Stink Rides The Wind

The mill the wind and that darn DMSO. They, jumped all over my ass for talking about that shit could go a long way in chemical warfare. Hey, the organic substance in me will still rust medal right through the paint.We had a home, it ate our home and we have issues here. email me!

Does Anyone Have The Count On These Guys? This One Is A Little Better We Know No One Was killed harmed In Making Of Stink Rides The Wind

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office was alerted early Friday about a “strong odor” in the air along Louisiana Highway 21 south of Bogalusa. The sheriff’s office notified the Office of Emergency Preparedness and area fire departments, and headed to the site. Chief Deputy Mike Haley said shortly after 9 a.m. “We have not been able to locate the source. (We are) not sure what it is, Some have said it smells like propane,” but likely a tank leak somewhere in the area.”

“About half an hour later, Director of Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Tommy Thiebaud and WPSO Detective Damon Mitchell were talking with officials at the International Paper Mill in Bogalusa. The mill was determined to be the source of the smell. There was apparently a little problem at the mill at around 5:30 a.m.  It evidently moved south with the wind. They said there is no need for alarm at this time.

Kalisa Hyman, communications manager for IP’s Bogalusa mill, said the on behalf the company  “We are aware of the unusual odor and have pinpointed its source to a supplemental product used in the pulping process,” she said. “Now that we’ve identified the source, we are suspending delivery of the product. “We want to stress that this is an isolated event. International Paper will continue to be committed to the highest level of environmental stewardship.”

Court Tomorrow, 9:am


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