The Home Front:  Hey folks, those of you looking for what happened to that Wizard of an attorney William Bill [Poster Boy of The Bogalusa Daily News Paper] Arata [A-RAT-uh] well he’s back. Once more you can see wonder boy on the front page of Bogalusa’s Inland Corporate owned Media, and why? OK, if you didn’t know. Many things which are evil, illegal or just right out wrong in this general area which involved the uh…elite, kraaa spit. Use the let it  blow over till it becomes above the law plan. In other words the criminals in government won’t address or respond to their criminal acts and neither will the Media.

  But you might recall this:]

A prominent [corporate extorting] Bogalusa attorney Bill Arata, 48, was arrested in his office Thursday morning by the Bogalusa Police Department and charged with possession of a schedule II narcotic, Oxycontin. [may you be an addict]. Law enforcement officials confirmed a complaint investigated by the homeland U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and the Attorney General’s Office. They turned him over to us for state charges said Chief Joe Culpepper. He could not say specifically how much of the drug Arata had in his possession at the time of his arrest but did say the attorney did not have a prescription for Oxycontin.

Arata was booked into the Bogalusa City Jail shortly before noon and was later transported to the Washington Parish Jail in Franklinton for bonding. Commissioner Dan Foil reportedly set the bond at $10,000.

CV. He Arata, is an attorney who played a major roll in denying civil and constitutional rights of others in return for untold amounts of corporate political  money to prevent the bankrupting of the towns major corpotate employee. How much drugs did he have? How much did he want? So what gives in these types of criminal behavior when titled elite? Its all about scratching their ass some they will scratch his. Read on.

After the Media feeling the story is old and no one remembers that the extorting lying ass licking co-conspirator of the corporate owned town was selling drugs like other criminals and the rest of government, but he’s given that special corporate protection for his part in a past corporate supporting extortion plot to save the corporation from total bankruptcy for intentional neglect. That same protection is given to murders as well. The ruling drug addicted class reinstalls their extorting criminal minded and self serving criminally supported attorney. Tough shit to following knowing its all made up and some evil sons of bitches think together that they shit from more than a meat ass or put their pants on two legs at a time. Words can’t describe the stupidity which appears Satanical in law.

 Closer To Home: 

On May 1st, 2013 my mother-in-law passed away and I wanted to bring that event here because of what was seen the next day after she was buried. My wife has a total of five siblings living. Todd seen here on CV.,  is her only living blood brother along with four sisters they number five. Sadly it appears that the giving of authority over the estate of others means more to some of these hillbillies than simply giving care to the needed financial and like matters of the previous owner. How much of an extorted event was had over our grandchildren from a million dollar life policy and home and land by the same forces which extorted our Hinds County lawsuit as to maintain a denial to law or justice is as clear as the nose of a face. But the most common way people screw another person of what’s theirs, is the Mississippi good ole boy system dating back decades like a secret cult.

All that secret shit kinda spilled out onto the pages of this blog and hopefully others like it. I don’t personally have a dog in this fight, but it seems the ideal of screwing my family in particular comes from a knowledge that we are already had, hated and openly screwed by Mississippi state government and that hate extends to the use of it by others. With Todd in prison the new automobile his mother owned was taken by a boyfriend who was told he could stay in the home and watch it as the home door locks were changed the day after my mother-in-law was laid to rest and although I ask my wife to stay away from the horse shit and she has. It isn’t going over to well that her younger sister was told to stay away from the home by two of the sisters staging the takeover with the aid of one’s family and the boy friend.

     On the matter of principalities I will support the actions of three of the family members to prevent anyone from being on the property if a chosen few are not allowed on it. But the first issue in this will be what type of authority to one of the sisters was given. That starts Monday. It was no difference of those seeking money from our misfortune with the Gaylord event. Both sisters involved in this matter were collective of Gaylord suit money and one even claimed to own a business claiming and collecting economic loss.

The state paints us helpless to any attack. Oh yea, by the way I was approached by an individual who said that I would probably be contacted by attorneys for Duke Pope over an up coming hearing. Can you just image the rules and guide lines that will be placed on such an event in a real court. I wouldn’t be going there to lie and I damned well know and can prove the courts are in a larger part nothing more than steering devises of the claimed elite and this bunch not only wants to get away with murder they also want to place blame on some innocent person for it.  That ole boy network at work. Ya, like I said months ago we’ll see as they must know I’m going to tell the jury everything known and proven about a crock of horse-shit claimed Mississippi justice and those who serve it on a cold shit smeared platter.

While we’re talking shit. Our state live in child, April was once more in some altercation with her run a muck alcohol drug buddies causing her arrest. Alright, thinking the odd shit of MDOC to take their kidnapping to the hilt of extortion maybe we’ll get a break from the shit. And then! Could anyone have half an ideal of what its like? Its like this, you never know what the current plot calls for. For years your attacked to exclude you then used for money as attacks lessen to your use for money but then fear you won’t die by the thieves plays a part on haters wanting you dead. The latest, I get repeated calls from the jail. It’s a bail bonding agent willing to bond April out. I’m in no hurry. April is long mentally gone burnt out by state extorting horse shit. All those state promises of having it all but never getting anything but trouble has returned like a dog to bite ass. But you sons of bitches causing this need to know it ain’t my ass thats going to suffer the bite.

We’re not having it. In fact with all the money extorted from us Mississippi better have a place to put her body when she dies because this bitch is their monster just not as bad as the monster the state wanted me to be. But yeah shes all theirs. After a few more calls to tell me MDOC or any of the MDOC employees had no hold on her. Has the plan changed again for our like of dying just yet.

Damn it wasn’t a few months ago she was begging not to be violated by officers invading our home again because she had a few more things to complete before being released. She hasn’t seen them since or even made the once demanding payments. But we all know they were over paid from the lawsuit. I’ve never had so many calls made to me over bonding someone out of jail. Guess their fucking counterinsurgency plan is all they have left which excludes direct attacks from their conspiratorial extortion. Cha ching again. Bail the bitch out so the phone calls will stop. $175.00. And when we get to the court house to answer to the charges once again there are none. Who in their right mind would argue the dropping of charges against them? 5-5-2013 Robert Marie in Mississippi.

BOSTON: Real Bombing or a Federal False Flag Media Event? Alright folks we’ve been waiting for a feared pushing lop-sided Media Blitz to encourage the use of Martial law over the greater majority. Looks like citizen known untrusted acts of the u.s. government is here and well known. Welcome to where we are. For all the conspiracy theorizers out there the playing ground in this game are providing more questions than answers. The he said she said drama is fueled on by an attitude the  U.S. government [State employees]  answers to no one, when in fact its the tax paying victim who pay for the very offensive operations against them. Can we spell dumb asses?  Three of the many questions made public but not answered are.

1. Why were bombing drills and alerts issued earlier before the bombing occurred? 2. Why were people near the bomb told to remain claim before the bomb went off? 3. Why were federal agents dress like the alleged bombers and why the film of showing who placed the bombs at there location are with-held from the public?

Uncle Sam wants total control for worldly financial gains. Corporate greed drives the  beast. The answers to the question is how government capitalize on or by industries which are policing and money for that and the military? Sam wants bombing but not the panic which would set off real terrorist. The event was on, making it public broadcasting [the reaction] look tough as though it was handled by pros who need more money to handle even more might have been the objective. Outside terror would include traveling to other countries. Boston brings the money making war machine upon us. The motherland the homeland.

To conclude the understanding to our title of this wordpress post. American becoming a police state and even basing a greater part of its financial survival on incarceration, often times of the innocent for money and all the more of those extorted for that financial gain. American is now captive to its own devises. It isn’t that the law of a supposed free people that law enforcement likes to make arrest of everyone, its that it must. The beast created to empower government must continue to be fed or it may grow weak. America is going by way of captivity for leading into captivity. China.

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