OK, it’s gas, and it’s chemicals which caused destruction and death. Since a lot of folks are offering up their view here’s one view from a left for dead living victim of an tyrant gas attack in America. We’ll mix the different points of view from Mississippi lawmakers, to what should be done. But to say it’s OK to kill Americans for money and what President Bashar Assad has done is any worse is bull shit, his secret attack is no more than the wanna be secret one made public here by the corporate toxins used for a fifth circuit class actions and this is where these evil motherfuckers of the fifth circuit court lose me. Wanna say “but the attack in Syria involved 1,400 people” Well alright, you know from this blog the only injuries collected on were a family of three after the court failed to show injuries to any others. Still the money involving the class which after a failed trial is under the lying guise of a belief and documented court action that 24,000 were injured. That’s 24,000 injured by an intentional and criminal release of deadly toxins only to be aided and abetted by the corporate court.

President Barack Obama announced that he will seek congressional approval for military action in Syria. Mississippi Republicans, Steve Palazzo and 1st District Rep. Alan Nunnelee, joining more than 140 other lawmakers calling for Obama to get congressional approval before taking military action against Syria. Dragging the country in, administration officials said Assad’s regime used chemical weapons against its own people, including children. Rep. Bennie Thompson, 2nd District, the only Democrat in the delegation, said late Friday he did not support military action.


CV: Yes, the killing of the innocent should stop. Yes the removal of chemical delivery systems should be had. Time here has played a huge factor in knowing this has been going on for awhile, and that’s the problem. Talk of children. These American law motherfuckers of the court forced my child by legal threats to return to live in the poison home or we would be arrested and jailed. All these moves around the world by America seem mighty selective. Selective moves are used to promote a bigger agenda. This bull shit smells. How can they say no boots on the ground do they intend to fight bare footed? What about Syria’s friends and supporters? Going from cruse missiles to fixed and rotor winged crafts to prevent troop involvement will open duck season on the aircraft’s used.

One motherfucker causing all this trouble? No way.  It’s not like a group of hundreds of sorry ass lawyers. Assad needs a Professional assassins for his problems that’s what comes to mind but then that doesn’t allow political money and world glory now does it? With the political wanna be mob shit going on in the U.S. the evident desire to make everything secret, everyone still knows when the wanna be fucks up and the news reports it. Here in America more often than not it’s money that causes the trouble which comes to reveal the facts. In a lawless place like Syria and Assad,  it’s worth a bullet. In America open thieves called politicians and lawyers aren’t. They simply needs to be the allowance of law enforcement of the crimes had but politics trumps law. Now say good luck. Since the U.S. claims to have laws and even constitutional rights we see it’s corporate money which rules the day. And I’d have to say what is really sought for in all this is unknown to most.

Hey, Uncle Sam won’t stop chemical killings at home but wants a war because similar shit happened on the other side of the world? What’s really going on?  While the U.S. spends billions to spy on citizens it could have done the job needed to prevent this type of shit, but then again no money. One bullet vs. tons of warfare devises involving tons of money. Are you getting the picture? Here’s what I’m saying. Send the attorneys and judges from the U.S. fifth circuit courts to the front lines and make it a gas war. It won’t change the bigger picture of what is really going on and we would be rid of useless shit back home.

A CHEMICAL GASSING BY ANY OTHER NAME IS CALLED A CLASS ACTION :  Gaylord / Temple Inland / International Paper, Yes their all the same, worshiping oh mighty dollar. The problem for them is actual law. A tank car of poison is leaking at a major corporation responsible for creating it. Refusing to report the matter for proper handling the tank car becomes a toxic and deadly chemical delivery devise. Where was your fucking bombing action then? The political U.S. is worth less than Syria, is that the message?


Just imagine a cloud like this landing on your home and low life sons of bitches trying to force you to live in it so they can collect money. There was never any plan to get rid of the toxins properly or with knowledge of it to be had by others. The corporate plan was to catch the wind traveling away from the town, have the poison travel with the wind to an isolated area where it would fall to the ground and hopefully no one would be the wiser. So look, each and every move was made to protect the corporations money. Fuck you, me and the law.




The illegal corporate plan worked except for where their poison stopped. Which was right over our home. We were the target of the intentional release. Hoping to avoid money loss the stupid motherfucking ass holes made things much worse, at least for us. Law was the only hope we and millions of Americans have against tyrant enemies of this country. To bad and to late. The political beast of the Bible is upon us all. Almost everyone in this country has sold out to the new way of things. And don’t say anything about the non legal matters here in, because it’s no secret what was done to us. So mind fucked politicians are telling the American people now.


Your glorious leaders and their corporate owned political lying mouths as corporate supported thieves are saying. It’s OK to kill people, even in America, if it saves a corporations wealth. It’s OK to kill anyone if attorneys can make money while protecting the corporations, and it’s even OK to harm people and destroy their home and property and leave them for dead if the corporation is protected from law and attorneys can extort the money owed to the victim of a poison attack. But since Syria can’t be sued by our attorneys for this or some other reason we should bomb the fuck out of them. Ya, that might do it. The world knows NSA how the U.S. is.



Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that a ‘regime of secrecy’ by the West is unacceptable with regard to Syria and evidence of the use of chemical weapons there. The Foreign Minister addressed students of the Moscow State University of International Relations.  “If there truly is top secret information available, the veil should be lifted. This is a question of war and peace. To continue this game of secrecy is simply inappropriate.”

Samples claimed to be collected by first responders which was gathered independently of the UN after the August 21 chemical attack in a Damascus have tested positive for the sarin nerve agent.  US Secretary of State John Kerry told US media he sought buildup for support of a military strike. No knowledge of who was behind it has yet come to light.

Kerry said that the evidence, , strengthened Obama’s call for military action against the regime of President Bashar Assad, which the US accuses of being responsible for the chemical weapons attack. Others are saying information sharing is a must.

   Could this be the start of bigger things

Hey, President Assad, while your troops stock pile poison gas near your delivery systems for U.S. bombing,, get yourself a big ole sign that reads Gaylord, Temple Inland, International Paper or Halliburton, because if there’s one thing these fucking American thieves can’t do is apply the any actual law international or other wise to the corporations. And by the way how much of the chemicals used to kill others comes from the U.S. . I hear were corporate big on supplies for the cocaine made south of the American border. Go ahead America keep string shit around the world in the name of justice when you can’t even deal with the killing of those by chemicals in your own back yard. I’m not against America but I hope Corporate money making Bully ass America bites off more than it can chew. If other countries just knew and with some allies wanted no part of this maybe they do. Fuck all these games. May the middle east unite and put the U.S. in the hurt locker for being so mind fucked by corporate political money.

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