Here’s one for the American mindset: Most sports, and as noted America has many, many sports and when we hear a whistle, well uh,  the systematic take over missed this one, we hear whistle and we know somethings wrong.  Recalling a previous post wherein we noted the fact that no justified action need be secret. The world may get more than a glimpse of true UN-American government values. As the matter of Mr. Snowden’s actions gain more interest, we now know what the N.S.A. knows but wishes it didn’t have too. Got that?

       YEAH, RIGHT! 
   With regards to Snowden, remember the government reported that this government whistle blower knew little to nothing about what was of importance to them and it was doubtful he held many of the information or abilities he claimed. Well, he claimed he knew the names of top American spies, how to obtain anyone’s information and next use it at will. He also claimed a known spying on other countries. Scripture says all will be known of last days. Hey welcome to our blog.


Uncle damn you lie: True Americans not steered around by their noses should clearly see that the America we once had and knew is gone. It has sold out to corporate political corruption as it appeased an old civil in-justice to blacks the poor and others with hope in a government which lies in welding their political votes to further criminal acts. Telling on the corporate military complex is hell.


Mr. Snowden is an American that sees his country is no longer America. I’m an American and even erased and I find it odd the non concern of an extortion and attack to three individuals like us in this manner by any American. Divided we are. Snowden, was an unintentional mole who revealed that the UN-American government has gone rouge. Now how could I know this? He faces a new country. A country who puts its nose deep into the lives of its citizens as it pumps smoke up their ass. A country who now is an enemy of all that was America. An America once used to portrayed equality and justice for all was nothing more than a sell out bitch trying to beat everyone regardless harm to the world wide monetary punch. One sell out hard to hide now? One with the notion to sell out everyone.

   Maybe as Americans we should feel a need to protect the homeland. The American homeland. But the problem is its policies of politics. The new world should know Americans are not the U.S. government.  And all politicians have and will sell out the public without any doubt. Some would say these men and women betrayed the country but that’s not true. He gave an oath to defend and protect America which had always included it’s people. In his bid to carry his duty America had already been over powered by a hidden agenda and the extent of spying to this degree on the innocent was just too damned UN-American. It’s corruption at its worse.

Don’t know bout your country but. The click as it is known in this country involves all agencies of government. All agencies are currently noted to be involved in some form of corrupt actions alleged by the many countless victims of the current government plots to enrich the current power player. Time from the crime is their mental buffer A prime example of being ass backwards the many self employed protection given by authority to itself leaves a stink for the rest of us. Bogalusa LA. Case In Point. Attorney sells drugs. Because he is well connected to other known criminal elements of extortion should he be turned into higher agencies and questioned? Not in today s new world government.

The lawyer drug dealer was returned to the little town he help protect with its corporate owner to the extortion of billions. As the poor are ran into the ground by a separation of government from citizens to corporate pay, no unity of citizens is had with the states. Like Rome of old the Captain’s, Sergent’s and others of the court for the state make way to support the criminal state of affairs. If it collects money right or wrong it remains. That is the new U.S. Government.


Uh, even old bitch Liberty has a past history connected by dots to the secret societies who offer everyone this new world disorder. Government corruption is all we see. So much stupidity doesn’t understand. The biblical meaning upside down is quite simple. What is right will be deemed wrong and that which is wrong will be deemed right. AKA The Gaylord chemical corporate corruption class. How clearly could it get? A portion of the new world America and her hypocrites lead the way. In reference to when these things will be, we’re given the term generation. And boo, boo God don’t lie. The good book states three generations. The 40 years in the wilderness, the 70 years given to another event and the God forbid, 120 years given just after the flood of Noah’s time. Forty years have passed 70 years leave about 6 or seven years. Question, could those things of prophecies leading to Satan standing in a temple in Israel and claiming to be God occur in the next 7 years?  Will America  rise to empower the Devil through a monetary hope given to a new world order. Hey wow!

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