Here’s that information on how to reduce your prison time if your last name isn’t Marie. This whole thing over green driven lawsuit has its moments. So with a known hate of us for things done to us by others I’d suggest going through Mississippi you watch your back. Those who do no wrong will try to silence your truths. If you find yourself in trouble in Mississippi and facing years of imprisonment here’s what you do. There is always someone in law enforcement trying to get an arrest of someone else. If your the kind of person spoken of by others then usually there’s an agenda. Fox example when were spoken of its always in negative fashion. So with rumors of us you have the extortion not spoken of but the spoken unknown need to be rid of us is powerful because of it. Hey, my phone is blocked from any calls to all law firms. Isn’t that extreme? But wait, if everyone just collected on the fraudulent class maybe its time again to make payment to us. Or maybe the money actually required our signature which they don’t have.

There is a possibility a claim we are not mentally stable to the court and thus the need to exclude us. I know when Jane was given a drug that nearly killed her it was connected to the states mental health agency. So talking about what is use against us through an agency who almost killed Jane, you can bet I’ll start shaking over the thought this is it and I go full defense.  My nerves start I’ll use the extra power to do whatever it take to defeat the killer because that is what stupidity can do. Get you killed. Still if you find yourself in trouble in MS. just tell law enforcement that you will snitch on the Marie family. That you’ll help them get Robert Marie. And that will pretty much do it. Only thing to watch for is when those you tell to do this actually do. P.T. was just released from a 5 year mandatory in 6 weeks. She shows up at our door trying to fulfill her contract on us. After receiving a false date of when we get our medication she returns to report this. Uh, we gave her the wrong date for a reason. A week before the actual date we were approached of the false date by just about everyone having a relative in Mississippi’s prison system. One actually turned his phone on so law enforcement could hear us speak. No one can force me to sell shit and I remain in MS. because survival among stupid asses is easier than combat with someone who has a working brain. And speaking of the brainless.

The call made to law enforcement over April was an oddity. I’m saying remove this person from our home because her drug addiction is causing the entire family troubles. What was the response? No, and why? Because of what was reported. She’s a drug addict causing us trouble. And the move to instead have me removed to some nut house more deserving of a stupid hillbilly what do we have here? Beware these are the types of officials who show up at a car wreck and begin beating the victim of such with a hammer. The state is now reduced to trying to turn my family against me and I guess April is all they have. But hey, hey guess what? Like I said.

Remember we can’t afford to lose trained monkeys, send over a couple of lawyers!

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