Out of Chaos comes the New World without God order. What a motto. Is there any doubt we are seeing a great change in how law is being manipulated for a greed driven Corporate America. As all resources announce their support of a one world government. Hows that work? When will the elite plans for the elite meet the justice for all new world order? As this greater force, ruling corporate government class seeks world dominance for their select few. Notice how American law is being used for certain groups to continue to grow monetarily within the New World screwing.

It’s the oil stupid and in big part any corporation that turns up a buck for any current political bunch. So how do you hypocrite your way through the law while you protect the corporations? What ever it takes. The stink of it all remains as fraudulent claims and other crimes that can be thought of are implemented by both sides of court battles with the court choosing one over the other. The one that drives the beast and not one that serves justice. There is definitely a bigger picture at play.

SYRIA:  WHAT WAS THIS?  For the last 25 years the good ole U.S. of A has been bombing the hell out a selected few folks worldwide. So wasn’t the Syrian attack deal a bit different in that recent past presidents bombed first answered questions later? Was what really happened here part of a new world plan and bombing Syria isn’t part of that. Currently the matter is on hold. Which side actually used the gas weapon is still unclear. Reports suggest Rebel forces used the gas attack to gain U.S. aid for bigger attack. Did the NWO say no to Obama?

     Vs.  SATAN:     Or are they one and the same!

Question? How will America face a new world order monitoring everything? Is the current way of all monetary goal being actually met? Just as our Father has all in his control, is the current use of money alined with Satan’s cause? At what time does the new order of things not met the approval of the world court? Maybe after all the money is directed where the evildoers want it the new world court will implement laws so all thieves can keep what they stole. ha..ha…. For all the anger felt at times over this it’s sad but good knowing that without more knowledge than a lawyer you can’t enter the kingdom. Those are God’s words, so some of this is all locked in.

Can we say blocking boys and girls? AROUND THE WORLD

Ecuador’s foreign ministry announced on Friday the US has denied visas to a delegation that was set to travel to the UN General Assembly in New York to present their case regarding an ongoing dispute against Chevron-Texaco. At stake in the case is a US $19 billion judgment awarded by an Ecuadorean court against Chevron for cleanup and ecological damage.

The group was to present testimony during a special event at the UN regarding the ecological impact caused by Chevron-Texaco’s oil operations in the Amazon rainforest region of Ecuador. The case against Chevron-Texaco has been ongoing for two decades, and stems from the oil company’s operations in the Amazon which date back to the period between 1972 and 1990. In February 2011, a judgment by a provincial court in Ecuador produced the multi-billion dollar award against Chevron. However, as the company currently has no holdings in Ecuador, the plaintiffs have instead attempted to force payment in Canada, Brazil, and Argentina.

The $19 billion verdict was the result of a 1993 lawsuit filed in New York federal court by a group of American attorneys – including Steven Donziger – on behalf of 88 residents of the Amazon rainforest. In the intervening period, Texaco was acquired by Chevron in 2001, and plaintiffs re-filed their case in Ecuador in 2003.

    Sparking Worldwide News:             A Comment on American with a warning to others.

Ever care to give a general comment some thought. It’s interesting to understand that the world, not just your local tv. stations or even your state or country often comments on your country. The comments from and to abroad paint a picture of there own. From the classvictim view it’s great having a knowledge that others know about American corruption. They see an America driven by lies, greed, prisons, and warfare. Among all this is the woes of world wide fighting with everyone as the U.S. plays police to the world. Those select few steering the beast are known as well. Here’s Sandra with an interesting comment from an American to a Russian about politics and justice.

Sandra: Put these criminals in prison instead of giving them bonuses. Get these criminals out of our government instead of giving them payoffs during lobbying. It would be great to see unity and to see lawsuits from all countries that are suffering including getting US citizens involved with this. Wait until a nice big spill happens in the beautiful Russian region where they drill. See if Russia gets it cleaned up and gets whole again. If our government does it to us, they will do it to you next.


CV:  As the new world order pumps smoke up our asses, this must be the acts of killing the political beast. America holds all corporate interest above all laws. So with nothing but an evil agenda of self fulfillment of politics American law is a fraud, it is a fake and phoney. It serves the current wants of government to achieve its own goals. Like extortion of the innocent to the tune of the Devil,  never before has law been made so corrupt as to feed horse shit from both sides of its government mouth. God took time to give us the laws through Moses. If your , smart enough at this point to understand the big phoney, there’s little reason to play along. So let’s put that mortal wound to work.  Of the four hidden dynasties controlled by the children of Satan. Finance, Education, Political, Religion. Its the political beast or system that take a blow to the head. That will give way to create NWO. which in turn will allow Satan to become antichrist.

Most people are setup and violated of their freedoms because they play a game of stupidity totally controlled by State lies. Their charged and charged and its all for the milking of money. The U.S. takeover of all other countries per the Devil cost its government money so the States are allowed to criminally milk the citizens.  Yep, right back to the Matrix huh, square one. So what happened to us? Well the greed and politically connected lawyers, judges, doctors, and all their friends decided. Since they are creating crimes for the milking it doesn’t matter to them which they believe might come first crime or the money. Most folks are made interested in crimes and or the like to establish a criminal base for future milking of their monetary life. A basic understanding of directing behavior of people by government.

Something how the big brainwashing lies sell a belief some type of crime is the only way to have a life, all the while losing it.  With us they had a clean slate, people without criminal intent or a record. So they stole our awards as they tried to create a life of crime and misery for us. That crime needed the criminal element they hypocrite upon others.  They got our child, but given the government corporate attorney backstabbing, she took for and from them which we’ll cover soon in our up coming post “These Class Victims” if your last name is not Marie, see how to get released from a 5 year mandatory sentence in just 6 weeks and other types of they do what they want shit.  Uh, have we notice how all the bad weather and damage cause is being compared to Katrina?


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