Returned Of The Pigs

What’s This , A Jail House Update

marion jail

Marion County Supervisors delved deep into the finances of the Marion/Walthall Correctional Facility Tuesday. There are rumors and gossip that several of these County/State and certain private investment in County and State Projects are paid for by ill gotten gains. I hope the recent law enforcement scam pulled at my back door wasn’t over any finance problem being had in law enforces need to maintain or expand its ………….

This mornings unconfirmed word is that the Mississippi Domestic Attacker, has been apprehended. Word on Todd is he was paid a visit by a shrink. OK, its been about a half hour since Todd’s info came in. We are now informed he has violated his early release. Early release was five years supervised and two or three more years. He’s doing what many prisoners do. It’s call flat timing. He will do his remaining time of two and a half years, having served his sentence.    Jane’s been given two dates and told her first is Thursday, January 30th, 2013 arraignment. The second date being February 19th, 2013 trial on not guilty.

Jedi Light Saber Saver Episode III, Pigs in the blanket!

Ah, young Jedi. You have the power to blind Americans now learn your real tongue Pig Latin, Uk-e-fa-ouu-e-yaaa. When last we met you were but an ass hole and everything remains the same. Todd, I feel you brother. I also feel a tremble in the Force. Guess what?

Every photo of police with a flashlight has the officer with their gun drawn. The flashlight is for blinding your opponent before you shoot them and with the helmet over your eyes you can’t even see. Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them. Stretch out with you feelings. Used the force remember a Jedi police officer can feel the horse-shit flowing through him its what surrounds us. Our only hope now is the plans from the master computer. Hum, what’s that, send the following message. Yes Sir, right away Sir!

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