So much for local drama, were back to that New   Years thought of posting some medicals associated to exposure of Gaylord & Companies open air public dumping of N2O4. A brief recap of N2O4, Dinitrogen Tetroxide. The manufacturing of paper produces a leftover by product call Dymethal Sulfoxide or DMSO which was mixed with Nintrogen Tetroxide in a rail road tank car during transportation from Vicksburg MS. to Bogalusa La. by the Gaylord Bogalusa facility. This created the N2O4, Dinitrogen Tetroxide released on 10-23-95. Dinitrogen Tetroxide, N2O4 is organic in nature and highly absorbent to metal and flesh and once there. We’ve been made host by an extended exposure in our home to an absorbent toxin which by organic properties remains in our bodies.


Just a thought on this being some never before everything, not just the open dump and hereafter extortion I was about to learn if we live, medically its going to be a long haul. So here’s what happens when an altered N2O4 induced body meets a new form of post toxic allergy suspected by the folks working the uh court of law in this chemical release matter. After struggling with an in grown toe nail which I now am a pro at doctoring, we went to a foot doctor. He explained the nail removal no big deal. I’m an amputee which except for a few broke bones from younger years never had medical problems. In fact except for having her tonsils removed at age nine Jane my wife was always healthy and never needed a doctor on a regular bases. Sometime after our exposure Jane was given a common medication for a migraine and stayed three days in Intensive Care Unit. So now the doctor begins with one shot removes needle injects and this goes on till about the fourth shot my foot starts getting warm.

Is it suppose to feel warm? It might feel a little warm he said. Another shot or two he’s done and I’m starting to feel that warm feeling travel up my leg. Now both legs are warm but there getting more hot than warm. Its at my lower stomach I’m nausea now and the hot feeling is still climbing. As it travels past my neck to my head something went zing zziiinnnnngggggg and it was just like in those movies where the sight before me became a thousand little sights of everything I looked at. Are you alright? said the doctor. I’m hot. I began sweating my chest started getting tighter and tighter I’m dizzy, I can’t breath. What’s going through my mind?  I’m having a heart attack, my first. Sadly it wouldn’t be the last. The doctor seems concerned but like me during that first time we can’t understand what’s going on except whatever I was given, I don’t need any more. What did you give me? It’s just something to deaden it…. Uh, like that song huh doc, I get knocked down and I get up again, cause you never going to keep me down …………..etc.


Had one event last long enough to get to a recovery room and record via a heart monitor. Thank God I stabilized before getting shocked for heart failure.  So if I’m wrong correct me but as theses heart charts go you have the flatline thing right? Like the heart beats up drops some and beats up again to complete a cycle. Its not suppose to shoot below the line like it did and struggle to a norm is it?  And their fear you share the reality of this new life with a jury of sane individuals and you could probably bankrupt more than just Vicksburg Chemical as the Robert Marie claim apparently did alone. Still it has got to be easier to read than to write this when you understand its your heart and its clear the reaction to what was given you shows your heart taken down forcibly below the flatline from a reaction to a given common medication as you struggling for recovery through the event. The symptoms wear off to a normal state after a life time later lasting about five minutes.

Jane says to me what’s wrong, your sweating as she wipes my leg of sweat. She takes the sweaty hand up looking at it as she collapses to the floor. I’m slowly coming around, damn. The doctor and nurse are helping Jane off the floor, I’m watching all this. I know she’s experiencing the same heart stopping shit that hit me. We came around to the toe nail removed were asked to exit the back door to uh, not frighten the other patients. I started some real serious studying on what we really had. I was to be taken through this kind of Gaylord save the corporation, Mississippi cut a criminal deal in furtherance of harm to classvictim’s and Bogalusa still stinks.

For the most part attorneys were simply side stepping major constitutional laws which was the cause of greater harm to us. We live with remembrance our home was to be replaced then only to learn the literal unwarranted seizure of our home and attorneys drag ass run up a phoney fee class-action, well whats there to say. The chemical and its dangers were known yet to present the actual total damages including our home would suggest a more isolated event had occurred than 24,000 being exposed. In short our home threatened the class action. The first six or eight months of living in the trailer with attorney’s assurance the government classified information of chemicals released clearly suggested along with the pamphlets passed out during the release that  the chemical had dissipated. Add to wit the threats that we had abused our child for not returning her to live in the mobile home after it was found to be uninhabitable to deadly toxins which remained.

The truth is that the corporation directed the court and news agencies to refer to the released chemical as Nitrogen Tetroxide. As such the trailer’s absorbent destruction and our family’s life never happened. Just the court awards for a class action where none can be had are real and were settled by those who don’t exist. Only recently has the actual name dinitrogen tetroxide been at times included to some past 10-23-95 release event. We live with those earlier lies everyday. Here’s something I’ll add to this medical entry. Somewhere in our stored documents there’s an X-ray showing what we’ll call diseased bones or actually dead jaw bones. My teeth have all but come out of my jaw except for the gum line doing most of the holding. I think its kind of easy to figure out where this is all going.

The class-action played to the breathing problems of clients and there were some but they were over played by the class attorneys. Just remember the extortion group would tell you, all this worked with the proof being they got the money and that’s all that mattered. That’s the reality. Another reality, the one we live with. If the best we can do is attempt to be active enough to reduce harm by circulation of as many body organs of an organic toxin but are unable to provide such circulation for our bone structure. The bone deteriorates which is presently the cause of a lot of hip, leg and at times groin pain in me. But about where were going. Can you say jelly fish boys and girls? And while were on the subject of medicals. Give Neal a moment to find the right harmonica and enjoy his very first ever presentation of Heart of Gold.


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