses to COP TALK

  1. Robert Marie, You left a comment on one of my comments so I followed yours. You disturb me because you are disturbed. What you went thru gives you a right to feel bitter. You are also a man of God and God is a God of love and forgiveness. We all are given our cross to bear,just differ crosses. I have been in counseling for 7 years because my cross was too heavy to bear.
    What would our country be like without law enforcement? We have to have some form of enforcement…do you agree? We can’t continue to have these riots and protests against our law enforcement and expect to maintain any form of peace. That’s for low life like Al Sharpton, Holder, Jackson, Obama to carry the blame for..not you. They are the ones stirring the pot. They are the toublemakers causing most of this to happen. If you want to blame, go to the source.They have wrecked havoc on our nation with an intent to destroy. Blame them for police disorder, racism, etc.Don’t blame your brothers. Forgive, it’s good for what ales you…it’s good for your soul. May God bless you.

    • My friend I welcome your comment and opinion and if I might I’d like to reply. The cross my family bear is one of love for our brothers and sisters in Christ. It would take a much deeper understanding of scripture to see. Soon I’ll be posting very interesting photos of the area we live in and the path of a recent tornado, which may not be the last. When this victimizing extortion of hate being directed at us began Bill Clinton was President. Three Presidents and 19 years later the Justice Department Complaints have fallen on deaf ears. The evil abuses have gotten greater. The conspiracy held and directed by the state, attorneys and politicians against us is enormous. This burden you speak of is no longer mines or my family’s. I have personally placed these matters in the hands of GOD. I guess you assume were are angry and vengeful, but without a doubt I have released all emotions of the matter except for the love we hold for our only child who’s life was taken for money. So let’s examine who really needs counseling. Do you feel heaven will be a place that requires law enforcement? And if not what do you think will happen to all the evil souls and who is going to do it? You place blame to the current troubles on the heads of a few, while these matters took hundreds of decades to reach it’s current status. Additionally, sadly you sound of racist.

      Might I suggest you a new counselor. You like understanding of the truth. Do you believe the God of heaven is all love? Read his words and learn. Romans 9:13 As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. Tell me if you have true understanding? You do know what a seed is don’t you? 15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. Do you even know who the enemy of God’s children are? 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Now this is the point I speak of all the brown nosing tongue lying flattery of people who are ignorant of the God of heaven my heavenly Father. Luke 12: 51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: 52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. 53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

      Just guessing I’d bet you have no clue as to why the Son of God my Lord and Savior would say this. Yet as all of God’s words it is the simplicity of them which brings understanding.  Sucking up to the children of Satan isn’t my idea of following Christ. Do you know what requirement it takes to murder another person?

      John 8:43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. 44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. You see as I’m blessed and thank my wonderful and loving great Father of mines. My God who is God. his blessings have opened my eyes and ears long ago. There is nothing new under the sun. God knowing the hearts and mind of man knows mine and so my friend I’m not the one angry. A predicted storm awaited the burial of my child awaited to the coldest winter this country had not seen in 20 years. As all those who share in the murdering extortion predicted we would be the only ones feeling sorrows this Christmas a similar sorrow is being shared by an high end F3 Tornado which destroyed much of what was built from the ill gotten gains. You tell me again about who’s upset?  I could go on and on but I’d have to really wonder if you have even a clue? And now our comments become a post. Give God your time and find another counselor after that length of time with this one it should be clear he’s as batty as fruit cake who’s only after your money. Just saying.

      Exodus 20:13 3 “You shall not murder.

      Leviticus 24:17 “Whoever takes a human life shall surely be put to death.

      Deuteronomy 32:35 It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

      CV: And when the governing body protects murderers to the point they would kill the victims family to abide in God’s word we are comforted by God’s Holy Spirit and the promise of justice

      Romans 12:19 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

      The touch down area was just South of the area shown in this video.

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Ray and I are Facebook friends. Ray like many other people is fortunate enough to elude the abuses of law enforcement which with all certainty he knows quite well is in full bloom. One should feel free to believe as they chose, to what degree that applies to another’s belief is questionable at best. This post looks at how the states have been empowered to abuse it’s authority and how is has divided the country. Between those who abuse law enforcement and those who view it as a professional job are the victims of the abused.

I’m told by my facebook friend Ray that Law Enforcement personal suit up with a thought of returning home to their  families regardless who they kill. I would hope there’s more to it than that. The victims of those killings when in fact it might be a murder for fear are held as the victims meeting their fate. Ray’s words not mine. But wait Ray if it’s fate then it’s no big deal. All these law enforcement deaths are of officers who just met their fate.



The matter related to this blog actually cover the actions of three states which are all in agreement to the extortion they here in seek to make monetary gain by. My child was left to lay in a ditch and bleed to death  just a few yards from the local news agency, the local first responders and the area’s Sheriff department. After spinning her around like a top in a failed attempt to have her death appear as an accident, she was said the have died because none of the radios in the responders or Sheriff’s vehicles worked and I would have to conclude that applied to the news agency, their cell phones or the near by homes who’s phone was used to alert a person 7 miles from our home April was being denied medical aid. Ray says her death was un-avoidable.

son of cop

Imagine yourself, 13 years old, Christmas day. Your dad was executed 5 days earlier, assassinated, shot in the head at point blank range without a fighting chance. For what? For doing his job. For dawning the uniform. For wearing the badge. For keeping chaos, unrest, and animosity at bay every single day. For serving an ungrateful and violent public. Imagine yourself looking underneath the Christmas tree at a gift with a tag on it saying, “From Dad”, only knowing his funeral is next week.







Just remember it’s no dis respect it’s just destiny. Here’s my comment section with Ray the cop. The cop from Mississippi. Oh, by the way Merry Christmas! Hope your New Year finds many blessings.

  • Robert Marie Imagine your between Christmas and New Year and the state uses law enforcement to murder your child over some sick minded state plot to extort billions of law suit dollars from your family. Now imagine thousands of people and politicians are in on it. Have crazy people put you in that position and call for help. You might as well want moon cheese you’d get it a lot quicker. Poor kid.
  • Robert Marie Put it where it belongs, if these men were righteous, their works are with them. We all die and God will judge. Nobody is different in this life. Look how we printed paper with faces on them then by agreement of men say they are valuable. Believe and trust in the Lord.
  • Clarence Ray Louge Imagine you Need Help or your Family is being Victimized by a Criminal and you Call for assistance from a police officer and there’s None to be had !! Say what ya want and Believe what you will Robert I know you’ve Called on Lawenforcement for its Assistance over the years because I answered most of Your Calls !!
  • Robert Marie That’s my point. what has ever come out of my complaints? It’s usually someone the law has sent to our home causing the problems. Notice the peace and tranquility of our life after they murdered our child last year. It might look one way to you. But folks in general know the story around here of this family and why. I’m told we all know if our life was in danger it would be days or at least after were dead before anyone would arrive. If others had the same use of them as we do they wouldn’t even exist. I’ll see them on judgemnet day.
  • Robert Marie There’s only one reason our calls are responded to, it’s with hopes we would be made to look like the criminal and never the victim.
  • Robert Marie Like law enforcement will arrest it’self for the crime it commits. One other thing the word of God makes clear what the government intents so we all have a choice. My nose wasn’t made to fit up their ass.Hope your not offended.
  • Clarence Ray Louge Never offended because people has fought and Died for you to have the right to have and Speak your Opinion brother Even if I Don’t like your Opinion !! I tell You as I tell Everyone We the people in Lawenforcement are Not Perfect But Neither Are You !! We make Mistakes just as Normal People do !! Just as youv’e done !! I Don’t say there’s Not Dirty Cop’s because They are But Don’t Judge all by what a Very few Does !!!
  • Robert Marie Those who died fought in wars not in the manipulated political one-sided landscape of the current country we now live in. Murdering someone on behalf state monetary benefits isn’t law enforcement it’s murder. Bet you recall how all government vehicles had car tags that said public. Tell me what you see now on them. My foot doesn’t fit the new world order but it’s coming as sure as the Devil and we’re all free to chose. We the people are being screwed by the politicians who use government forces to do their dirty deeds and some of us have eyes to see it. One bad apple ruins the who bushel.
  • Robert Marie No one need be perfect. stop lying, murdering, stealing, well in fact here we go. These are the things which government thinks it’s beyond, but it isn’t and that my friend will be it’s undoing.
    •  Clarence Ray Louge One bad Apple Really it can only ruin the Bunch if you let it !!! As for Elected officials if People would Quit voting for the same Elected Officials and Truly want change they could get it through the Election Process !!
    • Robert Marie hahahaha …. love you man, but that’s not the answer.
    • Clarence Ray Louge As Should Lawenforcement should abey and abide by those commandments so should the Public my Friend
    • Robert Marie Yes and those of us who try are hated for it. See Ray law enforcement requires violence to exist. The book which holds those very words above states that man will create laws to the point of his own harm. Spiting on the sidewalk will become a million dollar fine it that is all the state could find wrong in a person. They must feed the beast.
    • Clarence Ray Louge You have your Opinion my brother and I Respect you for speaking it even though I Don’t Agree with it I Respect your Right to Have it !!! Just think if it wasn’t for I military and Lawenforcement you wouldn’t live in a Country where you have Freedom of Speech !!!
    • Robert Marie It isn’t freedom to speak the truth it’s righteousness. It comes down to the understanding of the word of God. Those who don’t understand don’t know that Satan has a plan and that his children are carrying it out. Try to speak to someone of the truth in God’s word and although they don’t understand it’s right before them. Really simple things. We were the country we were because of faith in God, currently there are actions being taken to end that. The evil in this country are riding the backs of true believers. If it we’re for those who believe you’d see how long the powers that be would last. Can we say snowball in hell boys and girls.
    • Clarence Ray Louge Robert I won’t debate religion with ya Brother !! But I do Remember at One time this Lawenforcement brother and sister hood you speak so Terrible about what was Something You Claimed and Told Voters you wanted to be apart of When you Ran for Sheriff or was that You being Untruthful with Yourself as well as the Public ????
    • Robert Marie Please refresh my memory. I recall I spoke of cleaning up the kind of crap that’s been going on around here forever and unlike the most before me I was willing to die trying. Think maybe my child and others might be alive today for it? Brother and Sister hood sounds like an occult. All it takes is to be fair to all not the chosen few and when needed do your damned job. Tell you what though I know both side of the criminal coin and one isn’t any better than the other. Find the middle ground that serves and protects the public. A man could do no more.
      Robert Marie's photo.
    • Clarence Ray Louge Brother had you won you would’ve wanted to come home to your Family Every night as we all do and would’ve done whatever it takes to have done that as we all do !! As far as Cleaning things Up as you say we strive today That every day but we need the public help to do so !! Sorry about April but I Doubt if it would’ve changed Anything just like with My Niece as bad as It hurt to lose her it was her time to go and they were Nothing I could’ve done to change that as is there’s Nothing you could’ve done to change what happened to April my Friend !!
    • Robert Marie So your a destiny man. If I was so worried about coming home I wouldn’t have ran. Join the Military same thing. What’s all this fear of dying does anyone think they won’t. Do you see why I’m hated. It makes me feel as though to say April’s death was un-preventable that the plot to kill her was a must. Tell me could a Sheriff put warrants out on public figure from Jackson? As far as cleaning anything we’ve gone way beyond that point. look around, a lot of stuff is being burnt down. I hear say the fire this time. I think i’ll just sit back and watch the show. I got the love of God in my heart and grand kids to raise now. Thanks for the chat and Merry Christmas.
    • Clarence Ray Louge What if you could face April’s killer or killers what would you say or do my Friend???
    • Clarence Ray Louge You speak so freely of the Lord my Friend what does he say about Forgiving ?? Merry Christmas my Friend if ya need something holler my Friend !!
    • Robert Marie I would do what God said to do, I would kill the son-of-bitch sent him on up high. But I’d need proof wouldn’t ever want to kill an innocent person. Now don’t look down on me folks should be arrested and tried but as we both know that’s not what goes on in these parts. Wasn’t long after April’s death a young man was shot through a wall a he was running from the brotherhood. God says if we do that to murderers and rapist these things would stop happening among us. Why do you know for sure who he is? That brotherhood and all.
    • Robert Marie He says forgive your brother and sisters in Christ the rest will go to hell and he’s gong to be the one to do it. But you already know that. and so do they.
    • Robert Marie Oh yea, about April, far from perfect and effected by state abuse. But her murder has given her a better chance at eternal life than she could give herself. Praise the Lord.
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A class action is a type of lawsuit in which one or several persons sue on behalf of a larger group of persons. While the subject of class action lawsuits can vary, two factors are almost always present for every class action. One being the issues in dispute are common to all members of the class, and the persons affected are so numerous as to make it impracticable to bring them all before the court. Resolution of the lawsuit binds all members of the class certified by the Court, under federal law. Increasingly the public sees the class action attorney, defense counsel who work for hourly fees regardless outcome and plaintiffs’  who only receive payment if the class prevails, as the only winners in such a system. Before any class action settlements may occur, the judge presiding over the case must give notice of the settlement to the class, allow all who wish to be heard to state their positions or objections regarding settlement and attorneys’ fees. The procedure for filing a class action is to file suit with one or several named plaintiffs on behalf of a proposed class. Mississippi does not permit class actions. Yet Mississippi has been a hotbed of mass tort litigation. How is it possible that the one state that prohibits class actions was an undisputed leader in mass tort litigation? That would be via courts of corruption.


Class Action “Judicial Hellholes”:  Empirical Evidence Is Lacking

Four factors determine if a class action is appropriate. First, and most obvious, there must be so many similar claims that it’s more practical for them to be resolved in one lawsuit instead of several. Second, the claims must be similar. They must share common factual disputes and/or common questions of law so that they can all be resolved in the same lawsuit. Third, the persons named as class representatives or named plaintiffs must have claims that are typical of the class. Finally, the persons named as class representatives or named plaintiffs must be capable of adequately representing the class. This is called adequacy. Adequacy means representing fairly the claims of all class members, and not using the lawsuit to reap benefits at the expense of class members, as Mississippi does.


The claimed use of the class action is to group people who have similar or near similar claims. Although Mississippi has no class action, it’s groups are subjected to the same rule of law regarding discoveries, as well the out come of a trial. Although Jane Marie’s deposition was in McKenna 251-96 -493, the claims of the Marie’s were had in civil action number 251-98-1061. Clearly two Un-similar actions. Where as this class sought anyone to join it who had absolutely nothing to do with the court cause other than afford attorneys a fraudulent fee base. We also discovered that even when plaintiffs attorneys don’t prevail as in the failed trial of these actions, that by unlawful hook or crook attorneys work together to steal the viable awards of any real claim.  Our claims were legally real and different from a class action. Having the toxic cloud travel to and land on our home regarding a class action that wouldn’t be us. Having countless injuries, operations and post toxic symptoms regarding a class action, that wouldn’t be us. Having the entire law-suit settled on us and thereafter till present repeatedly being extorted and murdered over the failed class, that would be us, the opt out Plaintiffs. Our opt out actions took place at a VFW Hall in Bogalusa in 1997. In a real lawsuit Opt out claims plaintiffs are paid first, before the attorney and court circus starts.


Mississippi found itself on the receiving end of some of the most vehement criticisms leveled against any judicial system for perceived abuses in mass litigation and the abuse dealt us proves the allegations.The category of opt outs that is of concern to a defendant is the that which consists of groups of individuals who not only do not want to participate in the class settlement, but also plan to actively pursue litigation over the same claims against the defendant after the class settlement is finalized. Where this occurs, the defendant can face the prospect of multi-million dollar opt out litigation after spending millions of dollars in settlement of the underlying class action. If you’re a member of the class you’ll be bound by the judgment in the lawsuit unless you opt out of the case. By opting out, you will not be bound by the result in the case. Of course you will not be able to share in any recovery from the defendant the case produces. You will however be allowed to sue the defendant individually on your claim.

The decision usually rests on two factors: the size of your claim, and your willingness to litigate it yourself. Our first awards were for $84 million without even a trial. Additionally we had personally taken legal actions which the criminal actions to extort awards were held by the courts even after it’s failed trial which force all awards to be placed under the only viable claims had by the Marie’s.  So, if you’ve been harmed only to a small extent or as proven in the Bogalusa Gaylord trial held in Mississippi, no injury at all it will usually make sense to join with others as claimant to a class action. On the other hand if you’ve suffered serious injury as a result of  what really occurred in Bogalusa Louisiana on 10/23/95  you may want to litigate this separately You must be willing to endure the hassle of trial though. These are general guidelines, and your decision should be made in consultation with an honest lawyer. Additionally, the act of fairness hearings pertain to the actions of not having class actions. Those fairness hearings are had in these matters due the fact Louisiana actions to extort are being controlled by the non class action rule of Mississippi. Like the murder of a person who’s parents are said to have died years ago. Acquiring such extorted claims looks honest when in fact they are as evil as anything could be.


The actions of the courts attorneys and the state involved never afforded the Marie’s any legal remedy to settle their claims. With fear the actual events of the chemical intentionally released held a legal cause to bankrupt every defendant including un-named paper manufacture the corporations and all involved through the courts became insane. After an attempted trail for the class failed as did it’s appeal, the court was left to criminal acts alone to redirect the money from an agreement to protect the corporations from the long arm of law and justice. In each action to extort our awards they also compiled their needs to commit more abusive and evil acts with criminal intent. Each and every penny from this lawsuit is ours. The state, attorneys and the courts are even more deeply indebted to us for criminal actions to deny all rights. They continue to play their class action cause ended years ago because rather pay the opt out Plaintiffs first in accordance to law they changed the laws to state those actions would follow the class.

A person should easily understand the need of God to the matters that drive an evil person insane to the point of every sinful actions that God speaks against. Attorneys continue to make attempts to involve us to any action supporting their criminal acts to pursue a lie. To agree to this being a class action we would have to lie. To agree to April’s death as an accident we would have to lie. Since we are held to no legal action against these criminals we await the return of Christ and the judgement day to rectify the wrongs done us. As the class and it’s attorneys the courts and state once more help themselves to our extorted awards everyone should know. The claims of this family only sought a legal remedy to return to their home and life. That has all been destroyed. Murder, extortion, and the love of money are the mindset. What I seek now is the cost of these acts. Remember God’s will is that his children repent and return to him. Sadly when it comes to these evil doers it wouldn’t harm me to see otherwise.

“Thou shalt eat, but not be satisfied; and thy casting down shall be in the midst of thee; and thou shalt take hold, but shalt not deliver; and that which thou deliverest will I give up to the sword.” Micah 6:14    This cause will take more than your flesh. So be it.

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Interestingly enough when we googled up Mr. Epps’s photo, David Baria’s appeared next to it.  Mr. Baria was the attorney who conspired with judge James Graves and sold us out to the fraudulent class actions still in progress. More on that in our next post. The city of Bogalusa has just posted news reports that even more money from our law-suit will soon be divided among the court judges and other participants of the fraudulent class action. That notices will be posted in the Marion, Pike, and Walthall counties courts as well as Washington Parish Courts just in time for Christmas 2014. The first without our child.

Here in Mississippi you’d have to wonder how the self claimed elite are selected for prosecution given the fact that countless politicians are involved with the criminal acts of this extortion. Here we have Chris Epps a self made rich individual who no doubt gained the wrong type of attention to his workings. Not to harp on events of my child but she was made to suffer the corruption of this state and so she’s a party to events had here. Incidentally the dates of purchasing’s here coincide with deaths and actions against us.

MAKING THEM RICH: I personally met Chris Epps in 2002 after the death of my cousin and the forth re-arrest of April on false charges. Now God doesn’t lie so the truth will keep you free as I explain. After being arrested three times April was repeatedly released by dismissal of charges because I refused to allow her to plead guilty. I’ve learned by this time that the last thing all those involved in this extortion wanted was to have some jury hear the truth surrounding the attacks on our family over our law-suit awards. That would involve the billions associated to the law-suit and the states extortion of it.

At the age of 18 April became pregnant with her first child. By the time she was 19 I no longer was able by law to speak on her behalf and since I was flagged of my life’s history I was prevented from obtaining a sought for law degree. My step-dad Jerry Stringer simply took April to Columbia, in 2002,  to the Sheriff’s office where he betrayed her to the then nephew of his the Sheriff, Richard Stringer. April was threatened to either plead guilty to the repeatedly dismissed charges or have her child taken from her. It would be over a week before she would tell me about it. The reason being the supposed probation turned into a week of house arrest before she was sent to prison. No longer siding with truth April’s freedom was gone. This prompted a meeting with Mr. Epps. April told me that she met with Mr. Epps during her stay in their Rankin County prison.

We’ve never had anything but the truth and I was left to explain it to Mr. Epps. Yes I know as long as anyone can be bought off that this extortion would only snowball. So he took the information and like the attorneys the court the judges , law enforcement and state simply saw fit to gain what he could get out of it as well. Beings that extortion uses the same tactics of terrorist April was kidnapped or abducted by the state through the use of MDOC. She served 11 years on a 5 year charge. If you add the years from the initial kidnap 1997 which is 5 more you’d have 16 years. 16 years only to be released one year to separate her from the state plot that now intended to murder her. That murder occurred last year. The pattern used against us greatly made use of the number 13. You’ll see it time and time again. That she was murdered in 2013 just fits all other prior attacks. Morris was murdered on 2/9/02, if you add the numbers you get 13. The Marion County chapter of it’s Masonic Lodge is 13 the Sheriff and other political faces here are members. ______________________________________________________________   Mississippi News: Christopher Epps, Resigns. Without giving a reason on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014  Corrections official Christopher Epps resigned from office. Officials said that Epps is leaving the prison agency immediately after 12 years as commissioner and 32 years of state service. As reported Mississippi’s MDOC correction commissioner resigned  suddenly Wednesday in the face of an apparent federal investigation. Mr. Epps had led the state prison system for 12 years. Gov Phil Bryant named Deputy Commissioner Richard McCarty as the interim leader until a permanent commissioner is selected.  House Corrections Committee Chairman Tommy Taylor said Epps is under investigation, but said he wasn’t allowed to discuss the details.

Sen. Willie Simmons, D-Cleveland, said he received calls from Corrections Department employees who said authorities showed up at the agency’s Jackson headquarters Wednesday morning and began restricting the employees movements. Epps’ legal troubles have apparently been mounting for months. Rankin County land records obtained by the Clarion-Ledger show federal officials filed forfeiture proceedings in March against Epps’ assets, including a house in Flowood, a condominium in Pass Christian, a 2010 Mercedes Benz S550, a 2007 Mercedes Benz S65 and an unknown amount of money held in two brokerage accounts. The land records refer to a federal case filed March 12 seeking to seize the assets. Federal court records show that the case remains under seal Wednesday. Epps did not return a call seeking a comment.

Rankin County tax records value the 3,800-square-foot house Epps and his wife Catherlean bought  in a gated Flowood subdivision in 2005 at $310,000.  Harrison County tax records value the Pass Marianne condominium at $237,601. Epps, 53, spent 32 years as a state employee, working his way through the ranks of the department until he was appointed commissioner by Gov. Ronnie Musgrove in 2002. He was a deputy commissioner for community programs at the time. Epps stayed on as commissioner through the administrations of Republican Gov. Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant, becoming the longest-serving corrections commissioner. He enjoyed warm relations with lawmakers.

His resignation comes at a time when Mississippi’s prison system is under scrutiny because of lawsuits alleging abusive conditions at two prisons run by a private contractor. Epps’ departure comes as he’s serving as the president of the American Correctional Association and the Association of State Correctional Administrators. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Jackson did not return a phone call seeking comment. State Auditor Stacey Pickering’s office declined to comment. ______________________________________________________________

Todd Terrell: 1400639_730761583620063_821685837_o Todd is my brother-in-law and without any prior criminal record he arrived at our toxic engulf trailer in 1997 and spent an entire week there. Attorneys had agreed to pay our rent until something was done about the trailer. The only problem was they didn’t want anyone to know about the trailer for fear it would disrupt their class action. Todd’s acquired injuries from a mobile home which state officials were by law supposed to have taken actions on to prevent more injuries to others was now the threat they feared. We were told by the city’s health agency to report the matter to the ethics commission and we did. 1997 was the year attorneys attempted countless charges to imprison us and first kidnapped our child to silence us.

Todd was recently transported to Columbia to face charges of violation of his probation. That’s interesting since Todd was returned to prison under the guise of flat time. Flat time is a tentative agreement to serve less than half the original time given. Un-scrambling the definition means that after serving 13 years his release in October 2013 was for an agreed amount of time without violating to which his debt to society would be complete. Todd served 13 years and received a a tentative release from October 2013 to November 2014 at which time his sentence would be complete. In January of 2014 he again violated his agreement. He is alleged to have committed Grand Larceny by the attempted thief of an air conditioner as well as felony fleeing.

We understand that someone who remains unknown had alleged he had attempted to steal an air conditioner to which he denied for over a week but had knowledge of the allegation and ran from law enforcement during an attempt to arrest him. Fleeing was the only actual crime he had committed. However it was a clear violation of his agreement. His original charge surfaced in court as he explained his innocence of a murder he had no involvement to, the fact it was proven and that the court changed the charges to the false ones the court held him on. He explained that the court simply put him away threw away the key and forgot about him.  His maximum total time to serve on those charges was 2019.

His flat time agreement was made void. His maximum time left to 2019 is four years. Todd was sentenced to 15 years by the court which claimed they held no records of his original sentence. At his recent return to Columbia we were granted a visit at which time his concern was understandably evident. After explaining his situation to us we looked through our stored records to find the documents which should have reduced his time from the current 15 years given to the original four years he actually had left to serve. The agreement to allow us to give him the documents was withdrawn. Even having personally hand delivering his documents to his defense attorney and mailing a copy to him he was sent back to prison even before his court hearing. His release date is now set for 2029.

Todd's Discharge


Todd's flattime




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