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First off, need we say life goes on. It’s more than just an expression. You can’t just sit around after a history of hard work ethics and being rewarded with having tons of enjoyment with your labor. I say this of the delay of new medical reporting as we planned. Things are going down and the remaining documents with those here  posted are still in our storage area. I will offer the following fact related to the cost of medical needs had solely through the E.R. of most local and some far away hospitals.

All the E.R visits were for patching up those with little to no chance of making the long haul. At least that was our case. The difference with us was the extended exposure caused by attorneys formulated fraudulent class action law-suit didn’t quite kill us. With David Baria’s, eye crying onion story of his hurricane Katrina home destruction as he gave shit of ours because we’re done for. You might want to break out the pop corn on this one. So ok, you’ve got attorneys and a lot of people treating their family members like mushrooms for money by keeping them in the dark while feeding them shit. In the latest doctor visit I hear how with her condition my wife should have long been eligible for medicade. She replies yes I know. We’ve even had to adopt our grandchildren which would also entitle me yet I’m always denied. The the person taking the information said  that’s not right. My wife says, yes I know.

It’s time we reflect on our blessings. We’ve been spending time helping our youngest grandchild over the recent moving experience and an explanation of possibly more as well why all this shit is occurring around us. What makes things hard in relation to this extortion is the action takes a greater life from the our four and 12-year-old children.. Un-like what’s being seen by most kids. Even your average Gaylord suit client doesn’t live with the annoyance of a states extortion.  I’ll admit we love our kids. It’s a better pass time than a daily Gaylord rant. Moving on I’ve become a bit of a guitar player now, so I’m told and have even returned to an old habit of kart engine building which a the moment is a start-up collection of a few engine blocks and various engines for modified conversions on a couple of pet projects, maybe a drone.

 GAYLORD EXTORTION INJURY MEDICAL BILL COLLECTOR. HEY WE GOT THAT !!  Ring, ring. Hello. Hi this is blah, blah ( I don’t recall the names it’s a recurring event) may we speak to Jane Marie? I’m her husband. What’s this about? Is this the correct phone to contact Jane Marie? What’s this about? Sir it’s a business matter and the law does not allow me to speak with you. Ya, that’s the fucking problem with America, to many damned laws. You can’t talk to me and I can’t talk to you, some shit huh? Tell you what, is it another bill? Because if it is I’ll tell you how you might get paid. You need to contact the court in Hinds County Jackson Mississippi, you’ll want to talk to judge Gowen or judge Green judge Graves is no longer there [forgot to mention David Baira] but back in 1999 they settled hundreds of millions on my family thinking we’d die but instead we have accumulated extensive and expensive medical bills. But call the court and ask for payment from one of them. Now you have a good day OK, good-bye!  Some shit huh?

MY WELFARE STATE 😦   “It’s like coming home”

Yeah right. To a dysfunctional Family! Hey really, ever think of what this is really all like, being where we are. Hillbilly hell of extortion’s. There’s always some politician talking money and how it’s needed. Then knowing you’ve been extorted of a very huge amount so whose money you think they talking of ? Even knowing the absent of law do any of them ever give any concern to an open extortion of this size? Is the question moot?  And yes I was asked how it felt to support the entire state of Mississippi? And I answered.

Image of business partners discussing documents and ideas at meeting - stock photo Well, its odd that a total inclusion by its court criminals used only us to acquire all the awards, but a political segregation and denial of rights to gain any actual legal relief, appeared to be more a personal action of total strangers from the court and nothing resembling law. More a form of thug warfare. As far as even those unlawful leftover actions which persist. We are left to understand that awful things happen in this world sadly at times those things are intentional. When that occurs someone has to be that person to whom it happens to. Mississippi’s politicians saw a back road money plot and being Mississippi, we just happen to be that persons.

 April’s back in jail:) May 7th, 2013 around 6 pm

Guess its always harder taking horse shit when your young. Even more so if you feel cheated or maybe like all others who feel this is the only life they have and some dumb ass  stupid nothing took it all  away, Everything! These are the things that ground a belief justice, true justice will settle many scores one day. It appears the states desire to divide its connection to one of its own has met resistance. Let’s elaborate on observations of the state abused. She will have to accept the truth they never cared. Some how her importance to the takeover served its political purpose.

April’s arrest before this one about a week ago was a dosy. She had gone over to a drinking buddies home around three in the morning and kicked the door in and took his beer before starting an argument because she wouldn’t leave and had spit, law enforcement called on her. Some would quickly say they’d shoot her ass quick. I’ll tell you she’s already dead because she doesn’t care not one least little bit. All we can do is give her time and pray for the best. But for the, why? ask yourself.

 These local guys around here have come to know me and understand our past attacks from law enforcement and extortion since most of them feel cheated by law as well they were receptive to the truth.  I’ve explained to them about our symptoms the mood swings which if not understood could cause medication, blood pressure and /or other problems with thoughts to dominate some violent encounter with complete absent of concern which is odd but isn’t all bad, unless there’s no proper ventilation and or maturity of the exposed . The feelings swing with in part so of what I’ve seen the past few days this has Gaylord written all over it. The I don’t give a fuck stare was deep in her eyes buried in her soul. But we hold nothing to the actions of a child so April’s anger isn’t on us. We’re just being more victimized by witnessing the resulting ventilation of her abuse by state.

Since the home owner refused to press charges in the first round of toxic relapse, April began arguing with the officer who had no problem making an arrest of his own. She was arrested, bond out and returned to court to be blessed and released without charges. The arrest and bond were bad and a warning that I wasn’t going through the post toxic type I’m mad I don’t give a shit from her because I’ve fucking got enough of my own. April loves an unchristian response. It didn’t last. The thought of whatever was supposed to be with April and the state was a lie told to her, someone needed for a state plot and even if she had paid a lot more than most, being released by her heart, here love who had her since she was fourteen years old. That wonderful state of Mississippi. Talk about sheep among wolves.

You know April aced a test once suggesting her field of work would be best severed in military intelligence. Now isn’t that some shit. Must be hard eaten their shit believing that for a while hating and hurting your parents will someday somehow pay back some huge reward. Today there is never a cross word in our family that the events of October 23rd,1995 and human greed within the America political court system is and will be the cause of trouble be it medical or legal fear till our burial.  The battle hidden by the courts of the fifth circuit an illegal action particularly in Hinds County Mississippi and certain judges. Today April has failed several attempts to create useless arguments with me and leaves to return to her last place of arrest, her drinking buddy’s home for some relief.

  I received a call from her drinking buddy telling me they were sorry but they had to call the law because April walked in his home turned over a table hosting a domino game started fighting with one of the male players then another. Uh… she’s been telling me she doesn’t understand the un willingness of these men to find a job or to do anything more than just drink. Hey I’m just writing what I’m told.   Anyway she’s in jail as of this afternoon and now for the rest of the popcorn.

PARENTAL UPDATE:  The extent of this not being some game is upon me. April has made repeated calls for Jane and I to bond her out of jail. For the last six months we have argued her increased drinking and aggressive behavior. This is a part of the leftovers ah la the states court justice. With a fortune paid over the extorted the shit needs more concern regardless the anger. It isn’t an easy lesson for the under privileged and once hard targeted. The state created win win situation uncle Sam milks everyone and their families with countless state programs for inmates from phone calls to clothes and food sells. Captivating isn’t it? Sadly she needs some air out time her charge was disturbance of a family. A family of drunk domino players.

 The reason for somethings:(

I’ve always held an ability to place myself in the mindset of another and the matters related to Gaylord attacks have only enhanced that ability and so I apply it to those involved. To speak of family members disagreeing is one thing but to be hated for being from another place or being of a claimed lower class never made anyone less human even scripture states show no favoritism. So if you’re wondering how does a person gain enemies even in his only family to include his in-laws? Its like this.

The 1970’s were a wonderful time for me. I held a job for four years before I was allowed by parents and employer to pay taxes at the age of 15.  A marriage to my love at 17, by 19 we had a newly built home, new sports car, along with a few others a 750 cc traveling motorcycle, my shop out back and other forms of racing karts bikes and recreational vehicles along with our triple A credit. My offshore oil rig job to go with my construction job and work on days home from offshore. A day starting at 6 am might go till 2 am the next morning offshore or at home. Everybody’s working for the weekend. Well guess what? Beware that family married into……

All this and finding out I had not mention or ever wanted my wife or her family to know of my dad was a live or that he was a wealthy person. My life in the shadow of being the son of a rich white man never played well to the labeled lowest class of Indians of Southern Louisiana. Even with the love finally had by those good people toward me. The thought I’d someday become independent to a better life with no hope of such for their own life. The abuse starts at the age of understanding family morals and the true meaning of things regarding the reason of life.

My work values were my own. A decision to exclude a useless parent regardless his thought process of money and having plenty of it over human life and the trouble causing effects by envy driven greed of others like when I was young now had played people hard in their mind during Gaylord and if there is a hope of preventing another person a better life, well. Never mind what is just. My working life was my own. How we managed our money to acquire our belongings was also of our own. The dislike by my in-laws of me because somehow it wasn’t right for a 19-year-old to have so much with the middle child when the older child had tried with her husband to appear rich didn’t fit with what the older child and other family members wanted. maybe I should have cared became a drunk. Yeah right !!!

So, understand the hate of us is largely based on assumptions and money. Why family members lie, cheat, steal, and then want to kick you even more once they have been rewarded for kicking you the first time is beyond me knowing we all ride the same boat. Hear my in-laws and. Somehow there was a mistake corrected as my injury leaving me an amputee in their mind is a curse from God and every form of attack the state provides or supports is a blessing granted to them by heaven and every criminal action state government protected act they commit against us is claimed as some blessing. Oh ya baby these mofo’s is some kinda sick. So I get a call from my wifes next younger sister who’s plotted with the older sister. Here’s P.

P. wants to speak to me. I asked that I not be pulled into any problem going on. She wants me to tell my wife and her other sister that someone broke into the home stole money. That she and her husband paid the entire burial expenses that her mom left the place with her and we should have helped pay and if any of us wanted the home left by her mom the mortgage was $90,000. That when her mom die other than her and her older sister she was alone so if my wife, other sister and brother in-law couldn’t behave they need to stay away from the home.

R. Well, it’s a bit late to talk about helping to pay the cost when you wanted to do everything but whatever we can do to help we will. I wish you all would work together to resolve any problems P. Well we paid everything and y’all need to help and how the hell can you do that you don’t have nothing. R. Hey P. my father created heaven and earth I’m a richer than you could know. P. That’s bull-shit..hang up..

Phone rings. Hello, its P. look I need to make her sister call her. R. no I don’t. P. Well if they can’t behave tell them to stay away from mom s home. R. I think they feel you didn’t want them around when the day after the funeral you change door locks and had your husbands dad tell you sister she wasn’t going to be allowed there. P. well y’all can’t afford the house you don’t have a damned thing nothing I’m going to get a lawyer and sue you for part of the cost….. R. hey,HEY. we got plenty of money in Jackson that’s being stolen it’s not my fault the people around here are fucking thieves. You were down there joining them in Bogalusa and advancing yourself  in the medical field with attorneys by treating un injuried for our lawsuit awards. you get a lawyer get two or three of them sorry motherfuckers I like playing with them. She hangs up with no returning call this time. The truth is something. But look how that day in October of 1995 will be with us till we exit this life through others.

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