Something how things are now huh? Any group of people like the gays of the fifth circuit could infiltrate the courts of this country and in time like now they make the rules. Through family and friends a shared belief manifested by fact. You got shit like these actions by individuals employed by a court of law but don’t understand their job that run and jump behind the ruling laws of injustice for nothing more than criminal protection from the very laws they put on the rest of us for persecution. Prosecution is what happens if you break the law. Persecution has more to do with being a victim of ruling mob of thugs whose position allows bribery pay to others through their criminal acts.  Destroying the values of a blood and sweat democracy the word firing squad comes to my mind. You’d think this feeling is applied to the court extortion of us alone but it goes way further than that. From the old to the young and everyone in between state government court like all governments now are places of jackpot justice for running over actual victims for to steal from them.


Hey, look how the Mississippi courts do it. It’s a court of law huh? Look again. The plot was to gain all information for any initial deal. After all settlement information was had the lawyers would just dump us to the road side. Arrogant ass holes just can’t see anyone smarter than them, they fucking know it all. Since anyone can study a book and pass a test to become a lawyer. Nope this is a select cult. Like other cults.


Making use of some facts of corporate negligence to grease the wheels of settlement. In this case it was injuries. Knowing we made every effort to recover our home and other personal property it’s clear the attorneys withheld property issues from the court which spilled over in our pleadings and in deposition. You should read the news reports along with eye wittiness accounts the court solidified one fact. The cloud left the mill travel to our home landed on it and that was/is the end of story.

So it just went from the mill to our home and was next transfigured by threats and thieves of the court it was now a class action. A special kind of class action boys and girls. This one uses all information on three victims while threatening and using real law to force a big out of court settlement for fear of complete and total bankruptcy of all. Shhhhh, the release wasn’t an accident and the chemical was lied about in court and the lies allowed by all. Uh, the court and the entire fraudulent class lawyers were deep in the corporate pockets of the evil doers. They were there collecting for our injuries and sufferings alone channeling our awards to their accounts and members of the court and friends the victims get nothing.


And the plot? Never happened. We have ran along side this state extortion from the start. As the state used the one and only viable real injury of negligence claim for collection, it made claim to the injured their cause was dismissed. The state maintained the lie before it’s court to it’s UN-constitutional corporate court supported criminal acts. The naked motherfuckers.


In short the powers that were and are but will not be eternal have ruled for the entire demonic package of corporate corruption against this American family to allow the state extortion to continue. Although the plot to dump by the road side until death do we part to their silent gaining money by default let’s past the news down through the court for as long as possible. Court fraud, lies, extortion’s and other political crimes are going on as I write this a hope for their death also remains. Get going up to the Father you self absorbent asshole.

PUT YOUR FEET RIGHT HERE:   In Mississippi News 

Mississippi investors are demanding their money back from the federal government, and filed a lawsuit to get it. Plaintiff Betty Kilgore asked If you’d lost the money I’ve lost, would that hurt you?” “Put yourself in my shoes. The Mississippi Secretary of State is supporting the lawsuit filed by attorney Don Barrett on behalf Kilgore and other Mississippi investors.


In 2011, an investigation by the Secretary of State, revealed the investment brokerage firm Morgan Keegan agreed to settle over fraud charges stemming from the housing collapse. “The state of Mississippi reached an agreement with Morgan Keegan for $200 million dollars. One hundred million was given to the state to distribute. That $100 million dollars has never been distributed,” The other $100 million went to the Security and Exchange Commission Fair Fund, which is a misnomer.

Barrett says between 2,000 and 3,000 Mississippians are effected. “They’re holding our money. And they’ve been doing it for years, and it’s an outrage. There’s no reason for it. The reimbursed money had been in a bond fund, a secure investment for older investors. “In Mississippi, we’ve had 83 people die without receiving their funds,” Hosemann said. “Over 500 people across the country have died without receiving their funds.”

“it’s an outrage” Don’t kid yourself it’s a Mississippi way of life. Watch your back!

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  1. my case started when i bought an old 73 home made wrecker from a guy for 1000 dollars to help me aid my disability check to meet my monthly needs.
    Once i had spent around 5000 dollars fixing it up the guy came an ask to borrow it for the day . he took it an chained it to a tree in his yard. i called the sheriff he told them first there was no bill of sale i sent them to the clove box where it was. he then said he did not sign it once they found this to be a lie. he then told them that the bill of sale was not for that truck.
    The sheriff told me to contact the detectives i did the next day after investigating a week they were ready to take him to the grand jury but ask if i would be willing to drop charges if he returned my truck i had no intent to have him sent to prison so i agreed to their request. thinking this would be over.
    He filed a suit in the circuit court of Montgomery county Al. in front of judge william A. shashy saying he let me borrow the truck instead of he sold me the truck.
    The case was continued over an over then the day of trail the plaintiffs attorney that had been showing up for the case was replaced for another whom was an ex judge named will O’rear who is the president of a mental health group where the setting judge of the case william shashy’s wife is a board member an his son is also linked.
    Through out the whole hearing shashy made it plain he did not want to hear the case he slept or pretended to sleep an rushed my case from the start.
    After O’rear rested the plaintiffs case which was no case to began with
    my attorney moved to have case thrown out because plaintiff failed to reach the burden of proof. shashy denied the motion. which i say he had done ruled the case in his mind before the case opened.
    After the trail the judge ask both attorneys if the plaintiffs case had even reached their burden of proof? my attorney said no an that he had made a motion of it an was denied.
    The plaintiffs case rested on him stating he had let me borrow the truck an did not sell it.
    Ok the opening statement of the trail O’rear ask plaintiff what he did,
    he said he was auctioneer O’rear ask him if he would lie in court an risk loosing his auctioneers license he said No. O’rear then ask him how much he had given for the truck he said 4500 then he addressed the court with an apology saying he had lied about the price he gave in order to get a cheaper tag an said he put 1000 on the bill of sale when he got it.
    on the bill of sale he filled out for me he put 600 instead of 1000 because he knew i had to pay the back taxes where the truck had not been tagged in 5 years.
    The plaintiff had a friend say he knew the plaintiff for years an knows the plaintiff would not sell the truck.
    Also they presented a paper in which they had written up say that i agreed to borrow the truck but told the court i had refused to sign the paper.
    This is the plaintiffs whole case.
    Ok shashy after months made a ruling in the case saying he finds in favor of the plaintiff an orders truck returned to plaintiff.
    There was no finding of law or reason of finding stated in ruling.
    the plaintiff sent a repo company 2 days after ruling to get the truck where rules of civil procedure says you must wait 30 days to take action on a ruling from a judge to allow for appeal from that ruling.
    Shashy did nothing about them breaking rules of civil procedure.
    We filed motion to amend , alter or vacate the judgement an shashy again made a one line ruling with no finding of fact or reason for finding.
    A couple weeks after shashy ruled in this case in which he broke every rule an law he could , he made a ruling in the high profile case of , (state of alabama v. $223.405.86 ET.Al. ) where shashy preach through out his ruling about how the courts must be fair an how equal rights are so important in the courts.
    Because of my being disabled an have very little money i am unable to try and get justice in appeal court whereas my attorney wants 1000S to appeal the case.
    He has told me that the evidence is overwhelming for my side in the case but regardless of how good your case is if you don’t have the money to appeal then you don’t have a prayer .
    How can they set back an let a judge be so crooked an there be no way to undo his breaking the law unless you are rich enough to take it higher?

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