Oh how I so lone to shove the legal aspects of these matters, the issues of judicial horse shit right up the courts self glorified ass. You can tell by mere facts the picture here is so much larger. We don’t exist yet were here? Ask the U.S. government, it’s very clear we are exposing high level corruption. Check the blog roll here and you know the uh, … dare I say Justice (Just-us) Department is fully aware of the courts action. And as deep as this personal attack to forbid any legal right to make claim to our property. The shit rolls on. ?

  We’re going to make you so broke you’ll never be able to fight this, referring to the intentional and actual chemical released. One related message via an attorney from Stuart Smith, head of the snake. Most other sentences were in the form of threats of jail, prison, and having our child taken from us.  Jane and I are certain the unlawful and illegal kidnapping of April Marie was the only successful action had. Sadly the joint agreement of the states the court and every scum bag douche pump ass hole of the U.S. Federal courts bias corrupted present day fucked up  system of self serving horse shit to not allow any legal representation of these persons in particular, of the Getty up go class action. And how that could make any sense is beyond even a fucked up reality. The shit rolls on.


  Naw motherfuckers, follow the paper trial you lose. Unlike the third world status America affords it’s people to represent their own legal matters in it’s court’s of law. So regardless how broke you burden my cost of living if I’m breathing you’ll here from me. JUSTICE? Huh, Having now proven via the U.S. poor boy pleadings the on going matter in where we have publicly documented a denial to the courts. A denial of medical needs, an involuntary use of identity for to extort by corporate, government, conspiracy so huge it must be limited to court recordings of the actual facts. Which by now, damn y’all, the shit rolls on.

With documents in hand 2001 we ran to the federal court in Hattiesburg MS. Filing an appeal to proceed without cost the court accepted the action. Several motions to dismiss were defeated and it all ended with a meeting in the judges chamber, and  after about 15 minutes some personal matters pertaining to murdering within this extortion plot came up. Long tired of these gibbet fuckers it was clear this ain’t law. The 5 or 6 recordings were claimed to never have existed and our claim dismissed. In this action it is noted the process to eliminate real issues by the uh, court.

Any action before the court related to a current or previous action is given a brand new number. This method of hiding the actual battle serves the court well. To my knowledge we were the only dismissal from the fifth circuit court of appeals to have an opinion written of the ruling which was not made public. So not only were the Marie’s used of this mass governmental, corporate extortion. They the Marie’s were also represented by their own lawful  counsel which kicked the courts ass each and every time. Never a trial needed how do you collect what’s yours from the mob court because repeat after me “the shit rolls on”

  So if we can do it, it must be a piece of cake, I mean we have what’s left after use of every criminal, illegal and evil intentional act to prevent real legal actions in a real court of actual law. But damn those nasty useless constitutional rights. Danial of the courts, monetary property, real property the cruel and unusual sufferings and servitude of political government etc……….

But is it bigger? Three lawyers walk into a court with the opposing side. The plaintiffs make clear the laws which remain and explain you fucked us you know you fucked us and now it’s time to pay. First we start a public awareness of the issues to the supreme court. Why there? Because area 15, groom lake and dream land are no longer in denial of being real and confesses  a reality. Same here. We make clear the corruption and the law and arrest every motherfucker in the way. Other than the reclaiming of court stolen goods we shove that real stick of justice way up that ass. If they left the court room with underwear we may have failed. Now this is how it would be if this wasn’t just part of a bigger picture it might take three lawyers informing the court of the law over the horse shit.  So fuck the current government and it’s lawless society of make believe horse shit.  And just remember they got whitey. Amen.


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