MANY COMMON THOUGHTS AND SOME NOT SO, I’m thus far certain this is all a matter of social disorder: In fact here’s today’s video:

But First? What’s up?  the dude from MS. has been released over them there poison letters more later and comparing criminal actions !

   You’d think either one side of the Boston bombing or the other would dominate the other to some form of conclusion but so far its up and making for an abundance, a lawyers term, of caution but it might be as simple as knowing what little corrupt towns all over America have been allowed by the federal government and in return. The rampage of the criminally insane now operates within the American government. Namely, knowing the corruption of the courts of law.  Say what you will the insanity to blow up people, cars, house’s and most social political hillbilly dumb-asses, holds no difference to any other criminal act.

So hey, what’s the social standard meaning of Christ’s Revelation, to the world understanding of world government ie.,  control by the elite and he has but a short time, is the riddle. For humans, it starts in a person’s mind, home boy. Get like-minded people like the tyrannical group of uh… Mississippians in government back road dealerz and you too can feel confident that your sins are OK. Before long you spread the Dr. feel good feeing and …… Still there’s one thing for sure I’m not WRONG ..!! Notice the connection of total dominance that the extortion of hundreds of millions known was for the cause of a new world order at the hill billy level I’m blown away. And if you think this is a bit out there…. Stick around! Got ears that can hear and eyes that see? Stay alive, stick around and catch more of the rest.


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