So we have finally received our files returned regarding April from a law firm which had claimed it had sought a way to bring actions against Mairon County for the countless criminal actions of it’s employee’s. I knew the talk was shit because it always has been. As we’ve posted in an earlier post it isn’t hard to understand who’s behind the killing and stealing of public funds and other crimes. What isn’t understood is why no one from the local agencies all the way to Washington will do anything about it. Marion County murders arresting lesser crimes.


I’m in no hurry to go over the actual fact which caused my child to die in a ditch as Marion County first responders and it’s law enforcement turned a blind eye to her life saving needs or that her death wasn’t soon enough that someone was told to cut her arm and leg wide open to afford faster bleeding.  We issued a letter to the latest firm that they are fired as to be certain we aren’t involved knowingly to some form of further court corruption. Having those records or what looks like a copy it will hold better to prove this so called firm claiming their lie to want a battle with Marion County are fired. So far the death of April is as all things Gaylord Mississippi. What happened to her awards


I’d have to guess everyone thinks they are above having problems with there medication. Although I knew better as were only human my medication went down the toilet drain three times before facing the fact I can’t get around without them. Two weeks after my visit I decided all drugs had to be bad. They sure do cost a lot in time and trouble to acquire them. Thee weeks of laying in bed and even using alcohol to ease the pain so I could sleep. Stop taking your medications and you come to realize each and every part of your body that isn’t right. Both shoulder rotary cups are gone, my right hip won’t allow me to walk or even lay in bed without pain shooting through it all the way down my leg. My entire spine hurts continuously and thoughts of a peaceful death crosses my mind. And who cares? Not the murdering state. Maybe I should give the pigs a call and let them murder me, I’d be at rest, they would get to murder again woopie, and I’d be with my child. Soon thereafter they’d be judge for what they are, useless piles of shit. But no, guess I’ll wager in my life time perhaps the Lord will return give me that new body and off we go over to the lake for some soul roasting. May God forgive me for the cursing the signs are everywhere.

It’s been two months since I’ve taken medication but the pain from the weather changing is becoming unbearable but I’m not a drunk so there won’t be any alcohol. Jane had to quit her job to help with the grandchildren but feels as I do about the medications affording some relief. We’ll try and get the money for her and I to again see a doctor if we can start making payments. Over the last few months we’ve had about three E.R. visits and it’s clear to everyone treating us that we’re in pretty bad shape. We are told we must see a doctor because our conditions are chronic. We call it not a joint in our body that doesn’t hurt. What was told us at the beginning of our exposure we are aging inside and all our filtering organs are used up. All I can verify is the pain is terrible and I wish it on all involved in extorting and murdering state.


At the first of the month I was approached by two persons claiming they were with Sims Prosthetic’s they said they were searching for an elderly man who passed away about nine months ago. As I recalled the gentleman lived just down the road they were not aware he had died. Anyways seeing I was an amputee they offered possible service and in accepting a review of their services I was asked to sign medical releases, which after reading I did. Guess it’s no big deal but I’m still to hear from them and so it arises the question of could it have been some other reason they were wanted. Elections are just around the corner.

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