You know, the more one looks at the cruel and heartless actions of these ass holes here in Mississippi they think their really some kind of bad asses. Did I not Phantom the possibilities of the sick and un-godly minded? Let’s see! After getting together we all lived in south Louisiana and saw this. Ray, lil step brother was having sex with dogs, my step dad says that the young men in these parts of Mississippi didn’t know that anything but cows had a pussy when they were growing up. Guess I knew at the age of 10 before it was reported that harming animals was the actions of a sick mind as well. So their taking cats and tying their tails together and placing them evenly over a clothes line till they fought to the death didn’t seem to please me as it did them. Or filing a cats ass and pouring acid on their ass after filing it. Then there was the actions of putting cat’s in an oyster sack adding weight and throwing them in the bayou, what were they doing? No one I knew feared them . But if I had to guess I had assumed that was the reason to incite fear. So with knowledge of intimidation used because the mind is sick I move on.

You come to understand that it’s more than just one family or a few when you see this type of behavior occurred repeatedly by a system of government who hire such people to do their dirty deeds. So yeah, the ass holes of Marion County who seek notoriety among each other remove all limits when it comes to attacking my family over their fraudulent lawsuit. I said after they murdered my child April Marie that they fucked up their means to harass us and I haven’t seen much of them since. So you want to get in my head over your extorting horse shit? Come on, I’ll take you there!! You’ll notice I’m still dealing with a fowl month. Like I told the Masonic liar who said April had a month on her, that she got it from me. I want to share what is sought from me as to what I had intended before I was giving understanding by God that there was death greater than that of the flesh. I wanted you all to gain from me what being an intelligent person should understand, and that was that the death of the soul was eternal because the flesh will die. For years up until the last Sheriff left office I was hell bent on revenge on their flesh. Bottom feeders feeding on us! I must to have gone through three vans. I needed a van to haul more than a few. After their abduction a few at a time I was going to drink wild turkey and beat my enemies drawing blood from them as my bro drove us to south Louisiana, once there. We’ll you get the ideal.


Now I know you might think I wouldn’t have done this so we would straighten that shit out right off the back. You see I have known for some time that when Satan moved on God’s throne that we were all just children of God in spirit form. No brother, sister, mother, daddy or what ever. We all stood alone responsible for what we did as we will at judgement. But since you wouldn’t want to believe I would do it I decided Alice and Jerry Stringer was going to be the first ones thrown in. You may know Alice and Jerry as my mother and step dad but like any one were just here to conclude who we wish to serve. So guess who you had pushed me towards. He and I have fought since I was a child. That I accept the murder of my child in the same knowledge of what we really are children of God or Satan I place this in God’s hand now. I doubt anyone was ever as evil as I could have been but unlike these devils of blood money I chose God. You all have a good trip. I win, not only reading but understanding. And that makes all the difference as you’ll find out for your part in this conspiracy.

I haven’t written of my nephew being brought up from south Louisiana weeks after April’s death to the local jail on charges he answered to back in early 2012 the rearrest come with a release if he can give an address here in Marion County. So there’s still some money somewhere, right! Ass holes can’t help but keeping the harassment up. Sure, why not after all not everyone from where I’m from has given their life to God and they don’t believe in harming animals to put fear in a person and none of us even April ever feared dying. When it’s for the right reason we know God knows what that reason is. In closing look at what we have here!


Why write like this? Why not, to those who say they were not directly involved. Understand that the battle between God and Satan is a conspiracy against God by Satan and his children want to play gotta pay. So let’s look at what was intended in the murdering of our child. The state sought for by the sick minded blood money extorting thieves they used to create an accident they failed. Shit, what will we do? Well, let’s get the person we got to do the hit and run out of here. Move the car because everyone will see something happened the hit and run car crashed. Get the mess cleaned up. So most likely they drug April’s body into the ditch to hide her from view, ya, she was still alive at that point may have actually fought them, but she might talk so they dealt with the dignity of the state as they cut her open. Remember Ray, Jerry and the cats same here. So they  had the car picked up and sprayed the road off as she bled to death. But look good at the reports and what happened. Even after she was dead no call was made by them to the ambulance, did they think she would come back to flesh life? oh no they called their higher ups the Mississippi Highway Patrol and why? Because the folks who told a friend of April to come tell us she wasn’t being given any help called an ambulance that’s why. Their intent was to hide April’s body. So let’s everyone compare notes here the best way to hide this by moron cow fucking hill billy’s because I know ain’t nobody looking for anyone in alligator shit.


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