So all is quite on the in-law drama. I’d say it’s always the same of a loved one passing on. That moment of acceptance that whatever you’ve been involved in regarding the rest of your life is forever changed. Lost loved ones, lost home, and like waking up in the hospital accepting that the explosion, pain and amputation of your right hand wasn’t a all hoped for being of a dream and not the reality that rocks the mind, at that point denial is no option and boom everything connected to your life is more real.

My wife, younger sister my -in-law and Todd who writes from prison seems to have acceptance for what has happened and no one reality wants to oppose what appears as a last wish or action of my mother-in-law agreed to by all. Sadly there is talk of keeping distance from P. & E. Something I’ve done for years.

THE GIRL HAS PROBLEMS: April Nicole Mississippi! Another Crazy Bitch!

Well we have all the balls in the world here. You know a lot of folks called me up, talked shit about April being in jail and how we should be on that releasing your daughter shit. Nobody knows me. We gave it a week wrote her a letter paid her a visit and explained the whole deal. It all last about as long as a snow ball in you know where. I’d surmise that this certain person has had every approach we could muster in explaining life isn’t a joke, and we owe her no living, although we’ve stated to her that we are willing to provide her with a home, food, even buy them no good for nothing shit for brains cigarette’s. Tv, cable, computer-internet, and even a phone in return for please just don’t cause us any trouble. She says fuck-you Robert! I tell her to take a number and get in line. Bipolar? More likely drugs being spoken by the local friends of hers along with where’s the next drink coming from is all the harm afforded her. I’ve got no time for baby shit, her’s or the states.


And look nothing but an act as though none of the lawsuit and hundreds of millions settled on us every occurred. Except that the officer who got this ball rolling on April with his own actions to set up the state kidnapping of her is asking of me in offers to others in this area being arrested. A recent arrest of a neighbor revealed a release would be possible in return for information leading to some form of arrest of me. Yeah, you come on motherfucker, you don’t know me either. The officer in question here Mike Copper, ran the Last Sheriff’s drug tasks force so why say more?

So anyway with the notion we need to keep moving on by slinging this shit off our shoes. Jane has concern having some form of retirement benefit might help her later on and began a new job. I tell the youngest five year old “it’s you and me kid” The twelve year old has been spending time with her dad and other half sisters. So the kid and I ain’t got no time for April’s horse shit. Believe it or not she returned on the third day while Jane was at work with some evil take over the home bull-shit. We had words then a little more when she grabs a base ball bat. Thank God when she decides to leave. Right before picking Jane up from playing daddy day care guess who shows up? I guess I wasn’t clear earlier but you ain’t about to step foot in this house and Monday I think mom and I will seek you some form of help. I lock the door thinking she’ll break-in. We get back and it’s quite. Hum, looking at the caller I.D. Jane sees that someone called from the jail house. Uh…… WTF.? Huh, daylight Sunday she walks in for coffee.


If you recall the money involved in all this is no doubt being used for state and personal projects but how remains in question. We were told repeatedly our money could not be touched without our signatures. So what are they doing? Well things like the adopting of our grand child gets the dragging on and on as we think even more class claims are had by any attorney we come in contact with. Alice, the wicked bitch of south aka., my mother. Has repeated over and over that we would never get any of our awards because we hired and fired countless attorneys. The truth is our attorney had been fired and it was the great and powerful Oz James Graves who settled the extortion of our awards. Getting to the point.

First they must to have missed something wanting a redo of papers we watched closely which were signed regarding state medical assistant for the children. Now if what you have doesn’t aid with the states theft of awards tough shit Sherlock. As for the letter from the state telling me my State Medicade will be cut off if I don’t sign a paper giving the right by me to make third party payments is shit. Hey Mississippi, you never gave me shit. Only countless trouble because your nothing but fucking thieves. I never (let me repeat) I’ve never had Mississippi Medicade and tell me where the money for this supposed payment from us is coming from? Our account? With as much criminal activity of just this matter alone they’ll find a way to steal more without our help, believe me.


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