Happy Anniversary!

I’ve enjoyed venting on the class crap bunch for a couple of reason’s the least believe it or not are not my deepest personal wishes. With mixed feelings about my search for spiritual understanding, having gained some and with more praying seeking and to finally have true understanding of God’s words the Scriptures of Jesus Christ. In a time when Satan’s got the mind of a lot of folks it’s time to reveal what we are. This is my faith. It comes from the Bible and is not much in the way of what is being taught. My persona represents, “you can all go screw yourselves”  It’s not that I’m better it’s that you could have been. The problem for a Christian is when you understand these souls are actually in a current life of flesh which is doing exactly that. Screwing their own life up. Other than being evil which is a choice they have a tendency to cause harm. What is understood is simple, isn’t secret or complex.


There is a common understanding that we have a soul within our flesh bodies. So much more of what we are has to do with our spirit part. What is usually missed is why? And what if we said because that is what we are, were and will be, it’s simply us. Dinosaur bones date back hundreds of millions of years. During this time we were living souls with God in the Heavens. Have you read the many times scripture speaks of a time for all souls before this time?  Do you accept this? It’s there.

During those hundreds of millions of years an angel made perfect held duties for our Heavenly Father. God speaks of Lucifer as being perfect till the day he wanted Gods throne and he would have all the starts of heaven (God’s children)  to bow before him. When this battle started a few souls stood up for God. A third of souls sided with Satan. Other than the few two thirds of souls just showed no concern of the events which unfolded. All this is in Scripture. How would you feel to create all things and even give life to the spirits you created that they showed no gratitude. How would you feel what would you have done. It had to be fair, righteous, and just. Why don’t you remember?


Your memory of this was wiped clean and you won’t understand this unless you seek but it is there. This will occur to us again when every tear will be wiped away as written in Revelation as we are given all the representation of flesh man upon the earth. This will be the final action returning us to everlasting life or judgement of the lake in our original spiritual bodies. We were given one line from the bible at the start which represented the fact that all was made then it had all been destroyed.  “In the beginning God created the heaven and earth.” Ever notice the period at the end of the sentence? So if heaven and earth was created why does the next sentence describes the earth being void without form? Miss that one huh?

The description of the earth before it’s first destruction stated waters above and waters below. What a view along with other things from a possible flood before Noah’s time. Like how all the pieces of the earth even after thousands of years looks like a big puzzle. How if pushed against one another the land masses would fit together. The earth was destroyed because of Satan and companies move for God’s throne and that boys and girls is what killed the dinosaurs.  Water from heaven above came crashing down busting up the land. That was the first destruction that leads into the second paragraph of the world being void. But notice how the recreated earth was made especially for humans. Birds, fish, cattle, etc.. This would feed the flesh. Description of the flesh is as follows. Let us. make mankind in our image. Your child will look like the mother and father and the us is the Spirit of God which gives life. A life to test your soul with worldly things. But did you know?

God Doesn’t like favoritism, everyone is truly equal. He also ask that we love him more than a mother, father or any other person. Why is simple he is a jealous God, and he is our first Father, us being made as him a spirit. He explained the meaning of these bodies. From dust we came to dust we will return, this is the your flesh. But we are spirit. If you follow best you can God’s will, you will have God’s blessings. Gaylord was about Satan’s greatest attempt to infringe my understanding and nothing more. He failed again and is taking all followers regarding this wrong with him with no doubt.  This is my faith.

Robert Marie                    __________________________________________________________


This person speaks openly of how a part of prison life is acceptable to her. It is so amazing, the damage caused. April wants the life of cell block 5 or is it pod 3,. at our home.  She gets to talk shit with others who served time, food, cable, internet, phone  a roof over her head with a bed. However home doesn’t provide the barbed wired fence. The current mental cell also provides tobacco but why be grateful? That won’t be the cell she knew. With a lot more than was allowed from a cell she ventures out to obtain alcohol, cocaine or some pill that she can’t handle. Upon her return the reality that this isn’t her cell block, the damage shared by the family a withdrawal. Attacks are evident. I must let her part of Gaylord lay. I say it was too much at a to young age. Hell, the backstabbing that followed by those she aided didn’t help.


Before during and right after the initial 84 million dollar settlement on me alone April played a very important role in attempting to have us arrested on behalf this huge conspiracy. She seem not to believe it would cause serious trouble. They brought her into their magical land of understanding corruption. From their view she was being rewarded with things but she would share with us. She was offered a chance to quit school, be with an over aged boyfriend, my monthly check etc… Oh yeah, let’s not forget the open line of credit afforded her by state from Wal-Mart. Just sign and go.

Perhaps we were to be jailed after the class action trial. Having others for collection and use for settled awards and thus the need to again lie that she would be released from the Bogalusa La. attorneys to us, when in fact as a issue of recorded control the matter was transferred to Mississippi for their attorneys when we moved back.

Louisiana had no problem getting rid of any danger to their class action and the Mississippi court closed their doors to us. Hiding as much they could with a to hell with these damned people referring to us. When the Class trial failed, the amount of money and situation was such that along with Jane, April was also added to the lead plaintiffs list of myself making us three the only ones used or deserving of awards. Younger and not exposed to the toxins as Jane and myself she’d need to be controlled.


That’s when the sorry bastard attorney’s she turned against mom and dad to help gain millions, started stabbing her in the back. Gaylord is her nightmare, her biggest mistake, her hell. She put trust in not just lying attorneys, even grand maw and grand paw was in on this one. Make you sick doesn’t it? Can she truly understand. As her parent I have to watch the destruction of a human life had by unconcerned souls for human life. I watch as they destroy a one time a student who chair the band of her high school four years till her 14th birthday and the worlds most sorriest capitalistic governing corporate corruption known took her away.  And they were attacking a 14 year old. .Gaylord her unspoken word was tied to her gaining money and freedom a lot to offer a 14 year old, yet was the matter of having it all meant mom and dad is dying. How was that spoken to her? Or was it/is it a need

September 24th, 2013:  April leaves last night with a Mason friend of hers and yeah, I still wonder if its her drug addiction or if there’s an on going attempt by her and state to aid in further trouble. September 23rd 2013. 11:pm April arrives from her drugging with Mason friend, yeah right. Blind and stupid bitch. So she starts her late night food mess making including taking the grand children’s school snacks something I’d told her not to touch. Some form of confidence to take over is with her so are statements of how no one will touch her. The arguing escalates with a demand that I hit her. So OK, its pig time.

Now let me fill you in on the Mississippi mind set. If someone, anyone does a wrong and their from Mississippi its someone else fault. If you have relatives and are from Mississippi they can do no wrong. They are all brought up this way. In difference to me I was taught to be responsible for my own actions. This is a bit mature compared to the horse shit of blaming others to hold a person accountable. So can you figure out what’s going on with all this shit? Check it out. Jane and I don’t always agree and that’s life. But the disagreements we have are over mindset ways. The mindset that protects the wrong of others. So after informing the pigs of the who, what and why of April’s behavior I realized my call was simply a call for April to gain backup.

So all this goes back years from the taking of a straight A student who chaired band for four years into the parental backstabbing drug addicted bitch we have here today. I could sense the relations April has with local law enforcement. But I have grandchildren in our home. Making this short now, I’m told since Jane refuses to have April removed from our home she can remain regardless her problem causing. Officers remind me the past law enforcement who promoted the death for money no longer are in office. I was waiting to hear that this was a civil matter.

The hate of coon-asses must linger on. April and Jane are brought aside for a chat with the pigs. What’s this I asked y’all don’t want to talk to me? Sure Mr. we’ll talk to you. I want to know what you said to my wife. Now this is what I love. Make your way through this life lying that way perhaps the kingdom will stay pure. So after being rape robbed and left for a murdered victim of this lawsuit extortion the pig suggest to Jane that she and my daughter have me committed. Now didn’t I say if worse came to worse and the desire to end this writing of truth that God would understand why I felt the need to kill my enemies. There’s no way to explain so Jane informs the officer homie don’t play that shit and I’d probably try to kill anyone for doing that kind of shit and the pigs laugh and say no he wouldn’t. What do you think? Wipe out my castle once and you want another try? Fuck you! wasn’t not knowing me that started this shit. Can they say they knew I’d blog such things?

The pigs will have no male as the head of the house they do not agree with God’s scriptures. I don’t have a pussy so the ladies are currently in control. Something they’ll lose in the twinkle of an eye. I’m I angry, I don’t know. I’m left now to ponder if this is the next wave. Jane is definitely Mississippi. We played D.H.S. kidnapping, we played the life sentence for to extort but you must plead guilty shit, hell we even played the shrink shit. The shrink told me to get a lawyer and sue the hell out of all of em. Where the fuck in corporate America can you do that? Any way my bible tells me the man is the head of the house so its between Jane and God as it is with all of us for what we do.  As far as April I’ll not make another call to the pigs. She has been given full rein of my home. Gaylord, political horse shit rules the day. If not for the grandchildren who are now seeing results of the state takeover of our life I’d give the two bitches a chance to support their own stupidity. How bad has this been. Well, anything said of the folks from this state in front my wife and she takes it personal. Stay tuned I get the scanner going and more beans to spill and some folks to piss off.

Jane Terrell: There is more than will be know by people of these matters but not God. Mother and daughter are Mississippi no wrong can be had by both and to speak of the insane folks running the state is more than Jane can handle. I will say this the prior Sheriffs cocaine exculpates to have someone from up north from jail to make local sells here in Mississippi which included my wife. Those 2 homes one trailer pictured herein along with triple A credit all gone to the Sheriffs bank account left me with shit, zero. So after fucking my credit all up I gathered information for over two weeks but had it all to get the Sheriffs drug dealing bitch. The Sheriff tells me no one held a gun to anyone’s head and that he wasn’t going to do anything about the drugs sold in Marion county. Then he goes on to explain why.

He tells me first the beating and rotor cup ripping of my shoulder I received by his law dogs when I came looking for his cocaine snorting ass was simply the way of the world. Guess beating a friend of mine to death who witness the beating of me and said he would testify if legal action was taken is part of his world as well. They actually created a riot to help hide the murder. I’m told who did the beating and that payment was made with crack cocaine. He the Sheriff tells me man was put on earth to punish man. I’m game  on most of these sons of bitches but in correcting him that we are here to serve God he becomes angry. He goes on to tell me the government is conducting an experiment to see what Crack Cocaine does to people. Well these ass holds should be happy because this classvictim blog is part of that. But is what he said true? Maybe what it does to self righteous hypocrites but I don’t think he meant real humans like from other states. Maybe to see how fast he can make his richness Any way what was shared with others of this is unclear. But you might understand why Robert getting his money might put an end to a lot of things Mississippi and if you’ve seen one of these bastards you’ve seen most of them. Hey. its not OK, but there will come a day of reckoning and in the twinkle of eye you won’t even be able to hold anything a spirit form to answer for actions of the flesh. Its all a matter of time. All we have are politicians worried it will be known they took part. And God forbid any release of what is ours among the chump change class

Oh yeah, I meant to say after speaking to attorneys in other state out of the fifth circuit. They strongly suggest I call a MS. attorney. So after speaking with them I find that of the 20 numbers to law firms called in MS. all had a busy signal. Guess they really are at it again. But if no attorney wants this shouldn’t they be given that choice. Never underestimate stupid people in large groups. Might find out more with a ride to some new law firm opposing civil right violations.

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