A short on a little state in America verses this big ole world.


You’d think with the money woes of countless states and the increase of the national debt you’d hear of arguments over funding state projects, or if improvements were being made among the struggles of a state,  that the pride of accomplishments would be news headlines. A local look at the media reflects the battle with higher demonic principalities as described in the bible as we report Marion County’s Progress.

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Repairs and replacement or even cost isn’t noted to the local or state media regarding bridge construction in Marion County. Jesus Christ’s blood cleansed the sins of the world and granted Salvation to whom so ever will follow him and serve God. In remembrance of our child April Marie, I understand we bleed their need in extortion of a bridge or two. Praise and glory to the most high God. Amen!


Should anyone question what happened regarding the “Before I Tell You Of ISIS” post this should explain. However please understand that in all fairness. In my opinion anyone wanting information of a lost loved one should not be left to suffer in wonder. We have nothing to hide where as God sees all. The request which is sought for here makes absolutely no sense regarding any discovery of concluding what occurred. Should anyone with true concern of the facts be interested please inquire as there is no apparent action by the state to peruse any possible criminal act by the state of these matters or an understanding the photos speak volumes regarding the event.

  1. Sara Hinton says:

    There is a mother that is grieving and trying her best to have better days. While she wants answers and justice she CAN NOT handle seeing these pictures. I know you have the freedom to do whatever it is you want but if you have a heart at all please remove the pictures. Someone has already anonymously sent her the bullet hole pictures and the other would break her even more than this tragic situation already has. I BEG YOU…PLEASE TAKE DOWN THESE PICTURES! We can’t stop her from seeing them if they are on the internet and now that she knows they are out there she will look because she desperately wants to have some understanding but this is TOO MUCH! Please Please Please remove them.

  2. Sara, I’ll give your request a consideration. However, I ask you consider what is going on in Marion County and how many innocent people are losing their lives to the insane action of hose suffering narcissism. You say this young man’s mother wants answers, you say she is searching the Internet. So as I understand this you would rather she make useless searches as everyone gossips around her about a possible crime which took the life of her son. Wouldn’t that increase her sorrow? If you say she knows of pictures which she has not seen you confess the gossip being had. I know the pictures are graphic but they do reflect the mindset of Marion County law enforcement and their relationship to the media and higher state authorities who allow this form of behavior. Perhaps you know of stories of how and why the Marion County Sheriffs Office went about murdering our Child. Maybe we should remove all pictures of the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from public record. I can’t tell if you are a friend or family or if this request comes from those who don’t want the facts known. Tell you what if you will respond to my reply comment I suppose this post has served to inform others what Marion County is really all about. So how about it, you hear anything about our child?

  3. Oh and by the way, I know all about a grieving mother. That would be my wife. I would add that my daughter had two small children. I send no pictures out. God tells us to seek for what we want to find and he always makes a way for his children to know. He never leaves them wanting. Although I know what happened to my child the promoted gossip reveals much to me.

  4. Sara Hinton says:

    I am one of the best friends to the mother of Pwe. I answered a phone call yesterday of her sobbing after receiving an email of one of the pictures you made public. She is broken by the loss of her child but there are some thing no mother should have to see such as a blood soaked bed where her baby boy once slept. If your wife is a grieving mother you should know how you want nothing more than to protect her from horrid sites like these. Her husband, herself, and I send this request. I assured her you were not speaking ugly of her child but defending him. She does not want these pictures public. She wants justice and wants people to stop calling her with rumors and assumptions. I don’t ask that you remove the blog post. Just the pictures of the site where her son was killed.




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