OK, let’s draw the line which makes all this a little simpler to digest. Regardless assumptions, ingrained belief, or false doctrine. It’s clear somethings will be known to most and all to God. So who and what is chosen as a matter of privacy in the current whistle blowing would mostly relate to the world we now know. Their taping your phone calls. Damned that’s some sad shit given the like of faith had. With those that see no other way in this life than to lie, cheat, steal and murder their way through it. Namely the courts of the fifth circuit. Here’s a further split in what is real and what isn’t. Hey boo, boo God’s taping you heart and mind and only two forces govern love or hate. Where you think you going you ignorant dumb asses.

And here’s where the shit comes in. Why would anyone on the straight and narrow have any concern for what others (in government) think of them or how nothing becomes of it other than gossip. That is unless your weak minded and play the social role of allowing ass-holes to dictate your moves in life from what they think they know.  And just look at government. Now let’s trip on into the blah, blah of all the privacy shit with some hard cold facts on some truths. There is a division of groups and classes made of the masses to gain control and all the little parts and people playing them belong in a certain place? Is that right?  Many see their actions for whatever reason threatened by government acts to gather information on them, why? What are they doing and how can knowing it be of harm to them? Now were getting there. The reality on one side and this shit called civilization on the other.


Fear that information on you could lead to an arrest. You maybe doing something illegal. You could be victimized for knowing someone who involved themselves in some dumb-shit. As a suspect in anything deemed wrong by that self imposed god of money government you could be hunted down just to provide a job to the dominating government military, prison complex which will no doubt spill over into the American streets in our near future. The riot gear purchase by the government  isn’t for nothing so check it out. Not everyone need be worried about what’s going on in their lives for this one reason. If you are being sought for by the government there is nothing you can do to prevent it. As Americans kill for the rich to own oilfields world wide and provide for their safety, we at home suffer the need of the states to support dumb-shit government programs against the very ones paying taxes. But don’t fret if you’ve got nothing they want your probably not wanted. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing and that’s how government operated on us. They came the fuck in took everything it wanted through employees and walked the fuck right out leaving nothing. Did you say Pirates  ……. BUT WTF IS THIS SHIT! with this state?

My name is Robert Andrew Marie born January 22nd, 1961 New Orleans Louisiana, I’m 52. Live in Foxworth, Mississippi. My social security number is 433-17-3132. In 1995 my family became involved in a matter which proved every assumption that American political government was rotten to it’s core. In actions through the states of Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana we were drugged through the UN-just political court actions to have hundreds of millions with billions in punitive damage awards extorted from our family of three. This was done by the upright dignity of the mind fucked greed driven low esteem retards of the courts. Civil action number given by the Criminally insane ran court in Mississippi is 251-98-1061. No others were involved to gain awards as proven by trial in Civil action 251-96-493. If what is being done to us isn’t criminal who voted for this shit? And show me the documents. When this political Devil get’s put down it will be for the injustice it serves the people.



Government wants all the school shootings, killings and trouble it can get just to support the fact it thrives on evil alone. Ignore them daily. So you tell me? The, fart, spit and Flem spit,  justice department doesn’t see a crime here. The mind fucked self serve thieves at all the courts of the fifth circus see no wrong in stealing what belongs to another. Even worse it’s a personal thing from the U.S. government to single us out for monetary attacks in it’s courts. Is it whistle blowing? In reality yes but in Mississippi,  naw it ain’t shit and neither is the government drama being used to support nothing new other than keeping news agencies opened for political related statement to the public.  Pay no mind to the ass holes behind the curtains. Oh, law of claimed  justice what’s your trip? You lying son of a bitch.

whistle blower vs. snitch: The whistle blower feels he/she will make a difference by revealing the truth of some wrong doing. He/she get’s threatened and in some cases arrested. The crime you told on government. Your Snitch tells the government who murders innocent people and even do criminal acts in the U.S. that someone sold a pill when no one knows how many fines are already paid for by UN-lawful acts. Question? My baby needs milk and or diapers I have medication which I could sell. Do I ignore the baby’s needs like the fucking state and government ignores mine. Oh yeah if you want to be charged with abuse or negligent. I’m not guilty of anything forced upon me by a mob, greed driven action of the U.S. government.  ooooooooh what a crime ooooow the sorrow. Some bull shit but this is how a corrupted and evil government dominates it’s people by acting holier than thou. Justice for all are just words the truth goes much deeper to a core of no justice at all. Bloody hands!

Foot note: In a recent barrage of sell charge arrest for drugs which in America includes prescription medication (see Bill Arata, Bogalusa La. a city of dope) and sadly enough no one can further support the criminally insane laws and the governments of state could care less. Word on facebook and the streets not yet in the local news. A couple recently arrested were found dead. The male shot his girlfriend of many years before turning the gun on himself. They were arrested for the same crime as that douche pump bastard attorney of state Louisiana in bogalusa. It is well known that once the criminally insane system of greed driven laws take effect a lot of lives are all over with but the crying. The shit for brains attorney for the state knew this. God tells us boys and girls the kingdom and government of justice, peace and love of Christ will rein forever. So let’s put up with the little babies till that day. Amen. It isn’t just the souls under the alter of God who ask how much longer. Aren’t we all tired of the horse shit call government which applies to a keep free a sorry ass CRIMINAL selected few. _____________________________________________________________

UPDATE: Here’s what the news reports. he incident happened at 14 Sumrall Lane in Foxworth, following a 911 call dispatch received a call about 1:45 yesterday afternoon from a female caller saying that her husband had just shot himself. “Several Marion County Deputies and Investigators responded to the home, and got no response at the front door. That’s when they entered the house and were able to find two bodies.”The man and woman inside the home have been identified as a Cecil Buckley, 39, and Terri Fontanot, 36.  Hall said, We made a decision to go on and call MBI Crime Scene in to process the scene for us.

A solid account of the events inside the home is unclear according to investigators, but they have ruled it a double suicide. However, the investigation is still on going as the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation reviews the physical evidence, autopsy reports are completed and the Sheriff’s Office follows up on all information. ____________________________________________________________

Additionally when politicians send out warnings and threats to those extorted the MBI serves that roll as well.  MORE? : Around winter of 2001 there and about around 3:00 am Jane wakes me with another killing migraine headache. Having gone through this for several year with her as well myself Jane was about to reveal we couldn’t even trust hospital staff to help us. To make this short Jane was given Thorazine as I watched her eyes roll back and upward she was gone, totally unresponsive. So here’s another way people who think they might have caused the death of another. The doctor who ordered the shot started slapping Jane to revive her but it didn’t work. She was in a comma created from a reaction to the Corporate toxins in her body.

This doctor and two others began pumping bags of medicine into her IV, and one started looking to put some kind of blame on me. It was confirmed that the marks on her were done at the hospital by the first group seeing her. To condense this more being pissed, I research the ability to sue. To my surprise the doctor had received orders from the Mississippi Department of Health to administer the shot.

The doctor for some reason explained to me he was returning to whatever country he was from and was not allowed to speak of the incident. Further research found that then son of a bitch lawyer now, no good for nothing Senator, David Baira’s wife Marcy was the head of the department of health in Mississippi. So was it a cockroach plan from the start. Labeled incompetent of our finance’s the no good shit for brains greed driven politicians. Jane stays in the ICU for four days before the headaches become just another part of the courts justice.  Where am I going with this? Maybe nowhere, but remember the money which may have needed a signature? And why think this? Because my step brother came by needing my mothers phone number. It was something really important. If they’ve used my step dad then this she bitch might be what their looking for. ROLL ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Mississippi,  Washington County (last prison location of April Marie) has lost funding for its community anti-drug program that has operated for 25 years. Audine Hayes, executive director of the Anti-Drug Community Partnership RADAR Center, tells the Delta Democrat Times that the Mississippi Department of Mental Health chose to shut it by the end of summer due to budget cuts.


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