Join us, as we give examination to a comment by a person claiming to be B y’all. From our post of 3/17/2012 “Marion County, This Town Needs An Enema” in proclaiming a knowledge by classvictims the state of the corporate governmental conspiracy in Mississippi, and knowledge of understanding my family’s enemies. B, writes.

Brittany says:                                     

You don’t know them as well as you think you do. Trust me.

My response, knee jerk quick. In short covered the lowlife homo, faggot, courts and their friends and family system connected to the demonic horse shit of secret society of others in Mississippi,  how feeling a personal knowledge of court thieves working the criminal minded court against us, this shit is a wipe out being play to the open public.  Which frankly the wheels of justice not only turn slow, these fucked-up child minded government corporate connected assholes have the ability to stop the wheel at their convenience. Now let us began the examination.

           We’ll start with the statement itself.

“You don’t know them as well as you think you do. Trust me.” Trust me?.

How many Brittany’s could know the same person’s we do via the Gaylord Bogalusa Tri State, Hinds county extortion? (this might be a false I.D., duh) Then to imply we don’t know them as well as we think. Suggest that this person claims a higher degree of personal knowledge of them then we/I do. Turtle. Them, who are they? Brittany does understand that it is by group effort the desired death to fortieth awards are what state government feels would lubricate the extortion. But do we know them? Well sure we do. In fact you can see a few on our post “Mississippi’s faces of law”

How to know a people:

by Robert Marie.   Live within a family of desiring achievers for 16 years. Note that a certain form of abuse exist for lack of common sense in many families as it claims an unreasonable authority over some of them. Whatever is said to the siblings must be honored by them without question. Problems arise among the under educated of reality. The larger family’s afford a chance of competition by the children for favoritism. Still absolute authority corrupts absolutely. Notice how with any impairments and social gossip of the internal workings some events arise to breed a special form of hate. One with basic envy. Based largely on hate once political power is had the narcissistic mindset to rule as was ruled relates by it’s achieved position to government what it wants known of others as to justify all wrong to those personal dislike of others.


To reach the top you must answer the question how low can you go? And now let’s move on to other known facts. Being from elsewhere a person is rarely seen as important to any local issue sought for by area natives. Your an outsider given to labeling. If you find yourself in the mist of aggressive and/or unstable minded people not of your choice. Understand the mindset of total envy to preform evil against anyone to justify insane actions which appear to be venting at the authoritative abuse. Listen to all their claims of greatness and all about their lives as a children and teen behavior with knowledge of some un spoken secrets of man and animals enough said driving them and add the current degree of arrogance exhibited.

        You can see,  it is what it is. They are snakes in the grass servers of Satan to their own desires and given any chance to claim some greatness they place shadows over the very word of God. If you intend to be a Christian you had better understand your opponent and his children. If not a public knowledge here and given the uh… courts lying mouth, who would have known?

The only thing known of us by government would be told by those who hate us most. The entire so called legal system of this country in support of that action and.  A bunch of hill billy retards fearful of better humans who abused the system to their own and the corrupted political assholes of fact since nothing is afforded these in lander people any money if it isn’t stolen we have this.  UN-like the people living on the coast line of our country even after BP live off the waters all left to those to the North of them is to steal and so then, it is what it is. A way of life in Mississippi.

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