WAITING ON SUPERMAN? NO, AMERICA USE TO DO JUST FINE!  There was a time when things like public extortion, kidnapping, murdering and most other crimes in America were out right rejected, now its a way of life. When these forms of crimes became common in the U.S. political and Corporate own courts the American news agencies followed the money. In turn this supported the political corporate view till the actions had no longer contained any law at all. And speaking of law and lawlessness.

We were absent a huge policing present in our local area. After receiving several calls an arrest of at least one local was had over knife play and then some. I’m informed our home was a gathering location of authority in the arrest and dogs as well as personal were on the grounds. Wow! Missed it all I was on route to get Jane from work.  However,  in one call of many. No mama we didn’t call anyone and I’m certain the Sheriff’s office would help tell you who pressed any charges. New Facebook friend.  After April’s release from jail we were told that UN-used money sent to her would be returned. That was over two months ago. So the annoying shit to instigate shit goes on. After billions stolen what’s $30. bucks? Principalities.

OH, AND THIS:  From the many deleted spamming a thought that some of this stuff is interesting. Karry Starring writes,  Its superb as your supplementary posts : D, thank you for posting. Referring to our last post and opinion.

“A forlorn quarrel is a battle one thinks one has lost.” by Ferdinand Foch.

CV:.. Ferdinand was out of his Foching mind, bro! Ain’t much in the way of a quarrel with one side proving the other wrong and the guilty party never responses. Hey you crooked asses, lake of fire logs what”s up? …… See!! Travel the mind grasshopper. They got the money and others paid the price. The money bought greater political powers and now,…… well!  We’ll play Mr. Star here a video of the deal later about the mindset of the political landscape. For now, in referring to how a God fearing man must accept that his government has gone to the height of proverbial hell in its final stand and some how turned against its citizens as a bunch of extorting thieves infiltrated the United States Government at all local levels, then as millions complain we’ll slowly get there. Stocks should rise right?

One WTC 6.1.13.jpg

OPERATION PRISM ………………….. CHA-CHING. The U.S. Government shouldn’t be concerned over it’s monetary condition. Even if most Americans know little to nothing of biblical scripture anyone with a little knowledge knows about the beast of Revelation and the whore on the beast. Recall she spiritually and monetarily fornicates with the entire world. Before the fall there comes the rise. You might notice that many actions of the world superpowers are connected to monetary concern over any world war. Recently a new phone-line was implemented to give world powers contact ability over a possible cyber war.


U.S.A  Speaks from it’s ass:

On one hand the U.S. says Snowden is no threat and the other hand see the U.S. hunt him down like a dog. My advise to to anyone about the American justice system and the current politicians milking it. Forget about America it no longer exist. And to Mr. Snowden, run like hell and find somewhere out of the U.S. reach. Tell America’s corporate political entity to kiss your ass. Why? Because there is no more justice in Americas dog eat dog greed and envy driven country. We are victims of an insane cruel and demonic government. Take every lie, and back stabbing no good low life politician for what they are and their government word with that grain of salt. No justice no peace. Shove every and anything that paints the real America deep up the American political ass you can. Turn America’s disgrace into a cancer.

The American government wants a fight with it’s citizens. Any rights claimed to be American no longer exist. Could real Americans be a threat to government? Yes. In 1981 after working for years and years and paying into a system for protection. We were forced to fight government agencies for four years to gain the supposed security we paid for. First sign of trouble. Ronald Wilson Reagan. NWO.

Watching two A-10 War Hogs flying over our home, the battle with the state over my lively hood left a bad taste. As I watched the jets low flight over, I commented to my cousin the day some other country flew over for to attack this political governing bitch. I hope they sought volunteers, I wanted to be the first in line. I didn’t make the wars of the world but wasn’t blind to the one started against Americans here at home. Traitors of a constitution which others over hundreds of years have  repeatedly fought and died. And for what?  So some sorry ass politician who needs a bullet in their head or about the back base of it, suddenly self proclaims their self of horse shit authority. Hey motherfuckers how about the rest of us? Were great in numbers. HOMELAND HITLER SECURITY.  Bull-shit get on out here sugar britches with the rest of reality chicken shit and bring your little pink panties. What is common to most evil takeovers? The gays and homo’s run everything and are protected by Satan’s system to do so. So how do you like the new worlds order of things. Most powers that be in this state are homosexual. Like the attorneys making out in James Graves court. Already mentally spending on their lovers money stolen.

In old America someone wrong you and we had law and you could sue. Now all of America has gone way of Mississippi. Don’t need law or sue they use Billy Joe and Bobby Sue. Code Name of political rule of extortion aka Bobby Sue. They live on tax dollars as they case out a monetary plot and used and abuse government for their protection from the crimes they commit to carry out the scam.

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