Our attempt to gain my wife Jane any medical aid from the state is zero. We have bills a mile long. The state bless their dumb asses forgave her debt. How nice given the fact their part of the fucking problem. The Mississippi Medicade division was in fear of none payments and the state politicians called a special meeting. Jane had delayed a yearly request of information by the state division of Medicade for a while now and went in on April 15 th, or 16th, to sign papers. This is a testimony of state government April 17th, 2013.

With a statement that it would take my great, great, great grandchildren before any money from this would be seen of our extorted lawsuit ever  going to a family member. Then they still have a lot of our extorted awards money to spend. I have suggested to Jane their are gaining signatures, mostly hers to get the money. We both agree the children need their medical aid. However the odd manner to somehow separate the medical aid of the children and the yearly requested information. Jane is most likely signing monetary releases. As I’ve just been told over three million was released to the states Medicade services. Now on to other tyrannical news.


This post isn’t for the faint at heart, or those who might feel that government is the answer to our problems. Somewhere alone the way (Ronald Wilson Reagan) [ George Bush 1 & 2,  implemented new world order] our once United States Government set its responsibilities aside for the greed generation. Being hellbent to serve itself and in doing so reveals a greater plot. World dominance.

Insane? Sure it is, but then again, this is America, a lot of players are in the dark or refuse to accept reality about the U.S. interest in all regions of the world. Understand that we all walk the fine nebula’s line of good and evil, but not everyone or every country can return to the center line from where they go. America, she fits the description of a scarlet beast or part of one who’s financial whore has had intercourse with the entire world. So let’s look at the Boston bomber/s together.

  Let’s apply logic here. Who might actually benefit from this act and who in the general public is smart enough to do this, but stupid enough at this point in time to empower the local authority, F.BI., C.I.A., D.H.S., and who knows what other forms of enforcement of martial law upon us all. They better be from a broad. Oh wait, with all the security at the borders couldn’t admit that failure.

We know one thing though, their target strike said, we and I’d have to assume more than one, can attack the general public at will and our targets are the Americans not those providing protection for them.  People, civilians not the government. Oh, will you cry for more protection please because the beast is hungry. Don’t feed the government, you were warned but would not believe.

I would hope most Americans, Christians especially have understanding for this. Makes reason that anyone up to date on our government purchase of anti freedom gear and documented prison camps, trains, etc…  by uh, the U.S. and understanding the New World Order governments intent to use said gear. Will we ever know more about the attackers or what all the recent government equipment is for. Or what’s more important is, will the U.S. have to conduct an offensive operation against Americans to make use of it. And by the way the government votes today on stricter gun laws.

With an attitude that says I do what I want, up yours from uncle Sam’s past. Sadly the biggest suspect given the present contradicting corporate political Media and all controlled news reports. That our suspect is our very own government and more in that, the latest news being Senator Wicker of Mississippi, was mailed some poison then later it was reported that the President was mailed some as well. No shit. The current is that a person from Mississippi was involved in the letter attack. Is he the crock-pot killer too? The F.B.I. has delayed repeated appearance before anyone to report any new news.

Both a crook from Mississippi connected to a bigger crook in Washington, look up the need of more than a scribe of law to enter the kingdom an excuse me. But where’s the connection that these two may have to this particular attack? I held no interest in this except for a phone call from a law enforcement informer trying to discuss the Boston event. I’ve got a blog for that! It is with all certainty the statement I would be turned into the Department of Homeland Security by the former Sheriff would cause some future shit from my tax dollars and make law work projects sniff, sniff.

  Don’t look now, but they may have to frame someone for the sake of elite authority to maintain control of a beloved pet project the non stop NEW WORLD ORDER. Regardless what anyone wants to accept the group is well organized. Run, run now find a death row inmate tell him his family will be cared for. Have him admit to it. Hurry, and remember the twin towers and molten iron. Maybe tell the letter boy to take the rap. My ideal of Homeland Security is protection of the rich and take over group called elite from uncontrollable countries. So their actions to take over will be protected. Their fear is that someone will nuke them or a portion of their future wealth. That would be the corporate snatch & grab of everything starting with one end of government to the other. The elite meanwhile continue working to gain total dominance will further control of the rest of the sheep for their future elimination by them. How much of this is real?

If it matters. In past photos of the Boston Marathon we were unable to find any large number or grouped law enforcement in plain view as was seen at the 2013 event. This 2013 event dominates the search and photos seen weren’t worth the down load. Let’s understand however who has the most to gain from these actions. Everyone calls the U.S. a police state. Is that the current government’s intent? Our very own government, like it or not is in preparation for some perceived event. It isn’t storms and/or earthquake related gear unless it’s the biblical desolater. Some are suggesting government involvement and not just civil servants intend on harming Americans. We’re true victims of government tyranny so  believe me there’s nothing that won’t be used by Uncle Sam to direct every American citizen to the need of bigger government.

Is this real, but if you have to ask. What then happens if the American people just sit back and watch the government further show its ass? In hoping for the best expect the worse. The government will enforce its agenda if a new secret order demands it. Examine the rumors here of current events of this Urban attack first. They have a suspect, then they don’t. There was an nu-exploded bomb then there wasn’t, add this to a news report which may be retracted which claims a past government report suggesting that this exact type of bomb could be used in our country by terrorist just like the report of the tower attacks before they occurred. Let’s give the corporate Media and their confused asses a day to get the story needed for the rest of us.

To this day Bin-Laden is known to have said he did not carry out any attack on Americans. Who can you believe, 911 isn’t the government greatest convincer that our country isn’t just a corporate powered structure with known ties to secret organizations created to first control or even destroy America. Would they tell us?

It appears that the real focus of twin tower revenge was oil rich countries and other forms of maybe future control of them by the power elite. Look at our government’s past. Bin Laden may have out lived his use to invade other countries for their resource’s. Was Bin Laden a soldier? If so recall he was under orders he claimed, not to attack,? Which in itself was an odd statement. Was he guilty of knowing the true identity or actual plan? I’ve no information he knew, do any of you?

This attack seems to balance a fine line but about these reports. Once commit by the attacker is made where would concern of another bomb be had. In other words, If there was three bombs as reported and only two were used. Why make claims of another if it wasn’t true? Run that report down, your government might be playing Superman to the recuse. Its OK to oppose tyranny those before us built a once greatest country with opposition to it.

But wait, if they have an nu-exploded bomb, why with all the sophisticated technology they would know enough to get the bomber, hum. That’s right, there was no other bomb. Reports state evidents of bomb parts are had. Regardless the outcome it was nice to relate our current distrust once more of …….

  Remember since the U.S.A. doesn’t abide by God, state, federal, or constitutional law they make up what is needed along the way. As Americans were are left with one question which is, will Uncle Sam spend billions on a predictive or known threat and let it go to waste? Or is this an offensive operation which the government has thus far been unable to ignite with its current residents?

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  1. XXX says:

    The suspect was initially identified as Kenneth Curtis of Tupelo, Mississippi by NBC News, though the FBI named a Paul Kevin Curtis of Corinth, Mississippi as its arrest.

  2. Robert says:

    Wonder what that arrest of this guy was like given someone is bombing the public at large. Connection?

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