SNOWDEN THE X FACTOR? As Snowden looks for a new home. We here in America have a chance to get the pulse of the rest of the planet. America in the eyes of the world ain’t all that anymore. Because of Snowden’s actions we are seeing the hypocrisy of world governments and how political power is playing out. Under the table however Snowden might very well be a wake-up call to many who still want to think America is a home of the free and brave. Suddenly citizens a-waken to knowledge were an evil empire. One I’ve been writing of for awhile now. It gets no better. America she has balls weapons and a policing force world wide but no spirit.


As we wait on more from Snowden its already a fact other governments think its alright to spy on all citizens but not other governments. But get in America’s shoes as she refuses to stop.  It’s a demonic take over had over of the entire planet for control by the self claimed monetary elite. What does other governments have to do with this? A possible question of the elite.

Photo: Ecuador's President to the U.S. Ambassador: "Don't come lecturing us about liberty...Here we haven't invaded anyone. Here we don't torture like in Guantanamo. Here we don't have drones killing alleged terrorist without any due trial, killing also the women and children of those supposed terrorists. So don't come lecturing us about life, law, dignity, or liberty. You don't have the moral right to do so."</p>
<p>via: People Over Politics

AMERICA HYPOCRISIES: So if anyone other than the spiritual blind or those without ears to actually hear the kind of garbage the U.S. has turned into buy the form of hypocrite shit given us. They should stop long enough to realize the U.S. is one boat and we all here at home we’re all aboard that one boat. So how do we want to sink? What the U.S. Government says and does are two totally different things. Go ahead ask yourself why and you can only conclude a hidden agenda. If as some would suspect there will be a backlash to the NSA leaks. At least making the most of it would be smart. It’s clear the U.S agenda is made clearer now. It’s also clear that the citizens of other countries now label the U.S. as an evil empire and back home we know there right. One of the biggest civil rights abuser in America is the state of Mississippi. Not rights to home, property, justice, your own court awards etc………..


So where this might all lead us is questionable. The greatest thing involving everything is just left aside. That would also be the one and only thing which explains it all. Americas who can’t conceive keeping their own government in tack and under control, best not look for accountability as their attacked. In the years of horse shit justice I’ve come to know it isn’t law, justice or being a Patriot that mattered. It was watching a government go insane that opened my eyes. The spiritual aspects removed babel is the rule of the day. ie., your government is feeding you horse shit and every elected politician and his employee supporting the agenda knows it. Bet many government employees wonder WTF. is going on?

untitled.png   GUN PLAY:  Hinds County Circuit Judge Winston Kid. Don’t know how things are now but I’d have to say record suggest that this judge is straight when it comes to legal rulings. Our court documents show that judge Kidd recused himself from our case.  At present it appears that even knowing the law and right of Americans to carry weapons openly. We are given this reason the court wants to stop open weapons in the state of Mississippi.

A state judge blocked Mississippi’s open-carry gun law from taking effect next week, writing in a Friday ruling that the law was vague and that an injunction was needed to prevent irreparable harm. Judge Winston Kidd scheduled a hearing July 8 to consider more arguments about whether to extend the injunction.

The bill’s main sponsor, Republican Rep. Andy Gipson, of Braxton, said the law simply restates the state constitution’s right to bear arms. But some sheriffs and police chiefs worry people could become trigger-happy and hurt civilians or law-enforcement officers.    HYPOCRITES …………..

A government that claims freedom in all things as it in salves you with law upon law is a hypocrite. A government that buys sells and creates make arrest jobs with drugs in its own country to promote a prison correctional attitude in citizens minds is a hypocrite. These ass hole games of goody to shoeing others is nothing more than costly horse shit.  A false government dealing drugs that arrest others for dealing drugs is a hypocrite. A government that spies on all others but wants no secret of its own known is a hypocrite. A country claimed Christianity as it kills for a select few on behalf of Satan is a lair. A country called united in 50 plus different parts is a crock of shit had by the few to rule. A country telling others about civil rights and justice as it takes the same away from its citizens is a hypocrite.


NEW WORLD ORDER IT’S IN THEIR MIND AND IN THEIR HANDS:          OK, its the government, and why aren’t the questions of their wrong doings addressed? Fear of the people. So what does it mean to accept all this? Could anyone with the knowledge of how America, the government has lost all reasoning to pursue an agenda of so called elite few at the cost of the entire planet. 9/11 1991 Bush speaks of opportunity to create the NWO.

They in government have long ago been the first to be taken. But Christians are left to work the fields. Now we are told the only reason for the creation of America was to build an army and political power greater then all others, only to turn it over to secret societies so they can turn it over to Satan. Sounds off? Be Real. Supernatural Demon he is, so how would you do it?  We stand in a country that except for a few there is little true knowledge of scripture. Morals thought a few in the current churches help all who believe. But is it thought, word and deed, driving the mind or perhaps brainwashing by an evil government.


American’s true to a heavenly Father understand the process of the American government, it can be changed by vote. I would summarize to suggest not enough real Christians or perhaps their like of concern is had any longer of this world. Its a matter of conclusion. All are deceived as written and many long for an end. It isn’t what anyone thinks, its what will be done by their actions or like of.  Whatever it took to put Americans to sleep and turn people in the U.S. against one another and empower an evil government in America is occurring now on a daily basis. The reason being the acceptance of hypocrisy and blind belief in a lying American Government that no longer exist.

Is there a problem for not giving concern? You have to wonder why Americans no longer care about their families, friends or the destruction of the country by government. Sadly it isn’t God placing this on us. Americans now accept the wars the corruption, the other use of its citizens to make work project’s empowering government. The belief that the government can do no wrong and all is done for good. The acceptance of this with the mind will lead the hand to do its work. Regardless the hypocrite acts had, they are not seen or heard with the mind. Is the N.S.A. in charge of numbering people thus the need to be such a government ass.


WHAT THE SPIRIT SEES: Well since everyone is not into the word of God about last days being upon us.  Try to remember some people can see quite clearly from scripture. God requires a bit of our time with Scripture and Patience to understand what is important to our eternal life. When one event unfolds after another all directed at one goal “if there is doubt there is no doubt” My doubts are with man.  So what can the spirit see. Just briefly……….

The last days will be as the days of Noah, God’s people prepared for a great flood. And we recall there weren’t many. Now think about it. Since God promise to never flood the entire earth as a covenant or promise and he doesn’t lie, what is this flood? Well what has world governments been doing to advance and what is the agenda? What’s the flood? It’s a flood of lies coming from Satan himself. It will consume the world with false everything. Does this explain much of the U.S. government. It’s work will be carried out by his children to prepare his way. Just as John prepared the was for Christ. He (Satan) wants to be Christ, your christ. I oppose that form of aid upon anyone by the U.S..

Remember how it began on this earth regarding Satan. In the garden he tells Eve she will be as a God. Wasn’t that a lie? Did it all start on earth as a lie. We must pray the spiritual meaning of come out of her. A country without God will only hold power through the acts of the Devil. Should America be stereo typed into depression by other countries. If American’s don’t do it now I pray the people turn to God. Thank you Father for the knowledge you give in Christ name. Amen.

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