So today we cut through the land of oz and magical horse shit to understand who is behind the allowed murders going on in Marion County Mississippi. Now none of this could be going on if not allowed by the state which means the Attorney Generals Office. So lets connect the dots. To understand who murdered April we need to look at a few pass events that killed others and the fact I may as well have been a mole.

PATTERN: My mother was married to Jerry Stringer, the Sheriffs uncle. This family seemed to know all about every evil deed done in this county and more so acted as though murdering someone and not being prosecuted was a sign of power. Getting away with murder. So when my step brother tells me he was asked to murder someone that it would be made to look like an accident its clear not living around his family Ray was not into murdering to their extent. But that killing was still carried out in a tale of Sheriffs department claiming they were returning firing. The victim Peanut Pope, he was given the state treatment. His cousin explains the vengeance of Sheriff Stringer to kill his family members was over a drug deal which the Sheriff didn’t get his money from. The person stalking and trying to talk to the witness Missy and insisting she ride with him is a member of the drug task force. Stringer is over that task force. -+

For whatever reason there seems to be a hatred of women by this family I still don’t comprehend. I do know of a direct bloodline from Satan to present day people which could explain this. So lets look at the murder of the young girl in a Marion county school yard. A Stringer family member who the Sheriff hire was given a 9mm pistol which he bragged of for a few days before he claimed to have never owned one.  Between this time a young woman was murdered in a school yard. Shot repeatedly with a 9mm. The first report told it all. Spent shells, and other items at the scene. Some two or three years have passed in where a member of the Pope family remains in jail accused but not charged with that murder. Talk is he will be held until he pleads guilty. The same type of action taken on us except the extortion of billions might not be as smooth if a cause of action is brought up in any fashion.

In the school yard murder the news paper re- wrote the events of that killing in 2001 and left out as much supporting evidence as it could. So understand how it is that the last Sheriff with less brain matter than a jackass is able to commit murder and has all the aid and abetting to escape prosecution here on earth. Jerry Stringer was always the clown like member of the family. Always trying anyway he could to gain attention and respect of the others in his family. It was like watching a game being played out on his wishes. For 16 years he wanted to be a Mason like other family members. Each and every application was quickly rejected. That is until the Gaylord lawsuit was placed on us and we became the target of the clearly non-stop supported murders of Marion County and more so the State. Like Morris Dean given poison and next driven across state line back into MS. by the Sheriff’s first cousin. So who’s doing the murdering in Marion County. Richard Stringer through attorneys and our suit awards. Along with other state officials involved in the lawsuit extortion they just pick people at random to carry out the murders which they guarantee protection.

Like I said about the young black male who was hung to death in his front yard in this county. That first report issued by the news paper explains the extent the lawsuit held over anyone able to communicate with attorneys who hate the Marie’s with a assurance no action will be allowed against the murders of Marion County. So although it makes for good gossip its bull shit. Even if this was hidden from man it will never be hidden from God. So who is doing the murdering in Marion County?

Richard Stringer his attorneys, the local news paper, the current law enforcement, and Jim Hood who is also connected to attorneys from the Gaylord Mississippi lawsuit. Those not involved in payments to the murders are aid and abetters of said crime. What’s to be gained by these murders. Money, On going stupidity and pride to avoid being prosecuted. And the greatest of all wishes I would take a gun and shot at least one person so killing me would be openly justified. But I say let’s wait till we gather at the lake for the big roasting. And yet the word of God is clear on murdering someone.  Do you know why these murders continue? God says if you kill these murders and send them to him for judgement these type of things would stop among us.  So is enough being extorted to allow more? Bet we’ll see.

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