Well Their Cooking More Class Action welfare for the court and their personal gain agenda again. This Time its BP and as always the unknown attorneys who corrupt the courts to personal gain. Join us after this Corporate Media Solicitation of names and social security numbers for some hard core facts.  As Reported by Corporate owned  WDAM- tv.

FROM HATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI: WDAM Brian Montague, an attorney with Mississippi Oil Spill Claims, PLLC a law – firm specializing in BP claims, hosted an informational meeting at the Lake Terrace Convention Center to encourage both individuals and businesses to consider filing claims. “There is a committed fund of $7.8 billion, $2.4 billion had been paid out  March 11th, 2013 and the amount of money that’s available to qualified claimants is not limited…that’s just the money that’s been funded so far.” People in our area are being encouraged to file a claim before April of next year. That’s the deadline set by a federal court in New Orleans to claim damages from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico. That firm also hosted a similar meeting in January.

CLASSVICTIM EXPLAINS CLASS ACTION: Heads up folks, and let’s have a look at the upper class welfare of a corrupt group of self proclaimed hypocrites. First if you or someone you know has a real claim we hope you’ve already settled at least some portion of your claim. If not, refer to the subtitle of this post. Now let’s cut through the horse shit to the part where justice denied supports no justice to be had. Think injury is enough? How about court filed documents of the entire cause settled on your family and you still get nothing as the criminals elevate their life through crime. Their here and their criminals but this bunch runs free to repeat so beware!

As the truly injured are grouped for the initial collection of insurance money through uh, bull-shit to say it as legal actions. Like our claims this involves multiple corporate defendants which given the amount of negligence no doubt attorneys did some protecting of the corporation from bankruptcy just as in our cause in exchange for this up coming and formulated fraudulent class action. You should know the court only wants and or needs your name and corresponding social security number and good bye dumb ass. Your only other connection by the court will an arrest of you to reclaim any money some attorney and the court fraudulent act awarded you.

How does it start?  Someone somewhere was injured by negligence like in our case sometimes its caused by an intentional act. With legal powers given by politics and crooked judges the courts are able to collect billions from corporate chump change all the while protecting the corporation from answering to any wrong or illegal actions or doing it has done. Nothing was legal about the harm done from this intentional disposal and BP wrote the book on how to create a deep-well blowout. The court in Hinds County and their stated supported thieves are using a cradle to grave approach to extortion of our awards and this same group is involved here. Is there a race to acceptance of some to the new world order?

Our claims from a legal cause settled for untold amounts and we’re treated as though were dead because of assumptions the corporations intentional negligence was going to kill us quicker than it will. Or will it? Anyone can see the cooperation between law enforcement, attorneys and the courts to corruptly rule over everyone else. But this takes money and for too long enemies of Americans have stolen to damned much. In this case they felt we killed them we’re going for big bucks even with corp. protection.

So the corporate Media wants you to join, supporting and signing up with this class action. The reason being so the courts, attorneys and their friends and family can raise to even greater power over the rest of us. They have the money says corporate media. Say you have a good claim? How good is that claim. Law enforcement might allow you to gain a few bucks but to much in their eyes and your a criminal needing your money just pick a law and use it a given power play to them for your sins. A little money and your probably useless to them except for some attorney claim of handling your claim for years and years and look how much that bill is. And should you die over the next 20 years all the more.

Give it thought. Enough money and the right friends in the wrong places and you might be allowed a social standard of seeing them out on the town while sharing a small part of their sins. Seeking your praise no doubt. If honest lawyers existed guess you’d be the man of investments and if you choose, left along to commit similar crimes like our current ruling class upon the innocent and those you’d speak against being a socialist as the so called elite oven do. There’s 7.8 billion and they want it.

No, I think they know that isn’t me. The battle of principalities is against Christians. My dad was and probably is still one of the riches man in Houma, Louisiana he’s nothing compared to my heavenly father and you would know my flesh dad as well as I do. I’ve never held any interest in him or others who were always blinded by money. You know that green paper. Be blessed and thankful God meets the needs of his children and if its enough to get to our long home its enough. Amen!


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