WHEN CHILDREN MURDER:  pics 10 020Before we get to the heart of the matter let’s go over the sociology of emotional content. Some of the factors of working yourself out of legal woes like prison or just the running of your nose up someones ass which is often the case in these parts. Murdering someone in Mississippi for the right people and their cause can accomplish both. In an all out hate of us this plot to extort billions the desire to inflict intentional emotional pain those who always wanted to murder an avoid prison work law enforcement . But if leaving the scene of a crime in Mississippi saves you from a state warrant, does accessory to the fact in a murder save you from state charges? Those involved and aren’t in law are cut a deal and are free to roam, for now. And the actual murders of the states accident? They go about their life like there is some type of protective shield around them and no one has a right to complain and what would they feel of the taking of matters to ones own hand the trigger of a high powered rifle from others who have no faith? But no, as for me, vengeance is mine say it the Lord, and he is my Lord. Still that should prove the extent of their childish minds, that because they can’t understand or even believe that God is real. Ass holes everyone of them. And April? Well, when she received the deep to the bone cutting of her arm and leg, she knew life, her life, was about to end. That believing she had the coolest mom and dad in the world and two beautiful children she could only wonder as everyone does at death if given the time to think. Would she ever see them again. But you will my child God promises it and your murders state empowered or not will pay a heavy price with their burning souls with even God’s promise I’ll see it.

april April Marie:  Some say she was a nice and a beautiful person and some speak of her having a beautiful soul. Yet if she were here today so would my disciplinary rules to her in our home as her dad. After months gone by calls come in asking to speak to her. So to briefly recap, April Marie died in a sewer called Marion County Mississippi on December 29th, 2013, between 6:00 and 7:02 pm., in what the state authorities attempted to make appear as an accident. She was struck by an automobile. The incident was first reported by Mississippi Highway Patrol Public Relations on behalf of the state murders, their family and friends. This was done two days before the M.H.P. ever spoke to any eye witness. Since that time there has seen various changes to the lies told but it’s very clear she was murdered and apparently stupid are the state employees. People mean well to tell the youngest child mommy is dead and gone to heaven, till the child says she wants to die so she can be with mommy. I won’t tell you what she says of the law and when she grows up. Perhaps a child will come to understand what these childish adults can’t.

April Nicole Marie

April was supposedly struck by a car no later than 6:30 and died around 7:02 as reported by the coroner. M.H.P. reports local Sheriffs department and first responders were reported dispatched to the scene at 7:22 as reported by the Colombian Progress a local news paper. A claim that first responders were observed doing C.P.R. when the ambulance arrived made for a good story but except for the time of April’s murder and death the paper was soon after collected for removal from public eyes and replaced by others with different news of the day. Their murdering my child came unraveled. Mississippi’s half ass hillbilly government was at work, again.

REPORTS: I’ll lay out the reports here with these words. April was returning home on foot, she was walking north near the turning area of the highway well off the road. Walking with her was Missy. The rumors of April being pushed began soon due to the fact it’s clear she was murdered and didn’t die from being struck by the car. She was hit from behind and any injury would have been to the right side of her body. Mississippi Highway patrol tried aiding in the crime and reported she was traveling south thus leaving questions of the injuries to the left side of her body. The medical report claims massive head injury but there was no apparent swelling of her head hours after the incident that I could tell. April died from bleeding to death. With in the mixed reporting April’s left arm was apparently cut pretty bad and reported by the ambulance but not the hospital they were pushing the car kill. There’s just one deal after another to the tune of the Gaylord lawsuit extortion here and a band of lying, stealing, sorry ass people who feel empowered to murder.

report 1                   report 2                     report 3                       report 4

Ambulance             Hospital                Death Certificate          News Paper

pics 11 069So just as with the murder of a local teen years ago in a school yard, the working of the local new papers hand wasn’t straight in knowledge of the corruption that law enforcement’s hand of state government was doing. They just understand monkey see monkey do and like the greater politicians in Washington that currently citizens simply need to be the target of government corruption. They also understand they are suppose to use Media in supporting it. Media, isn’t news so just remember there is a difference. But hey look at the size of this conspiracy it’s a hillbilly thing. And speaking of assholes. Guess the money needs to be taken and we need to be dealt with before the political change and other politicians ask for their cut in the deal.

jim hoodNow whenever state officials are involved in crime in MS. and it’s often, it’s the AG’s office who would provide the defense of these criminals. The words fair and justice do not apply here when it comes to Jim Hood. His best defense to all state criminal acts has been to prevent the appearance of the crime in a court of law. Since attorneys working the MS. Gaylord extortion against this family are, or were employees of the AG’s office and there can be no doubt that this murder is directly involved with that extortion. The same method to prevent justice is applied. They did it to the young woman, my cousin and now my daughter. I hear there are more. I can’t wait for judgment day, you?

AND MISSISSIPPI: ? Well, with the murder of April thing are getting fixed and a release of her awards to the state, well. The full of greed and election changes fills the mind and bring all sorts of shit out the closet. For years as the state milked the extortion through the use of fraudulent clients it held to it’s patient bill of rights to prevent anyone from questioning the class fraud injuries as well as to deal with the unknowns of what the Gaylord chemicals actually did to someone, that would be us.

Now suddenly the D.E.A. Death Enforcement Agency is in full swing. With the freed up money the state has no use for fraudulent clients so drug bust after drug bust is going down in the county of fraudulent claims. With knowledge that the claims were of fraud so was the need for medication thus the drug sells.  With the known symptoms of DMSO were being attacked as well. FYI. T.H.C. is about the only medical way to slow the effects to the lost of eye sight and the cancer causing properties in N2O4. For the last three months I’ve stop the use of Marijuana which was used to prevent throwing up when we first became exposed to it’s latest use for everything else. Having to use 125 reading glasses for the last three years I’ve had to change twice in the last three months to 150, 175, and 200 and have already purchased the 250 due to worsting vision. Not sure if the absorbing power of DMSO has allowed me to fully clean out but my eye suggest I’ll past the doctors test. What is clear is that the state is on the attack and Colorado is looking better all the time. What a story to be shared with those there. For 18 plus years we have been being treated for being exposed to N2O4, it appears that treatment is nearing an end as the state cashes in.


pics 12 070Just as with other events, the not so clear cut and run leaving the state clear of wrong doings a pattern here follows. Attorneys are up for a wrongful death but don’t want to touch the murder by state cause for any one. So either for emotional effect or saving of asses to the public perception the story and blaming of some other person begins. This post will cover that and two possibilities. One involves an attempted hit and run by the state to murder April. The other the attempted and unsuccessful murder of April which began in the automobile. Both who’s state secrets of events went to shit.

Melissa Pushed April:

pics 9 185As we examine this possibility I’d state now that the address of the person supposedly driving the car doesn’t exist. So let’s question if there even was another person. That the push story was circulated by the gossipers of the county is a strike. A common event of them to spread misinformation by use of law enforcement, the lies needed to misinform the truth. Strike one. Then my step brother Mason and another higher in the organization one of a different race but seeks a means to the same end. He claims to have spoken to the non addressed exist-ant person and claim she told him April was pushed in front of the car. Strike two. A photo of the scene with Missy’s report of events shows the car leaving the road in an intentional steering of the car several feet to the left of the yellow line seen in this photo to hit April. Had April been pushed there would be no need for the car to leave the highway to strike her them make the attempted getaway described by Missy, which caused the crash.

pics 10 037In that the local drug task force D.E.A. followed her (Missy) for three days threatening her to change the story and even hid her in a hotel to prevent her speaking to the M.H.P. clearly the top brass was in on it but the lower boys taking the report weren’t. Strike three. If it was a car strike it’s clear the driver had murdering her in mind and as far as it was said to be the  clipping of April which left the other person unharmed the thought that this was a planned event, state officials meet God! Another foretold promise we’ll see.

The Other Possibility: You ever feel your warrior spirit?  I was asked once if I ever thought of killing myself? My answer was no. Not unless I could take others with me. If it ever reaches a time I seek death it would be from all the wrong done me by ass holes asking for something they have been looking for. In that event I’ll take as many evil son of bitches as possible. After all, If they can stand before God for murder I have no problem being there for my actions against them. I was told that I would be reported to Homeland Security. No doubt that would happen anyway. All U.S. agencies are currently aware of us, I’ve seen to it.. But you can see via our blog roll the Justice Department knows of this so if your smart you know it’s all about using the government authorities to kill us and keep the billions extorted by state politicians. What else could it be? Are they chicken shit of Mississippi politicians? April’s injuries were reported to be a cut on her head and a cut on her right arm. This was reported by the local hospital also used to misinform. The injuries state were there but they were just not the only ones.

Could these injuries be the first. Was April traveling in a car and was attacked by a blow to her head? Knowing the intent to kill her was evident was she like her dad? Try to kill me in a car I’m going for the wheel. If I’m lucky I’d put us in an 18 wheeler coming head on. We all die, and in a moment were before God but your the attempted murder I just killed in defense of my life. That I killed you it was a good defense. A fight in the car could have explained the car crash. Did April know that when the others were taken away to guard against warrants that they weren’t being taken to a hospital? See these question marks they don’t mean a thing. The car didn’t kill April. So witness to the event were removed and taken home. The first responders and Sheriffs department arrive long before the ambulance but no help was given. April’s clothes was changed as her blue sweeter hidden under a blanket and coat given to Melissa was changed for a dark red flannel shirt.  So what was needed of the murderers? Time and it’s evident they used a lot of it. Starting between 6:00 or 6:30 she wasn’t pronounced death till after 9:00.

pics 10 004The Ambulance driver was directed to the body of our daughter after all witnesses were taken away, after the car was towed away, after the highway was spayed clear with high pressure hoses. And long before the highway patrol was called. After she was murdered in a ditch by two large cuts given her she was left to bleed to her fleshly death.  Because the wounds don’t match the first reports the M.H.P. Patrol’s Public Relations division they were told by the AG’s office who would have to defend the murder so a change in the direction of April’s travel was written in a further attempt to hide another one of their murders. And that’s how I see it. In the countless drug busting going on the very first person picked up was the individual who travel to our home to tell us our child was laying in a ditch after being struck by a car and the Sheriff’s department and others did not want to get her any medical aid. I’ll say it again God is good and I’ll love him unto and beyond my earthly death, you?


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  1. classvictim says:

    The Chief Deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department has resigned.

    Chief Deputy Jeff Broom, who was been in law enforcement for 17 years turned in his resignation Friday, according to Marion County Sheriff Berkley Hall.

    “Regarding Broom, it’s a personnel matter that can’t be discussed,”

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