As of this writing April remains in the Marion County jail Correctional Facility. At our Sunday visit April was reminded of the fact that I don’t appreciate her attitude and after this time am no longer going to bond her out for uncontrollable stupidity. She seem to still be on her horsey Sunday so a decision to wait till Tuesday April 14th to bond her out was held by Jane and I. At visit I told her the letter mailed to her a few days prior explained my new position relative to the anger of horse-shit, and the state victimization by greed driven assholes from a place called Mississippi. I speak of them this way because these words are true. The truth will stand. Tuesday was our call for bonding her out but it looks like something more might be going on with April, and and its appears to be more Gaylord /Marie money plot.

Here’s some puzzle pieces. April will not be given a court date unless she bonds out. Say What? The way the classvictim bonds out isn’t cash its a welcomed post dated check. What timing or, are we being monitored to an extreme extent. The deal. We are currently out of checks the last one used was week before last bonding April out then. Now get this the bank we use claims their check issuing computer for all their banks is down has been for two weeks and might be down for another. Counter check nope they don’t have them either. Hum.. same bank who has attorney used in the children’s missing insurance policy three acres of land a 16 x 80 mobile home. A head of bank financial matters.

A few days ago we received a letter from our bank. Who before Gaylord maintain good triple A credit of loans. After Gaylord all loan request were denied. ISF ie., checks bouncing from medical related cost for medication or some other remaining cost. Post Gaylor Our bank sends a letter with an option to lessen the cost of overdraft by $34 dollars a month but the will be require to give an application. We might qualify for $500.00  Ha ha….. now that’s funny.

  A call from the last bonding agency was returned on Monday to confirm a Tuesday release an agreed to 6:am met at the jail. After waiting awhile we returned home and called to confirm the time of meeting and both business phone are inaccessible from our home phone now. And no return call was ever had. A reliable agency used in the past is checking to see what’s up. But from our past I’m certain something is up and when it is we never get any return calls from the process. If she’s not released by tonight I’ll post this and gather either the state – cough horse shit – Spit,  needs what?  Signatures.  Is it time to move some money under the guise of  a legal maneuver?  Could the state circus from the AG’s office be coming to town like Santa-Claus?  Maybe looking for a place to stick a pry-bar?  Time will tell about April and so will no speedy trial, no right to bond, no one to show up as the plaintiff at the unattainable trial and lastly to claim superiority by the state already holding others without clear charge (H.D.S.?) Already?        __________________________________________________________


Back in January my wife says that her mom wanted all the children to sign a paper allowing P. to over see her affairs at death to allow the entire family to share the home and property in memory of them. A place to reflect on their parents. I tell Jane that everyone sharing the place is an automatic and I hope she’d at least read the paper. Upon return from attorney action Jane suggest the papers gave all family member access to the home nothing would be removed and all were in agreement.

I’ve spent the last three days trying to explain to Jane, her youngest sister and what I’ll have to explain to Todd. They all signed a paper which placed the entire estate under ownership of their sister P. and she wants all of them off the property and she has the right. I couldn’t help myself and said I told you so. You see God tells us to hold no favor of people one over another. A just eye sees all equally. Seen folks in this state believe some family members should be defended of regardless the wrong they might have done because they traveled the same vaginal track into this world. Is that what your taking to God as reason?  But going back to this. Certain things occurred which supports my believe that my mother-in-law actually believe she made arraignments to give equal right to all and the talk of keeping the place as a memorial of them by the entire family on return from law firm paper signing was real. And some could have been overheard on her dying bed.

She seemed well at our first visit and Jane was told she would be moved to I.C.U. to monitor her weekly dialysis. The youngest sister told Jane two days later that their mom was still in I.C.U. had a feeding tube which she was trying to remove and that her mom tried to tell her something but P.’s in-laws surrounded her bed. Yes an I.C.U. full of people. OK, she’s now said to be dying. The older sister E. aided Jane next younger sister P. with all this. Whatever it is. The youngest sister said my mother-in-law called either one or both the older sister E and P they had lied to God and called them heifers. That might have been an over heard conversation about what was going to be done after she ‘d pass away but the rest of this is spiritual.


Ever hear how people say at death a person will speak of seeing others who have died years before them. Let’s start with faith an the understanding that real faith will only be gained by correct knowledge of scripture. To finally understand enough to fee the security of a true Christan is priceless. Jane returns to the hospital angered that she had not been told what had actually been going on in the I.C.U. walking in and speaking to E and P her mom hears her voice and awakens.

She had the feed tube removed but maintained tubes in her nose and neck. Something wanted and spoken of doing by the older sister. Jane said their eyes met and her mom told her I’m not dead don’t be scared. As Jane tells me tears rolled down her face I’m drawn in. My faith and knowledge of scripture tells me that room was with one if not full of the souls of people my mother-in-law knew. When a person dies slowly they begin to drift towards another dimension and they begin to see heaven as well those whom have returned before them. To be absent this body is to be present with the Lord. Jane returns home and we get word by youngest sister that before dying her mother called on her and Todd her only son telling them that there was power in God. Something I’ve said repeatedly. In closing E. once worked in hospitals and still does off and on and P. is employed by the hospital her mother died in. The End. Isn’t that right Todd?  May 14th, 2013 12:00 pm. April just made bond she’s out. How long is just a wait and see.


You see 1776 and think independence, think again.

I’ve often wondered why it took a few years after the war of Independence to make the claim of it in 1776.  Look at the base of the great pyramid with the all seeing eye of the American dollar bill you’ll see the numbers in Roman 1776. OK, if its not the year chosen for America’s  independence what could it be? Well what if I said that a secret organized group of people maybe Scientist or Pagans worshiping a king of their own his name is Satan the Devil and that 1776 marks a date of 240 years to his return and that all seeing eye of government on the dollar bill is his. Now how about a few questions? If you wanted to build a monument to his (Satan’s) need of world dominance by actions passed on from generation to generation to the point he will stand in Jerusalem in a temple made unto God and will declare himself to be god in that temple.

What if that monument had a couple of buildings in the way?  And now. To the spirit realm. We sit here with unclear answers to the demolition like collapse of the twin towers and even a building known as number 7 world trade center. Have evil doers gotten away with…..  Ever hear about the Whore on the Scarlet Beast from the book of Revelation and how she fornicated with the entire world. Now take the Statue of Liberty and mix the colors of the U.S. flag and paint her with it as we look at the New World One Trading Center. Note her placement to the North of the property a tell tale sign of symbolic take over to place that below above. This is a worldly financial whore house to the world. And she will harm the earth with Corporate destroying planet chemical profits.

The spire atop the new One World Trade Center was installed Friday morning after pieces were transported to the roof last week. The silver spire topping One World Trade Center has been fully installed on the building’s roof, bringing the iconic structure to its full, symbolic height of 1,776 feet. The Port Authority signed a 30 year lease. The building will dedicate space on the lower levels for use by retail businesses. Want to know more?

This video is approximately 7 1/2 minutes long.

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