Motionless Victories


Remember folks sometimes silence is golden. About Jane’s day in court and the human factor were tired. Jane’s charged with giving false information to law enforcement. Law enforcement, sounds like a laxative. So its our turn as Officer Brown, takes the stand. The county attorney was on his best behavior as an attorney and I was glad to see he is maturing with the job.

Jane was asked if she had a witness and that would be me. The judge ask me to leave and I stated that after witnessing the accusation and arrest I would rather stay with my wife. I next offered the signed and notorize original of my wife’s power of attorney which she turned over to me just this morning. So let’s roll. How to do this without bolstering? The county attorney  stated he held no objection as officer Brown began his lying attack we want to share this.

Perjury might be allowed in the court but I really want to get this right. Officer Brown said that another officer had asked Jane if she saw Todd, had lied and lied again to him about the first lie. Damned, but wait. That they have been to our home repeatedly about Todd and that Jane told him she would have lied for her whole family if she had to.  Jane doesn’t quite understand we aren’t objecting “your honor that’s a lie” Come down baby its his turn. He’s lying! Just ignore him.  Wow it worked don’t you just love a woman more when they listen. Officer Brown, stated they found Todd under our neighbor’s house after running from ours.  Comes now the ride. You know we are being repeatedly attacked and thus far have repelled the horse shit but come on Mississippi give the old folks a little money or a break, but OK.  Our turn.

From my work sheet.  A:  1. officer did you know Todd and I don’t get along and he was told to stay away from our home? No,  2. Did you know we have called and reported him to law enforcement? No,  3. Did you know that Mr. Terrell was living with our neighbor? No, but the automobile was in your yard! Jane thinks I’m dragging and says “no it wasn’t it was parked in the neighbor’s yard. Officer Brown turns to the judge with lock on eye trance and says your honor the houses are really close and the car was in between. Judge, are there more questions? Yes, 4. officer Brown did you know that Mr. Terrell was seeing girls who lived in our neighborhood? No. Now boy’s and girls the Lord is good and he truly blesses but kids don’t try this at home.

Something about throwing in that he saw Todd run from our place for good measure in his recorded charge bounced around my though process and when it finally hit me I felt certain in a real court of law this was the bomb. I just needed to know one thing. 5. Officer was there a call or report made being responded to? No,  Make that a funny looking no. Your honor we have a map. We discuss the locations of the cars he places marks improper to position to prove his story. A few witness to the truth in appeal that’s gone.  But let’s move on now to why I’m here.

Let’s see y’all put my wife in the first car and you were in the second car. No, Todd was in the second car I was in the third car. So, when officers were looking for Todd around our neighbor’s house and Jane was on the steps smoking a cigarette you pulled up, is that right? Yes that’s right! Your honor we move to dismiss this action.

Judge, Lost! Your honor, if this officer pulled up in the third car at the time both officers were in the yard with flashlights looking for Mr. Terrell and my wife was on the steps. How is it that this officer claims he saw Todd run from our place? Did Todd run into the arms of law enforcement?

There were other questions but put a fork in it. Learn something new everyday. Found more magic in that if an officer in Texas sees a dog a fellow officer in Mississippi can give testimony on his behalf. To prevent perjury that is. I’ll complete the other few questions later. The judge mumbled something about if we got into any trouble within the next three-month she would take the matter back up. Say what?

Ya, we won for now. What’s our earthly reward? Nothing but waiting on the next attack. 2/21/2013 – Cont…………So just what did the uh, …. judge imply maybe we can bring the matter of perjuring cops to the grand jury. Hell ya, lying state officials is how we got here, want to talk about them were game. How’s this environment to a present state of some officials in Marion County on behalf Hinds County and the state? They have secret, that’s secret indictments here. If the word can’t isn’t in the dictionary, this can’t be. That is why boys and girls this will remain a magical event.

Back to the Jack! It takes a minute to accept the unbelievable crap allowed in attacks unto classvictims but I assure you its real. Now this was much, locked in on the judge, officer Brown begins changing his entire testimony. And the judge approves but you need to understand where we are here for this to be happening.

     Kangaroo Court 1. Noun. An irregular unauthorized court. . Noun. (idiomatic) A judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding, or a group which conducts such proceedings, which is without proper authority, abusive, or otherwise unjust. 

Officer Brown now claims that it was actually another officer who seen Todd. Your honor no other officer is listed to this action it was this officer who made the charge. Judge – who saw Todd? Brown states “it was officer Williamson your honor.” Well the court can accept that. Officer Brown goes on, judge we pulled Mr. Terrell from under Mrs. Marie’s trailer. Defense question – Officer Brown do you know how many persons were at my home that night? No, but we got Todd out from under the trailer. You know that since our recent move to this new location much of our belongings are still stored under our trailer. I doubt there would be enough room to hide anyone under it. If anyone were under our trailer that night someone would have heard something. We didn’t.

Want another lie folks? here we go. Now the officer just said that it was another officer who ask Jane if she saw Todd and he had a big talk with the judge about it, but I know it was him. Jane says to me that they were looking around the house but it wasn’t till the last officer pulled up that the others told him that someone was sitting on the steps and they should ask about Todd. The last guy had to be higher rank or a bigger brown nose to have others seek permission to an action not of there own decision. A request to ask with the commander taking the lead. Officer did you shine your flashlight at my wife when you asked about Todd? No! (there’s the lie) See, now that gives me another problem. I wonder if you knew who you were speaking to. Did you know that the only light which is present at night except for one neighbors spotlight which was off this night. The only other light is our neighbors across the street to the north. Our trailers proximity to the light creates a shadow at least five feet from our back door making it dark. Anyone standing to the south of our home at night in the area you were in looking towards our home would have been blinded by that light. He’s fascinated by his little trip to the past and seems to recall blindness.

The county attorney said he didn’t know what to do about this one and Jane started talking to me about another matter when suddenly I look up and poof!!! more magic the witness, officer Brown is gone. Whats this? The judge starts low tone blah, blah, blah. Ya, say moo! -Jane’s asking the officer why he was at our home I’m in. Judge any more questions? If your not going to dismiss this ya, all these questions centered around why this officer was at our home, The judge over rid everyone with something about three months of good behavior or this will be brought back up. Jane’s looking at me and as she turns to the county attorney he tells us were dismissed to have a good day. Oh yeah, the court wasn’t empty this time. Nice!

As we exit the court officer Brown and at least seven or more officers are gathered on the sidewalk corner. Wonder what their talking about. Yeah, him and everybody else who was at the court house and tomorrows talk around some attorneys coffee table.

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