MORRIS DEAN:          I doubt that two people were as close as my cousin and I when it came to life in Marion County. My grandmother had raised me but Morris mom treated me like I was hers. Took me to town bought me clothes had pictures made and man the toys. My memory of her as being very kind and having a very big heart. For as long as I can remember till my mom met Mr. Stringer I was nine when we moved.  After losing my right hand in 1980. My employment days gone, it took over three years before accepting I could no longer work do to a life altering amputation. I thought if I could live around a family member because I would be home more than anywhere who would that be. Actually he’s the only one I thought of. Morris was one cool and beautiful soul and it would take forever to share all that he and I went through in the 23 years he lived here. We became known as damned coon asses. This, from damned stump jumpers.

Well, hate to admit that we may no longer have the eye witness statements of those who saw my cousin given a drink in a plastic cup which after tasting poured it out as he began to stagger. I did run into a few items of interest regarding April. It appears that the only copy may have been my work copy of what happened to Morris. Sadly I know of countless pictures lost to the shed being pushed off. We were all close at one time. Law enforcement kind of drew a wedge in it,  the only way out of charges was to rat someone out. It seem to involve crack and alcohol addictions of some in our group who became avoided because they seem to be working for drugs. A copied work bundle regarding the lawsuit was found in the remains of the shed pushed off of my cousin’s property before we moved here along with my run for Sheriff papers. That was one response to Morris death chances are they might have been together. Should they appear in a more cautious search I’ll add to post.

I tried to explain to Morris sister my other cousin that there were pictures of her brother and other items that might be of interest to her. No deal, pull it down push it off in a hole. Alice my mother, had been burning the phone line to turn Morris family back home against me. So I will certainly honor her wish. I had assumed that there was a copy with the safe placed papers, but no. Sadly if I haven’t over looked it, it can’t be posted here. This is what happens when state government stalks you all those things you have or get are as homeless as you. But if memory serves me right.


On the morning of February 9th, 2002 William Stringer arrived at my mother’s house to pick up Morris, he had called earlier. They rode to our resident on the three acres to ask if I wanted to go. I had already plan to stay home and watch tv. Bogalusa La. and I weren’t on the best of terms. Besides it never was explained to me why after two weeks of planning to go to some kind of workshop that was going to show people how to get huge money loans. Why Alice and Jerry decided to go to Dulac La. and visit. Jerry, Morris and Ray was supposed to be going to the workshop together. Back to 2-9-02 am. Batman, Morris nick name for the first four or five years after moving here until everyone knew it. That’s when he became Bubba. Needing to talk we would change names folks in this parts were nosey.

On that morning Billy and Morris left to go to the Bogalusa La. Mardi Graw parade. It was witnessed and shown by program that the street was closed by a certain time I think 11:00 am by which time Billy had left with Morris claiming after his drink to be taking him to a hospital. There was no medical report on a Morris Dean that day. Billy pulled up at our resident around 4:30 pm. He asked me to drive Morris to the hospital because he Billy, was drunk. I rush to Morris just to see my best friend a very blue color and as I tried to pull him up in the seat he was ice cold. I just remember calling his name really load twice before stepping back with unbelief. April and Ricky came out their camper and I yelled to April take Bubba to the hospital NOW! Jane and I took the baby from Ricky as he jumped in the car with April, Billy had jumped in with them. April tells me she called on Morris all the way to the hospital but he never responded. I took pictures all day the next day just to remember how it was when he passed away. There gone also. I saw Billy speaking in an odd fashion with a police officer later upon arriving at the hospital. Morris told me when he left that morning he would see me later and he’s right but I thought he meant it would be later that night. It took over a year to get a death certificate. Listed cause of death heart problem. Not long after receiving the certificate of death the Dr. who wrote it was arrested for countless crimes of people who had died and was discarding human remains he was supposed to cremate in a landfill. Ain’t no rest for the wicked everyone saw. There’s never a day goes by that you wonder if not murdered how long would he have lived and how would he be in his old age?

For weeks before his death Morris had questioned if he should go along with Gaylord corporate attorneys on behalf the states request to get on the witness stand and lie. When he asked me, my answer wasn’t so Christian. I told him that if he wanted to lie that he might get some money. We were cousins and best of friends and we both shared the same interest as well he was a real plaintiff injured by Gaylor and attorneys. We always wanted to live together even when we left to move to Angie La. he bought a camper and moved it behind our trailer. We had already agreed to sharing a secluded piece of land away from the dumb shit. You know dumb shit don’t you? ie, authority via this blog.

After attorneys had asked Morris a second time he returned and asked me what was the crime of lying under oath? To hell with money at that point this is my cousin, friend, brother and I had to speak the truth. It’s called perjury and the fine includes 25 years in prison and the only one’s I’ve seen get away with it was sorry ass lawyers and some who help them. Morris had again returned after another trip to Bogalusa La. to say he told attorneys he wouldn’t lie for them. I told him if we ever got somethings the deal was still on we were going to move to a big piece of property and live the good life. But I guess as it is written we are not promised tomorrow so feel blessed and thankful for whatever time we are given especially when it’s with those we love.


Billy is the Sheriff’s first cousin. Billy had left town with several warrants for his arrest at just the right time. Somehow he was able to acquire a drivers license and a car. His wife’s statement regarding protection from crime included that Bill had at least eight DUI’s and nothing was done ever about it. Ya,  he left her too. As far as the other witness’s we were all friends including Billy. More likely they would still be willing to testify. It seems when the death appears untimely and suspicious it registers as a deeper feeling of lost. Murder is about as deep as Satan’s children can offer. The Sheriffs tells me back then man was placed on earth to punish man.

Our voo doo attorney sent word we would regret ever firing him on Friday the 13th,. Morris death was near the end of a five or more year pattern by attorneys to made life difficult. Very low and behold a lodge and willing servant of the all seeing eye was ready to cash in. The person identified by a group of individuals as giving Morris this drink in a plastic cup was William Stringer. Billy as I called him was always a friend of mine and even after what was discovered I never felt bad toward him, I knew him. I could accept that he was given something and told it was something else to give Morris. Back then Spanish Fly was always being brought up in drink talk and everyone would pull pranks and jokes. At any rate as it is with anyone who would decide to murder someone it’s between them and God. Interstate transportation of  a deceased body and all. We were given papers to appear before a grand jury. The matter was dismissed by the DA. The constant saying in these parts is that “if you want to get away with murder do it in Marion County” As such truth is void.

I’ve learned more violence or doing something stupid before thinking won’t bring back the dead only to fan the flames of government sought discordance. The best one can do among the injustice is understand what happened to a loved one. Other than throwing full cans of beer at me when he was drunk affording reflex training for me. Billy was as harmless as a drunk could be his brother jumped on him once foe wasting a whole six pack one night.  Lol. The days of catching an arrow are gone but those days gone this old man ain’t so hot. Billy passed away about a year from Morris. Hopefully judgement day will reveal how it actually happened.


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