WHAT’S WITH THESE FUCKING ASSHOLEZ?  Other than being insane?


If you’ve read some of these postings you may remember I wrote of how Jane and I have tried not to sign anything which might help the thieves of the court. It is with every and anything we can do to positively prove we are being exceedingly abused by these no good motherfucking son of a no good bitches. The tag along post of Constitutional Rights Denied clearly shows who all the money of this horse shit court action belongs to. That would be my family. So with countless mob like extorting actions it’s come down to Fuck you Bastards we ain’t dead and we ain’t signing shit. We know you have a short time and all.

Shaking the Gaylord shit off your shoe isn’t so easy when it’s hooked up with the billions had on us along with these butt fucked awards of the court. Jane get’s a job. Low pay and low hours what’s the big deal? Oh yeah, with that kind of money over extortion by state this shit will harass us to the grave. And it’s all about being evil. With billions had it’s just to damned much to allow us safe passage on a return to our own home. With the billions had they don’t even know why they can’t treat us any better. But you know, don’t you Satan? And I know you’re in their minds.


So the phone rings and the voice says a group from Washington wants to speak with Jane about her disability. I hang up. Sounds like a recording. Two more calls, two more hang ups. When the fourth call came through I had to ask “is this real?” the voice says yes. They have gone over Jane’s medical’s and it is apparent she could be applicable to aid. Why? And why now? I was present when three different doctors told her she could never work again, not to even try. How every doctor seen after that said the same, how with years thereafter she was repeatedly denied any medical benefits for to aid her. How one of the many no good for nothing ass wipe Judge’s claimed my wife’s medical records were lost. Treating us like children the little wussie judge said Jane’s file were in that place where when something is lost it’s never found. So the shit will by their estimates last our life time. Or till Christ returns that’s the deal with the devil and this lawsuit. What can it cause people to do before the second advent.  God will sort and do some judging of his own with the players of this demonic game had with our life and then…..  Thou shall not steal. So what’s the ultimate theft? Taking of life. The stakes here boys and girls are the souls of men.

   Disposable bodies from dust you came and guess what ass holes. But what could I know? This is all that goes on when government powers of fraud need to break the rules. The hell with the cost of America, show me the money!!! Every bit of it the wars the fighting the creation of a great system down the the shit hole. ah, back to the take over of others by our government. About given no information or gaining any response from the court over these uh spit, legal matters this suppose help just didn’t fit even in the first Obama health shit Jane is denied.

Well to my surprise I was told to have Jane expect a call from some main processing office who would find an attorney to help her with her medical’s in the form of disability. Now get this. With countless attorneys handing disability claims in all states. And with that hot-shot lawyer wearing the cowboy hat telling sought for clients “let us handle the government you’ve got enough to worry about” telling my wife the same shit lies about why she couldn’t receive anything.

Now after about 18-19 years of this shit their calling us. What’s missing here that looks connected to the Gaylord shit? Nothing, not a fucking thing. The attorney they suggested Jane get was right from the ongoing stalking plot. The lawyer was from New Orleans on the same street as that no good faggot homo queer Stuart Smith. His gayness is of no value to me. I’m a man. But as far as the done to my family. Warning keep this motherfucker and others like him out my sight. I’ll not be to blame for the outcome. Add to wit Washington can go fuck itself. And guess what? When I said the sons of bitches would find a way to advance their extortion without signatures was I right.

Just as soon as I replace my Scanner I’ll post the Notice of Action letter I got from Mississippi Division of Medicaid. Since we refuse to sign anything to aid the extortion the state has taken it upon itself to have me eligible for their services. Hey motherfuckers my wife could use some of that help you pieces of shit. Page three explains that as a condition of state Medicaid helping us we are to sign over all our third-party rights to Medicaid. I didn’t and won’t sign shit and just as before in disagreements with these ass holes about denying Jane they will request to hold a meeting with us by phone but never complete anything or even reply an outcome of events. That’s right folks the motherfuckers in Mississippi are running over all kind of people in need just to be damned sure Robert is being cared for. The state is one party and the extorting sons of bitches are another. The only third party not party to the money party is us. Fuck you Medicaid.

BRIEF UPDATE:         Just called to find out why an action from Medicaid of MS. would address a letter to Jane regarding me. I was told that Jane had requested the action. Bullshit but it lit a flame under Jane’s ass. So next I was informed that I had applied. More bullshit. No mam I never signed up or was ever given Medicaid to my knowledge and if you have that application I’d sure like to see it.  Phone goes quite. Look my wife has pleaded with y’all for help and was repeatedly denied. I’m going on record here to object to any action by you and Medicaid on my behalf.

MORE ? …… Like I said if these bastards need someone to help my mother would be their best bet. I don’t need to be involved in extortion of my own money. And speaking of this bitch. After three depositions for extortion incorporated my dead and gone step dad is said by my mother to be getting even another check.  Just like I said in an earlier post my mother is being told that certain payments are needed regarding the lawsuit. Hey if all they have is this crazy bitch to use just remember we aren’t dead and haven’t signed anything to anyone. Dumb ass hasn’t figured it out. I’m demanding that MS. not take any action on our behalf regarding our lawsuit.  And without any form of justice or even a court of law in the fifth circuit that’s about all we can do. Welcome to hillbilly hell.


Since her last return from the Mississippi branch of government prisons April Marie is quite the bitch or is it a whore? In the 5 year plot to extort which we were to die giving all we have to this sorry excuses of a state it didn’t happen so the 5 years turned 11. Of the 11 years the first 7 or 8 upon returning home April held a job and paid her fines. This last time a full-scale brainwashing of her common senses was had. She returns saying she refuses to get a job and intends to live off me and her mother while partying with whatever money she can hustle up for state supported sells of backstreet drugs. Upon release there was a wrist house arrest band she throw in the river and supposed fines she owed. What happened to all that is of question since she’s been given free rein to cause trouble at home. Hey Mississippi and you fucking shit for brains politicians. I’m about to get your fucking counterinsurgency bitch put away. A little practice for the next son of a bitch you send our way, ok?

Currently Todd is getting his brain fixed up for a release on our ass in the near future. He calls on us like never before. Sorry for all these folks who don’t understand scripture. Man and Women make children in their image God places the soul to the flesh in let us make and that’s it. April is just another soul to be judge. Shes no different except for her choices than the person next door or down the street and long past the age of my responsibility to her, just as Todd is. Nope looks like these two are nothing more than human tools of the state and the devil to prolong attacks in this gay extortion. Add to wit the Hill-Billy mindset that the lovers of self being more than a lover of God, their mouth is greater than all. And someone said there’s nothing you can do. But I tell you, just watch!

It’s time to pray. Pray for God almighty to curse this ungodly state of no good trash be it white or black and any other race involved to bring sickness to the body of the sick minds who repeatedly stalk me and my family, time to say God you know my heart and mind and how I’ve tried to serve you. Father to those of no concern of you I pray for my enemies and as I ask you to curse each and every monetary action of the states having involvement with our life over the chemical spill. Recall my Father how Katrina was more that just a storm but a plea for trouble on the people. I pray more trouble and even more. Let not the slip of my words be hate but true justice that they more clearly see your hand. In the name of your son our Lord and Savior I ask this of you.  Amen.

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