Rewriting Corporate History

All Hands On Deck!. I’ll Get You My little Pretty And Your Dog Too!    

    What’s that? Say What? 

NEWS PAPER’S FROM PAST TO PRESENT: Is Corporate Media Control Real? Bet Your Ass It Is. Should we harp on government tyranny to explain this?

newspaper jail arrest 002newspaper jail arrest 004

Our timing couldn’t be any better. When after the failed trial of Hinds Court occurred, like a bunch of little kiddie babies attorneys scrambled to cover and recover from their failures. What’s the best way to get word from corporate attorneys they need clients, why that’s Corporate Media. Like wise if your being attack by a corporation like us then when you go to jail everyone gets a copy of that too. I’m thinking there were at least three times something occurred with us and the Gaylord money that uh, someone decided everyone should know of and they should get a free news paper but I’m betting we paid for that too. Along with the corporate solicitation and arrest on the right, please note the letter with notes of pages which were missing from Jane’s deposition. We might cover that later. It’s no big deal they removed home damage. Bastards never intended to replace our home and didn’t, just needed the information. And folks I’m getting the blessings of seeing another old friend and vet thanks for the visit Sherman long time no see old friend. Not everyone serving made it back. I’d like to mention the fact some gave all in remembrance of Staff Sargent Bo Parker, killed by a road side bomb. It took over six months to identify his remains, may God bless. He leaves a wife and children behind.

The Mill That Kills Is Back In The News. The Fish Are Suing:… Paper mill plans plea bargain in fish kill arraignment:

International Paper officials who purchased Temple-Inland and took on its responsibilities are faced with a spill of untreated black liquor from T-I’s Bogalusa paper mill which caused a massive fish kill on the Pearl River in August 2011. They face arraignment in federal court on Feb. 6. The case scheduled for Jan. 31, was moved forward [forward?] Kalisa Hayman, a spokesperson for the IP Bogalusa mill, said the company has negotiated a plea bargain. At the arraignment on Feb. 6 before a federal magistrate judge, International Paper subsidiary TIN Inc.

Temple Inland will initially plead not guilty, but later that same day will plead guilty before the federal district court judge to a misdemeanor violation of the Clean Water Act and a misdemeanor violation of the National Wildlife Refuge System law. Hayman said the switch in pleas is simply the regular procedure for entering into a plea bargain. SEE Hinds County extortion of Marie awards 251-98-1061 T-I and IP have cooperated with the Department of Justice in its investigation of the 2011 event. A plea agreement and proposed sentence, including a fine, have been negotiated between the department and company.

Click to show "Wal-Mart" result 1Click to show "Wal-Mart" result 8    Bogalusa Wal-Mart:

OPEN ACCOUNT, Just sign and go!  After years of mostly excited but ultimately unfounded rumors, followed by months of actual construction, the new Walmart at 401 Ontario St. in Bogalusa will open its doors at the end of this week. A brief ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 7:30 a.m. Friday, and the approximately 120,000-square-foot Walmart will open to the public immediately thereafter.

It’s a family and friends thing. In 1997 at the height of attacks our child taken from us, yeah right! Kidnappers.  Gaylord attorneys is what they all were, had April set up with an account at the local Wal-Mart. What kind of shit was this? Well April wanted all promised her from these vagabond thieves but her real love for mom & dad was too much to let this slip her. She actually got my hate, envy and greed driven parents to get us for a shopping spree at Wally World Just sign and go. Wal-Mart, South Central Bell and hell the whole damned corporate corrupt country seem to be in on this little extortion. The grand-opening celebration will involve lots of free, family-friendly fun, including product samplings and giveaways.

They never understood and still don’t. Blinded by $$$$. At about a month and half after the intentional chemical release a group of us really exposed folks had a gathering. Either the government or the corporate government was taking a look at their creations of altered bodies and minds. This took place just down the road from the bank across the street from the Gaylord mill. We all knew who we were. There was the lone craving to hit the road and just go, anywhere. To bad for us the chemicals ate the freeze plugs out and had stranded us in little ole Angie.

This all played in favor of hiding what occurred as we were on foot for over a year. Paying $20 a pop for a ride to town this release benefited everyone but us.  The man who went out for gas and was found two weeks later. He had taken his if I recall two year old child with him. The young lady in her twenties been gone and missing for over three weeks and a few others in a daze. The end of 1995 and the entire year of 1996 for those who couldn’t maintain their exposure was explained by the 1997 New Years edition of the Bogalusa Daily News paper. Violent Crimes Top Stories of 1996. Yeah don’t get in the way!

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