A class action is a type of lawsuit in which one or several persons sue on behalf of a larger group of persons. While the subject of class action lawsuits can vary, two factors are almost always present for every class action. One being the issues in dispute are common to all members of the class, and the persons affected are so numerous as to make it impracticable to bring them all before the court. Resolution of the lawsuit binds all members of the class certified by the Court, under federal law. Increasingly the public sees the class action attorney, defense counsel who work for hourly fees regardless outcome and plaintiffs’  who only receive payment if the class prevails, as the only winners in such a system. Before any class action settlements may occur, the judge presiding over the case must give notice of the settlement to the class, allow all who wish to be heard to state their positions or objections regarding settlement and attorneys’ fees. The procedure for filing a class action is to file suit with one or several named plaintiffs on behalf of a proposed class. Mississippi does not permit class actions. Yet Mississippi has been a hotbed of mass tort litigation. How is it possible that the one state that prohibits class actions was an undisputed leader in mass tort litigation? That would be via courts of corruption.


Class Action “Judicial Hellholes”:  Empirical Evidence Is Lacking

Four factors determine if a class action is appropriate. First, and most obvious, there must be so many similar claims that it’s more practical for them to be resolved in one lawsuit instead of several. Second, the claims must be similar. They must share common factual disputes and/or common questions of law so that they can all be resolved in the same lawsuit. Third, the persons named as class representatives or named plaintiffs must have claims that are typical of the class. Finally, the persons named as class representatives or named plaintiffs must be capable of adequately representing the class. This is called adequacy. Adequacy means representing fairly the claims of all class members, and not using the lawsuit to reap benefits at the expense of class members, as Mississippi does.


The claimed use of the class action is to group people who have similar or near similar claims. Although Mississippi has no class action, it’s groups are subjected to the same rule of law regarding discoveries, as well the out come of a trial. Although Jane Marie’s deposition was in McKenna 251-96 -493, the claims of the Marie’s were had in civil action number 251-98-1061. Clearly two Un-similar actions. Where as this class sought anyone to join it who had absolutely nothing to do with the court cause other than afford attorneys a fraudulent fee base. We also discovered that even when plaintiffs attorneys don’t prevail as in the failed trial of these actions, that by unlawful hook or crook attorneys work together to steal the viable awards of any real claim.  Our claims were legally real and different from a class action. Having the toxic cloud travel to and land on our home regarding a class action that wouldn’t be us. Having countless injuries, operations and post toxic symptoms regarding a class action, that wouldn’t be us. Having the entire law-suit settled on us and thereafter till present repeatedly being extorted and murdered over the failed class, that would be us, the opt out Plaintiffs. Our opt out actions took place at a VFW Hall in Bogalusa in 1997. In a real lawsuit Opt out claims plaintiffs are paid first, before the attorney and court circus starts.


Mississippi found itself on the receiving end of some of the most vehement criticisms leveled against any judicial system for perceived abuses in mass litigation and the abuse dealt us proves the allegations.The category of opt outs that is of concern to a defendant is the that which consists of groups of individuals who not only do not want to participate in the class settlement, but also plan to actively pursue litigation over the same claims against the defendant after the class settlement is finalized. Where this occurs, the defendant can face the prospect of multi-million dollar opt out litigation after spending millions of dollars in settlement of the underlying class action. If you’re a member of the class you’ll be bound by the judgment in the lawsuit unless you opt out of the case. By opting out, you will not be bound by the result in the case. Of course you will not be able to share in any recovery from the defendant the case produces. You will however be allowed to sue the defendant individually on your claim.

The decision usually rests on two factors: the size of your claim, and your willingness to litigate it yourself. Our first awards were for $84 million without even a trial. Additionally we had personally taken legal actions which the criminal actions to extort awards were held by the courts even after it’s failed trial which force all awards to be placed under the only viable claims had by the Marie’s.  So, if you’ve been harmed only to a small extent or as proven in the Bogalusa Gaylord trial held in Mississippi, no injury at all it will usually make sense to join with others as claimant to a class action. On the other hand if you’ve suffered serious injury as a result of  what really occurred in Bogalusa Louisiana on 10/23/95  you may want to litigate this separately You must be willing to endure the hassle of trial though. These are general guidelines, and your decision should be made in consultation with an honest lawyer. Additionally, the act of fairness hearings pertain to the actions of not having class actions. Those fairness hearings are had in these matters due the fact Louisiana actions to extort are being controlled by the non class action rule of Mississippi. Like the murder of a person who’s parents are said to have died years ago. Acquiring such extorted claims looks honest when in fact they are as evil as anything could be.


The actions of the courts attorneys and the state involved never afforded the Marie’s any legal remedy to settle their claims. With fear the actual events of the chemical intentionally released held a legal cause to bankrupt every defendant including un-named paper manufacture the corporations and all involved through the courts became insane. After an attempted trail for the class failed as did it’s appeal, the court was left to criminal acts alone to redirect the money from an agreement to protect the corporations from the long arm of law and justice. In each action to extort our awards they also compiled their needs to commit more abusive and evil acts with criminal intent. Each and every penny from this lawsuit is ours. The state, attorneys and the courts are even more deeply indebted to us for criminal actions to deny all rights. They continue to play their class action cause ended years ago because rather pay the opt out Plaintiffs first in accordance to law they changed the laws to state those actions would follow the class.

A person should easily understand the need of God to the matters that drive an evil person insane to the point of every sinful actions that God speaks against. Attorneys continue to make attempts to involve us to any action supporting their criminal acts to pursue a lie. To agree to this being a class action we would have to lie. To agree to April’s death as an accident we would have to lie. Since we are held to no legal action against these criminals we await the return of Christ and the judgement day to rectify the wrongs done us. As the class and it’s attorneys the courts and state once more help themselves to our extorted awards everyone should know. The claims of this family only sought a legal remedy to return to their home and life. That has all been destroyed. Murder, extortion, and the love of money are the mindset. What I seek now is the cost of these acts. Remember God’s will is that his children repent and return to him. Sadly when it comes to these evil doers it wouldn’t harm me to see otherwise.

“Thou shalt eat, but not be satisfied; and thy casting down shall be in the midst of thee; and thou shalt take hold, but shalt not deliver; and that which thou deliverest will I give up to the sword.” Micah 6:14    This cause will take more than your flesh. So be it.

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