If a person told you of the five overturned numbered cups before you one held a gem under it but it wasn’t under cup one, three, five or cup number two, do you think you could pick the right cup in your search? The best way to explain where the intentionally released cloud of poison went is to know where it didn’t go. As we go over these maps of what actually occurred the Texas attorneys are once more dipping into our money with a claimed reopening of my step dad’s estate. The same estate which doesn’t even exist. They are again using my mother.

The following maps, news and eye witness reports show the path and destination of defendants toxic cloud release.  We would also like to verify a fact that the substance released was misrepresented. The actually chemical released was N2O4 dinitrogen tetroxide and not nitrogen tetroxide as reported by the fact altering state issued Toxic Fact Sheet . These actions are had to protect 500 billion dollars of major unnamed defendant Gaylord Paper Manufacture in return for a criminal class. Dinitrogen tetroxide or N2O4 is created when the paper making leftover by product of   DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide is mixed with nitrogen tetroxide. Toxic effects of  DMSO when mix with other substances is highly increased. It’s absorbing abilities applies to most types of metal and all forms of life causing injury & altering results.

The pursuit of a class action from our personal injury claim revealed three known class theories to limit any real action against the listed defendants. Had the cloud landed in the area it did and not directly on our home any lawsuit would have been very small, the truth would have made it very large but the fraudulent state action had was just right for extortion. One being the bulls-eye approach expanding from the area of the tank car on the Gaylord grounds outward one mile would have limited and reduced actual damages to anyone not near the Gaylord facility.

The final class-action area of attorneys claim supported by the court grew with attorney agreements to the extortion through an agreed to fraudulent class. So a Devil’s triangle type path was taken by the court extending from the mill North on it’s East side and North West on its West side into Mississippi. From an area North of Columbia then West to Pike county Mississippi and returning to the mill area, this being the class action borders. To my knowledge no one in Pike county knows       anything about any 10-23-95 toxic release from Bogalusa Louisiana.  At lease all the people I asked in my search there, not one. The smaller map to the lower left shows the attorney’s bulls-eye area. The larger map shows the attorney court corruption class area. The red line marks the state line between Louisiana and Mississippi.


We’ll map out the clouds path and final known destination with the cloud path maps below. Let’s start with the number of persons evacuated. The report states that the first group evacuated were followed by a second group for a total of 3000.Nether that or the total population was enough for greed driven attorneys who solicited 4,000 additional persons from Mississippi due Vicksburg defendants and all of   Bogalusa with a population of 16,000 persons as reported by CNN News Brief.

The method of evacuation played a role with the weather supporting true facts. Allegations and court fillings of wrong doing by the city of Bogalusa and officials regarding evacuations were had by the law firm of  Johnny Cochran. With regards to our cause before the court.  It again showed that the wind direction at dark had actually reversed itself. Proving again the cloud never went any further than our property and certainly it never went into Mississippi.

From the eye-witness report of Mr. Rimes an employee of the Bogalusa daily news paper. He describes his ride home from work as the cloud was in travel.  Leaving the city and traveling to his home located Northeast of the city and east of highway 21. As these copies are a little ink smudged I do recall what was written regarding his statements. It is very clear toward the end of his report from a location northeast of the city, that he saw the toxic cloud traveling over the trees staying west of highway 21. He further states, that by his reckoning the cloud either traveled over the airport or between his location and the airport. Airport officials and various employees confirmed the cloud in fact went directly over the airport. Mr. Rimes

Article 3, is from the Tylertown Times. Particularly the last line of the first column and following paragraphs at top of the second column. This section of the reported events states that. Concern was had for the following areas  near Angie La., one area 10 miles east of our home which is Pine La. The report goes on to mention concern for the Improve,  Sandy Hook  and southeast communities of Walthall county.

One concern was over Northeast winds ie., winds blowing towards the North and from the East. It’s actually northwesterly winds as described by Mr.Rime’s eye- witness accounts. This paragraph ends with a reported conference and an agreement of state officials that the release would be confined to the area around the city of Bogalusa. The article goes on to apparently attack any claims of damage or injury outside the area of the city. We viewed this as the first action to distort the actual events of what occurred. There is no way that anyone outside the blue zone of section B, of the cloud path map could have been effected by this release. As reported from the Tylertown Times

Next,  from the Columbian Progress which clearly shows the toxic cloud never went into the state of Mississippi. Oddly enough there appeared to be some objection to the response had by the Marion civil defense responders and Mr. Conerly. And although television and radio reported the events. I can tell you that all 911 calls were removed from public access and any filming copy of the event by tv reports required a judges signature for release. The Columbian Progress article Poison cloud spares county.

CLOUD PATH MAPPED OUT Maps of these reports are HERE.

There should be no mistake here. Neither the corporations, Gaylord or for that matter any of the attorneys involved wanted to admit anything about our home being engulfed by the toxins released. The year and a half spend complaining to our own attorneys were all in vain.  So all threats to be silent about the trailer were discarded at Rebecca’s deposition with other facts  HERE

Still the claims brought to the court on our behalf held an ability to bankrupt all the corporations involved into the billions. Why all this trouble over helping us to replace our home. The first was the fact attorneys at Rebecca’s deposition referred to our home and property as ground zero. The only other thing explaining any of this is that all attorneys were seeking a class action for the amounts had and in fact only took our claims as a way to deny us de facto access to the courts. As you can see the knowledge had of the actual event would cause the use of our injuries and loss to accept billions, however the hate of us to somehow mess up the attorneys class actions would maintain with billions had on us the court refuses us anything.

Item number five as reported from the  NBC Archives . It states that an aerial shot of gas over an area was seen at night.  Police and others at cordon and overhead panning shot of cars including police vehicles seen. Aerial of water sprayed on gas seen.  Did they meant to say the Marie’s home and property?  Additionally, as indicated by this photo of  the Emergency Response Team shown was obviously taken at night.

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