Attorney Note Pad

Here are case notes written by Mr. Kevin Camp, attorney  in Hinds County . Kevin handed us over to David for use by James Graves. I find the writing on the map interesting because we had no prior knowledge of where other attorneys claims were or how they would collect due preponderance of fact.  It seems the Texas law-firms clients were claiming exposure from smelling our trailer.Moving back to Mississippi must been reason enough to get robbed there. Let’s see………

But your Honor, this is a great reason to pay others the mere thought everything on the property including the occupants were being eaten away by these harmful chemicals and our clients had to smell them,  Yes, yes, add this to any list of reasons to denial of their equal rights. Guess I’ve taken less concern then once about what are they thinking. The notes taken take us through an attorney’s action’s when he is approached with an inconsiderable legal cause and selling out of your client and the American justice system. In law however those denying rights to the protection of criminal corporate America also receive protection with pay for their treason.


The map given to the attorney was ours but the info written on it was all his. Additionally the thought of calling want to be senator David Baria entered soon. Is that right? Does some of this look like they had already written us off as dead. It also looks like Graves order played a part of controlling the theft  attorney notes

Now don’t get upset there’s a reason for all this. It looks wrong, it feels wrong, even seems right down evil. When questioning the Mississippi judicial system the reply is the same. They, the state has federally protected criminal activities that are to be accepted and beyond any law it would have you believe ………


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