Interestingly enough when we googled up Mr. Epps’s photo, David Baria’s appeared next to it.  Mr. Baria was the attorney who conspired with judge James Graves and sold us out to the fraudulent class actions still in progress. More on that in our next post. The city of Bogalusa has just posted news reports that even more money from our law-suit will soon be divided among the court judges and other participants of the fraudulent class action. That notices will be posted in the Marion, Pike, and Walthall counties courts as well as Washington Parish Courts just in time for Christmas 2014. The first without our child.

Here in Mississippi you’d have to wonder how the self claimed elite are selected for prosecution given the fact that countless politicians are involved with the criminal acts of this extortion. Here we have Chris Epps a self made rich individual who no doubt gained the wrong type of attention to his workings. Not to harp on events of my child but she was made to suffer the corruption of this state and so she’s a party to events had here. Incidentally the dates of purchasing’s here coincide with deaths and actions against us.

MAKING THEM RICH: I personally met Chris Epps in 2002 after the death of my cousin and the forth re-arrest of April on false charges. Now God doesn’t lie so the truth will keep you free as I explain. After being arrested three times April was repeatedly released by dismissal of charges because I refused to allow her to plead guilty. I’ve learned by this time that the last thing all those involved in this extortion wanted was to have some jury hear the truth surrounding the attacks on our family over our law-suit awards. That would involve the billions associated to the law-suit and the states extortion of it.

At the age of 18 April became pregnant with her first child. By the time she was 19 I no longer was able by law to speak on her behalf and since I was flagged of my life’s history I was prevented from obtaining a sought for law degree. My step-dad Jerry Stringer simply took April to Columbia, in 2002,  to the Sheriff’s office where he betrayed her to the then nephew of his the Sheriff, Richard Stringer. April was threatened to either plead guilty to the repeatedly dismissed charges or have her child taken from her. It would be over a week before she would tell me about it. The reason being the supposed probation turned into a week of house arrest before she was sent to prison. No longer siding with truth April’s freedom was gone. This prompted a meeting with Mr. Epps. April told me that she met with Mr. Epps during her stay in their Rankin County prison.

We’ve never had anything but the truth and I was left to explain it to Mr. Epps. Yes I know as long as anyone can be bought off that this extortion would only snowball. So he took the information and like the attorneys the court the judges , law enforcement and state simply saw fit to gain what he could get out of it as well. Beings that extortion uses the same tactics of terrorist April was kidnapped or abducted by the state through the use of MDOC. She served 11 years on a 5 year charge. If you add the years from the initial kidnap 1997 which is 5 more you’d have 16 years. 16 years only to be released one year to separate her from the state plot that now intended to murder her. That murder occurred last year. The pattern used against us greatly made use of the number 13. You’ll see it time and time again. That she was murdered in 2013 just fits all other prior attacks. Morris was murdered on 2/9/02, if you add the numbers you get 13. The Marion County chapter of it’s Masonic Lodge is 13 the Sheriff and other political faces here are members. ______________________________________________________________   Mississippi News: Christopher Epps, Resigns. Without giving a reason on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014  Corrections official Christopher Epps resigned from office. Officials said that Epps is leaving the prison agency immediately after 12 years as commissioner and 32 years of state service. As reported Mississippi’s MDOC correction commissioner resigned  suddenly Wednesday in the face of an apparent federal investigation. Mr. Epps had led the state prison system for 12 years. Gov Phil Bryant named Deputy Commissioner Richard McCarty as the interim leader until a permanent commissioner is selected.  House Corrections Committee Chairman Tommy Taylor said Epps is under investigation, but said he wasn’t allowed to discuss the details.

Sen. Willie Simmons, D-Cleveland, said he received calls from Corrections Department employees who said authorities showed up at the agency’s Jackson headquarters Wednesday morning and began restricting the employees movements. Epps’ legal troubles have apparently been mounting for months. Rankin County land records obtained by the Clarion-Ledger show federal officials filed forfeiture proceedings in March against Epps’ assets, including a house in Flowood, a condominium in Pass Christian, a 2010 Mercedes Benz S550, a 2007 Mercedes Benz S65 and an unknown amount of money held in two brokerage accounts. The land records refer to a federal case filed March 12 seeking to seize the assets. Federal court records show that the case remains under seal Wednesday. Epps did not return a call seeking a comment.

Rankin County tax records value the 3,800-square-foot house Epps and his wife Catherlean bought  in a gated Flowood subdivision in 2005 at $310,000.  Harrison County tax records value the Pass Marianne condominium at $237,601. Epps, 53, spent 32 years as a state employee, working his way through the ranks of the department until he was appointed commissioner by Gov. Ronnie Musgrove in 2002. He was a deputy commissioner for community programs at the time. Epps stayed on as commissioner through the administrations of Republican Gov. Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant, becoming the longest-serving corrections commissioner. He enjoyed warm relations with lawmakers.

His resignation comes at a time when Mississippi’s prison system is under scrutiny because of lawsuits alleging abusive conditions at two prisons run by a private contractor. Epps’ departure comes as he’s serving as the president of the American Correctional Association and the Association of State Correctional Administrators. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Jackson did not return a phone call seeking comment. State Auditor Stacey Pickering’s office declined to comment. ______________________________________________________________

Todd Terrell: 1400639_730761583620063_821685837_o Todd is my brother-in-law and without any prior criminal record he arrived at our toxic engulf trailer in 1997 and spent an entire week there. Attorneys had agreed to pay our rent until something was done about the trailer. The only problem was they didn’t want anyone to know about the trailer for fear it would disrupt their class action. Todd’s acquired injuries from a mobile home which state officials were by law supposed to have taken actions on to prevent more injuries to others was now the threat they feared. We were told by the city’s health agency to report the matter to the ethics commission and we did. 1997 was the year attorneys attempted countless charges to imprison us and first kidnapped our child to silence us.

Todd was recently transported to Columbia to face charges of violation of his probation. That’s interesting since Todd was returned to prison under the guise of flat time. Flat time is a tentative agreement to serve less than half the original time given. Un-scrambling the definition means that after serving 13 years his release in October 2013 was for an agreed amount of time without violating to which his debt to society would be complete. Todd served 13 years and received a a tentative release from October 2013 to November 2014 at which time his sentence would be complete. In January of 2014 he again violated his agreement. He is alleged to have committed Grand Larceny by the attempted thief of an air conditioner as well as felony fleeing.

We understand that someone who remains unknown had alleged he had attempted to steal an air conditioner to which he denied for over a week but had knowledge of the allegation and ran from law enforcement during an attempt to arrest him. Fleeing was the only actual crime he had committed. However it was a clear violation of his agreement. His original charge surfaced in court as he explained his innocence of a murder he had no involvement to, the fact it was proven and that the court changed the charges to the false ones the court held him on. He explained that the court simply put him away threw away the key and forgot about him.  His maximum total time to serve on those charges was 2019.

His flat time agreement was made void. His maximum time left to 2019 is four years. Todd was sentenced to 15 years by the court which claimed they held no records of his original sentence. At his recent return to Columbia we were granted a visit at which time his concern was understandably evident. After explaining his situation to us we looked through our stored records to find the documents which should have reduced his time from the current 15 years given to the original four years he actually had left to serve. The agreement to allow us to give him the documents was withdrawn. Even having personally hand delivering his documents to his defense attorney and mailing a copy to him he was sent back to prison even before his court hearing. His release date is now set for 2029.

Todd's Discharge


Todd's flattime




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