I do believe whatever was need to once more dip into those billions extorted from us was had by the Mississippi court. The lying and at times unraveling stories of visitors are cut short by a discussion of the pain of the victim and how deserving of the money had they are. They are at it again. Were being visited by people trying to justify receiving settlement money and talking Gaylord.  Additionally, Alice Stringer who is always willing to help the extorted fraud for a cut hasn’t place her common and timely calls to nosy ass our affairs, so she’s up to no good. Even the adoption of our grandchildren drags uncompleted three years after being told without objection it would take no longer than three months. No one has openly object. This in turn has caused the state to drop with little care she was given. Then we have a story below in where just like the money for nothing action of the classvictim, Gaylord Attorney and Judge groups are using the very same corruption on the BP. Claims. FRAUD COLLECTION. How you going to talk about extorting to your lawyer friend and not try and get them some of that cash as well. Those economic payouts created a lot of business’s for friends of local state employees. The amounts stolen still control the courts. These corrupt rulings are not free some judge is getting paid bet your ass. Here in Marion County politicians have the long sought death of certain family members while jailing other family members for over a year without hearing or trial very less a speedy one. Now how much does that cost, cause it’s not done for free.

First to drag the process out to the tune of years of class action pay. Lawyers collect big on economic claims up front as well class work pay which they split with law enforcement for dirty favors or life long friends for a cut on business profits. Many business’s were created which never were real, however were still collected upon. Next many family and friends of the court were paid money to keep the dragging process of paying anything to the real victims going as the lawyer ass holes collected even more. We knowing and proving that all monies had on the Gaylord Chemical released settlement is in fact ours, and ours alone. To deny the replacement of home, denial of the courts to perform it’s duty, refusal of medical care….. etc… Regardless the proven fact the court steals, it is with certainty our death is all the demonic court is interested in. There can be no intent to prove justice in this matter. So I lay curse to the low life court as Christ cursed a fig tree and I hate these very stupid people like God hated Esau.


How much I answer for to God is up to everyone else. If a man can show God his anger is a reasonable amount given to the sins against him, well. Every knee shall bow and all you lying mouth son of bitches will confess, and when your done I may not have to much to answer for after all. More victims are in the works as U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier, along with judge Graves and others in the New Orleans Appeal Court are copying the fraudulent collecting of BP. awards just like with the Gaylord, phoney and fake claims. I’d bet though they paid the lead Plaintiffs in this.

By the sweat of my brow is how I do it you phoney clients should join me.  So it’s 95 degrees and I’m wearing two vinyl sweat suits a regular sweat suit an insulated winter vest sleeveless along with my black nylon jacket and hood over I’m ready to walk laps.  I’m repeatedly having to explain to everyone seeing this pouring of sweat  first why I’m doing this and next how I’m able to do this in sometimes 100 plus degree temperatures. First the why. With most all filtering organs in my body having little to no ability to filter toxins from getting over exposed to the Gaylord release going without sweating causes me to feel sick as toxins build up. The how is quite odd but cool. The organic toxins from Gaylord to some degree will always remain in our bodies. The substance freezes at a somewhat high temperature the area around 54 to 69 degrees causes a big change in our health and sickness. It can be cool and we have a lot of problems getting started with anything because we feel hibernated. The colder it gets the worse we feel. The thicker blood and other fluids move slow forcing the heart and other organs to work harder. After having the heat trapping suit on. It takes about 20 minutes to feel  as though were as normal as anyone.  I fear the white milky substance isn’t toxins as we first thought coming out of me but rather bone deterioration as reflected by X-ray.  But who cares? ______________________________________________________


BP is trying to persuade a federal appeals court it should throw out a judge’s approval of the company’s multimillion-dollar settlement with Gulf Coast residents and businesses. Last year, BP joined plaintiffs’ attorneys urging U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier give the deal his final approval.

On Friday, the company’s lawyers argued in court filings Barbier’s recent interpretation of settlement terms allowed businesses to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of inflated and fictitious claims. BP asked a three-judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn Barbier’s rulings governing payouts.

BP says if the panel upholds the judge’s interpretation, “then the settlement would be rendered wholly unfair, irrational, and constitutionally suspect,” BP spokesman Geoff Morrell said the settlement has been “wrenched from reality and no longer resembles the deal to which we had agreed to.” Plaintiffs’ lawyers have argued BP undervalued the settlement and underestimated how many claimants would qualify.

“Under the misinterpretation, awards are based in such a way in which claimants maintained their books, even if the books contain uncorrected errors,” “As a result, compensation is completely unhinged from and not proportionate to actual injury.” If the 5th Circuit reverses the approval of the settlement, court-supervised claims administrator Patrick Juneau’s office would continue to process claims that already have been submitted.



A south Mississippi sheriff has been indicted on 31 counts, including pushing an arrest in a murder case, even though a detective thought the suspect was innocent, snooping on employees at a restaurant that refused to accept a check from him.

The indictment against longtime Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd was dated Thursday and made public Friday. It charges him with using his office to retaliate against people he considered political and personal foes, including the police chief and a city alderman in Ocean Springs.The charges include fraud, extortion, embezzlement, witness tampering and perjury.

One of the charges said Byrd pressured a detective to sign a criminal affidavit and seek an arrest warrant against a man in a murder investigation in 2007 when the detective did not believe the man committed the crime. The reason given was that  Byrd was running for re-election at the time and wanted to be able there were no unsolved murders in the coastal Mississippi county of about 140,000 people.

Another charges said Byrd ordered the surveillance of Ocean Springs Police Chief Keith Davis in retaliation for Davis “embarrassing” Byrd by disclosing a July 2012 shooting involving narcotics task force agent. The shooting involved two agents, with one accused of shooting toward the feet of another in the task force headquarters. Byrd also is charged with hindering prosecution by ordering that evidence in the case be concealed. Another indictment said Byrd sent narcotics agents to perform surveillance on employees of a Mexican restaurant which had refused to accept a check from him.

  two dogs fucking photo: Two dogs fucking MoodKill.gif

Some counts are related to testimony in a case involving former Oceans Springs Alderman James Hagan, who was charged with child exploitation related to an alleged image on his city laptop. The district attorney’s office later declined to prosecute the case. Some of the fraud charges are related to the money it cost for the agents to conduct what the grand jury considered illegitimate surveillance. Embezzlement charges accuse him of sending department employees to solicit money for work at events like bass tournaments and paying them with Jackson County funds. District Attorney Tony Lawrence said in a written statement that Mississippi law prevents him from discussing the details of the case. An extortion charge in the indictment said Byrd threatened and pressured a female deputy to engage in sexual acts.

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