The Fuzz is back, Little pig, little pig, let me in:

It’s my birthday today! Say happy birthday. Every time we are confronted by law enforcement it’s hard at times to ascertain just what was said or done this time that has us involved in things we have little or know knowledge of. Yet I’m reminded from scripture “who is liken to the beast, who can make war with him” This is God’s way of letting you and me know that government might be wrong but who can withstand it’s powers or actions regardless how wrong they are.

Before we cover more on this I want to give an insight to what it’s like when your government wants you dead for the benefits of money. What it means to really be a class victim. I want to mention my wife’s brittle condition. Her bones are so fragile from her toxic exposure that she has cracked her ribs before just from coughing hard. The same exposure has decayed and diseased my bones as my teeth are dying from my jaw bone being dead of disease.

hattiesburg 12-15-2012 020

Rebecca Jane Marie: My wife received a very bad injury to her toe about three months back which required stitches to reattach its parts together. A friend of ours knew an attorney who wanted us to sue over the matter. Jane, my wife’s toe, was split down the middle vertically to her foot. The injury was  caused by a door of a place of business and the owner had already been sued over the same door after it had injured another person. The attorney demanded we seek a orthopedic specialist before coming to see her. Sadly however we are no longer afforded the laws of this country. For if we sue we get nothing. If we are found guilty of the least of any crime we are arrested for the purpose of harassment. But the greater hope is to have us commit a crime to land us in prison for life or being murdered by the state. Our life is gone, taken by extorting thieves of a tyrannical government. Lawyers know there’s just something they hate regarding us and being able to bankrupting the world’s largest corporations that pisses them off. Nothing new.

Robert 298

Todd Monroe Terrell: You may have read of Todd here or on our mftms13, site. Todd was arrested and charged with a murder he knew nothing of back in 1999. Back then like now you could tell something’s going down. He was arrested for the murder of a person in Marion County as he laid in a Gulf Coast hospital a hundred miles away. When his hospital papers were presented to his attorney, the attorney responded that’s an ace in the hole. Todd’s charges were changed over the years and he served thirteen years for a crime he didn’t commit. When asked if he ever knew why he was arrested and sent to prison. His reply was, no I don’t know! Todd Terrell meet Classvictim blog. More on the use of the number 13 in attacks against us in another post..

Todd was employed as a roofer. He fell off a roof about two months ago and was rushed to the hospital with a medical bill costing over fifteen thousand dollars. He didn’t want to talk to a fucking lawyer either. How would you feel. Todd just wasn’t the same since his return. He had stop going to work, stopped reporting to his probation officer and began hanging with his hoodlum friends. It was a matter of time before he was going back to all he ever knew. So yeah, before you go at least know why. Know the state hates you like us, that’s your crime.

The states are guilty as sin for not taking action to dispose of our trailer in a proper manner. The big secret to unlawfully dispose corporate toxins just got bigger. When attorneys gave us a check to find another home Todd was unaware as we were at first that the mobile home engulfed by deadly toxins hadn’t dissipated as attorneys lied about. After moving out. We would ride to the gate entrance of our property weekly to see if anyone had driven onto the property. Have a look folks this is as far as the released cloud of poison went.

30065 Frank Kennedy Road. Actual Photo see Gaylord’s tree garden. $$$$$.


Seeing that Todd had entered the property one day we began shouting from the roadway at him to get away from the trailer. Other than the trailer an attorney pointed out that the acid from the mobile home was eating away at everything in the yard. Reaching our location near the road, it was clear Todd was now one of us. His first question was “do y’all have something for heart burn” “my damned stomach is on fire.” Uh huh, my damned stomach felt as though it held a nuclear rod which burned constantly for about three years before weakening. Guess who’s responsible for Todd’s injuries? That would be the same extorting bastards from the sate of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Todd was arrested on January 21st, 2013 at approximately 5:30 pm: For the crime of being exposed to Mississippi’s evil Gaylord conspiracy. With the state of Mississippi and one Richard Rip Stringer previous Sheriff of Marion County, he violated probation and for his unconcern and chemically induced apathy he was re-arrested. In jail during his arrest he became violent with a rival gang member and was taken by several officers to an UN-seen area for handling. His condition is presently unknown.

How did I know what happened at the jail? That’s easy, officers arrested my wife. It was her turn to be arrested for something she knew nothing of. Exiting our home to sit on the back steps she had informed me that patrol cars had pulled up on the street next to our home and were looking around the neighbor’s house with flashlights. She said one officer asked had she seen Todd, she replied no she had not seen him all day. She then returned into our home as we all began watching from our bed room window seeing Todd was in handcuffs. What happened next was a bunch of shit.

The officer reported he saw Todd running to a neighbor’s house from ours. So he was running South from the direction of his girlfriend’s house at the time of his arrest. We couldn’t figure out why they were coming to our home. Speaking to one another and pointing their flashlight in our direction, and ya, I felt harassed before they even got to the door. So what can I do for you, and would you mind not shining that light in my face? He began shouting he could shine his light in my damned face all he wanted too. At this point he’s being an ass and really shining his light at me claiming he wanted to see who he was talking to. I asked what if I got the other officer’s light and shined it at his face so I could see who I was talking to. Oh, now he’s pissed. So I lean out of my back door and ask huh, as if to say I’m in my house what the fuck are you doing here?

One of these guys must to have known the law and asked where the little lady of the house was. But the ass hole with the Jedi laser light in my face was in the first car arriving unless they swapped cars, and claimed he saw Todd running from our home in the dark 40 yards away but needed a light to see me at two feet. Right. You know they always talk to the little lady of the house like with Rebecca’s deposition. How about talking with the man of the house for once. Gipplet motherfuckers.

hattiesburg 12-15-2012 020

Rebecca, was asked why did she lie about seeing her brother she replied she didn’t. She and I both heard on officer ask why she would do such a thing and one asked who was Todd to her as she replied, “Todd is my brother.” The officer quickly replied is that a reason to lie? The question struck me as an attempted trick question. I told my wife not to speak any more and to remain silent. This one trick question would be followed by another and all three cops were speaking at once in an attempt to confuse her. She was questioned again and asked why she had lied and she would not respond. If they were certain of a lie being told why repeat the damned question. Fucking ass holes.

She was told so you won’t talk huh? She was next told to place her hands behind her back. She asked what would happen if she didn’t comply. Once more three voices responded. One said you don’t want to do that, one said that would be a biggest mistake you ever made and one said I’ll slam you to the fucking concrete and cuff your ass. I leaned once more out my door and told Jane, their serious and mean what they say you’d better go with them. The though of slamming my wife to the concrete would probably kill her. Oh, and by the way, do you officers want the keys I got from Todd awhile ago. After all it was right at dark when Todd pulled up in the car being sought for by the person’s dad who owned it. Jane had spoke to the parent of the boy who owned the car Todd was riding telling him she would try to get the keys if Todd returned. I just hadn’t told her Todd had returned and that I got the keys from him. Funny thing it was dark when I spoke to Todd. How was anyone able to see him as the officer claimed he did. I was going to give the keys to Jane I just hadn’t had time, why with all the law enforcement extorting horse-shit and all.


State Employees, Not civil servants, States interest not ours………. I’m certain we all know how violent the pigs are and how violent the fuzz can get. They feed and survive on the shit. Pay car and house notes care for their families at the cost of ours. Ever thought about becoming peaceful for a year or two and reverse the plot to enlarge their position. Little crime little need for the pigs. And don’t take their drugs, you’d see a big change. One I could believe in.

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  2. Robert Marie says:

    Hi Sergey, I’d love to publish these events in every place I could. Unfortunately I’m not able to blog that much given the fact we have to watch our backs around here. Anytime these cut throat, hill billy, moron, dip-shit low life cock sucking two bit motherfucking sons of bitches do something with the billions extorted, we’re attacked. They might as well give it the fuck up. No one buys that they have a conception of humanity let alone any knowledge of law. Guess when we get all the facts of all this and some further harm it caused you’ll better understand my anger. LATER.

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