May 20th, 2014 update …… First Posted On December 25th, 2013

There was a lot of shit fed out to the ears which in tuned to the truth heard none. I doubt April was thrown into the ditch from the the car striking her. April knew her murderer he had been at our home before and most likely agreed to what she was being told. The officer had gone above and beyond his damned job, now why would he have done that?  He had won April’s confidence that removing her from the road was safer for her that she needed to be still, that her friends needed to be taken home because of warrants and no doubt she went along with all of it. Was her purse bag taken from the scene before or after her murder? Probably before. After the hit and run failed but the murder had made contact with a higher rankings of the Marion County murder group. The purse returned indirectly to us had leaves in it suggesting that someone may have ran from the car to the woods after the car crash as stated. Perhaps there never was a car strike perhaps an attempted murder of April in the car was the first failure and an ensuing fight caused the car to crash. Eye witness accounts go far when law enforcement uses those with heavy charges to do their murdering. So as the current Sheriffs department refusal to give any cooperation about their persons at the scene we know they are involved. Accessory to the fact. They were as mad as they are stupid, so it’s pretty certain what occurred after the first attempt to murder April failed. But did the murderer blade her alone as she dug her foot in the earth in pain or did it take two son of bitches to hold her down. Looks like her right foot was the only body part not secured during the cutting. In a while we’ll relive the entire incident and further reveal the getting away with murder in this county. The false M.H.P. report and all.



April Marie returned home last week after leaving town for a month and so far all is quite for now. Yeh… Use to write about how things were around here after taking the blue pill and seeing some truth. In our last tale of Alibaba and the Court House Thieves the classvictims were insulted by officers of the state regarding April Marie. Yep these guys pulled up and one said to the other “oh ya, I’ve been here before” Why sure you have, I was the one who called. They had refused to have April removed from our home a few weeks back.  Since my wife sided with my daughter the officer was checking to see if the opposition to me was enough to have me committed. They hung around too trying to talk her into it. My wife won’t go along so we all got to live another day in wonderland. Don’t mess with God though. Shit on me and laugh no one will care and many thieves will be happier. But when you come to my home and tell me a child has more right in it than the head of the house I’m no longer in the equation. Theses are actions against scripture. The female placed over me by state law enforcement ran rampant and for three weeks still I knew none of this would effect me. Call after calls came in and more than a few threats that our child would be killed or found dead for stealing from them the callers. I told them all “Call the law” I won’t.  Her last Court like action was as slick as theirs. Went to a neighbors house and told them my wife and I was arguing and she want to use the phone to call the Sheriffs office. But we weren’t arguing and she never called. It’s claimed she was able to steal over seven hundred dollars, how?  I don’t know. I did see several officers looking the road side from his home to ours for the wallet. And kinda like the judge told Jane about her medical files at a disability hearing. His wallet went to this place were once it’s lost it’s never found again. No Shit! Todd my political prisoner brother in-law has returned from doing time for the state. What can I say he’s gone. It seems a lot of time will be needed to understand what being free means or that life outside doesn’t run like life inside. He’s doing better though. I refuse to support any short cut to making it, when it comes to breaking laws give them nothing and in a few years they’ll be nothing but a more useless cost than they are now and perhaps we’ll see a decline.

A CHRISTMAS WISH: If your up to speed you know the rant regarding the adoption of our grandchildren. And yes they also attack the children if you didn’t know welcome to corporate America. In short the $1,500 paid about three maybe going on four years ago for that adoption a three month process still isn’t complete. Somethings up with that because a court member told me about two years ago to tell the attorney to complete the process. The acquiring of new birth certificates are being withheld. There needed for the re-in statement of insurance. So either the state doesn’t want us to have heirs or dragging around might mean collecting on a class. Does all this dragging around do more than advance attorneys portfolio? Why sure the like of proper action by the attorney has cause a denial of medical aid she once had before the adoption was paid. Now for what reason after 3o plus years my shit was cut off ……..Obama scare? The folks at Humana my insurer didn’t understand either. With all this it’s nice to know we were still able to grant a wish this Christmas. Thank God for all things we have and each other. Mom and I are good the five year old got gifts from some people at her school. April’s been to the school of hard knocks so all is well. As for the 13 year old. “your grand-maw and I have a little money for you” So do you want it or do you want your bad tooth removed? We go to the dentist next week. And that’s how it is under political authority.  So except for those low life pieces of shit that proclaim to be holier/better than thou.                        MERRY CHRISTMAS ….. And just as I start to down load the video clip for our post in walks Todd, breathing heavy and says “my hand is broken” Yep it looks broken at least the fingers look broke.  He tells me someone tried hit him with a stick and he stabbed the person in the neck.  Yeah, that sounds like a prison move. At least I didn’t say he was suffering from his exposure and hasn’t gotten control yet. A couple of calls and it looks like these two knew each other from the inside. Isn’t that nice two guys from the inside promoting employment for others on the outside.                      Happy New Year ..

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