There was once a blog site of attorneys up north who as others when they found out the why’s and what about the reason unlawful but for the good of the ole lawyers club, that my understanding of what was being done to us was like the Band REM trying to write alternative music, like “What’s the frequency Kenneth”. It’s a judicial gossip and attorney sidebar confession rag on print. Looking through once I stumbled on an allegation we were insane to which I was allowed a response, what a waste of time. I’ve wondered if those in the deep end of an age ending were as blind cold to the truth as they seemed or if it is as it was? A group of self glorifying butter my bread thinking attorneys are better than…  You’d think that they’d be just one honest attorney on the planet, but no and here was a whole group. REM also wrote a song about “Losing my Religion” Hey all I can say is no one still says a word because how much smarts does it take to identify lairs, thieves, murders. You know lawyers and those whom the bible describe as Vagabonds ? Oh, wait they don’t know the bible, that’s right. It’s been years but maybe their still there if judicial bullying floats your boat.



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