We have great news for those involved in the Mississippi version of the Inland Gaylord Intentional Chemical Release Hinds / Marion Counties Fraudulent Lawsuit. As documenting goes we are pleased to report the following. Having been forced to live in our toxic infested mobile home and repeatedly having it verified that we were exposed to N2O4 Dinitrogen Tetroxide. We are happy to report that there is no longer any need for medication or medical minoring by doctors for this condition.  After all if anyone living in the chemicals for over a year doesn’t need a doctor why would others. Now we know the class is a fraudulent one, however. The fact remains. Do as we did and just flush those narcotics down the toilet you don’t need them and help the DEA prevention of drug abuse. Think of all the money and trouble you will have saved yourself in attorney fees and the State, Doctor bills, Drug store bills, and tons on DEA needs. After all if those used to settle billions have no need for medication why would you? Hopefully you aren’t yet addicted. The State says the only ones getting away with crime is just us. The Marie’s say the only ones severally injured was just us. Now, there we have it. So Document That!

As of April 25th, 2014 we are still unable to obtain an attorney to the events of April Nicole Marie’s death. The only thing making any sense regarding the documents taken would be some use of our child’s death being connected to the forever pending till we die lawsuit and some means to collect on it. Although the records we hold are more in depth than the Highway Patrol Report or the Medical Documents taken. Other than an attempt to deny the events little explains the refusal by the current unnamed firm to return the originals. Additionally posting the full of documents to suggest stupidity of those taking them might afford more than they need to know. So let’s do it like this, we’ll give time to a recovery and before the limitations expire we’ll post the full. For now.

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Should you ever need legal advise or an attorney always remember to back up all your files and or documents and disk. For example if you receive a simple statement of an attorney on a paper withdrawing their representation, copy it. Why? Well, in our case my wife Jane is somewhat simple minded to the evils around us. Having spoken to a person who claimed his employer is an attorney wanting the cause. The person and his wife arrive at our home about three weeks ago. Although we generally give copies of our papers to attorneys we’ll often call and ask that we be given back a copy of documents to help verify if the attorneys are straight forward with us. The Indian in my half breed body knows that the white man uses white things to kill others. Sugar, Salt, Cocaine and writing paper to name a few.

h&r crash      IMG_20140322_0001

Three weeks have passed since these folks got the originals of our documents given by my wife in my absence. It since has been stated that the person who’s name will be posted should they continue to refuse a return of said papers. Was in trouble with the law regarding for now a form of charge involving a minor. Now a copy of documents will suffice our needs for posting in blogging, However a call to their employer revealed that the attorney they work for seems to be unaware of their actions. That he would speak to them and return my call. Ha,ha,ha. I started writing this after hanging up with him. So before I post the entirety of this with their names and firm name in our future, remember why you should always copy your files and documents. Sometimes it isn’t what you say of your cause that matters  sometimes it’s what a well experienced attorney says that makes a big difference. Example,  your cause can be identified in one simple withdrawal as we’ll show below. And remember your copies can further incriminate if your stolen documents are changed or should you not be able to afford another copy. Here we see the cause of action is clearly against government as with our law suit. Something some attorneys would steal to get their hands on to plea bargain or to connect to some form of fraud.

Top Notch Attorneys  SCHWARTZ & ASSOCIATES, P.A. confirm the following.

2nd Paragraph 3rd Line     Please note………… listed defendant government entity



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