Merry Christmas from hillbilly hell.  If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid getting robbed by that fucked up court of thieves in Hinds County, Mississippi


ONE: Without going into detail over the murdering of innocent children and their teacher, dose anyone take the statement that little to nothing can be done to all but completely stop these types of incidents from happening? Let’s see here. Except for Mississippi most prisoners in the country’s prisons are really guilty of the crime they were accused of. Now some of these crimes were as bad or even worse than what was done in SandyHook. No doubt that many victims would just love to kill the garbage that harmed or killed their loved ones. The total number of inmates killed by a trespasser on prison grounds. Hum, after spending some time looking I’ve got zero. In other words the criminals in prison are better protected from deranged murders than our children in our schools. So let’s look at some numbers and the state ran racket on this.

A. Total federal inmate population in Mississippi as of May 2012, according to the Bureau of Prisons is 217,690:making big-money with abuse Mississippi has the plan. However, Federal civil rights lawyers filed suit Wednesday against Meridian, Mississippi, and other defendants for operating what is being called a school to prison pipeline in which students are denied basic constitutional rights, sent to court and incarcerated for minor infractions.

What’s this all about? You gue$$ed right, money. Your states are in the business of locking up even the innocent for profits. If you’ll notice these prisons are being privatized. A state ran agency being held accountable to a lawsuit is out. Making a private donation to some sorry ass politician or accepting money from one for whatever from giving aid to having someone killed goes over smoother with the privatized system as it offers the politician an edge over his chosen enemy. The state makes money off of live prisoners but not school children. You’ll soon see what really generates true interest from our federal government, and it ain’t our children.

Before even seeing anything like this, I said why doesn’t our schools have ten foot block or brick walls with barb wire fencing above that. Three gate areas, one which remains closed till it is needed with two gates opened for the schools operations. Not one guard but three. One commander in charge of a monitoring building or tower with cameras and other motion and monitoring devises to lock down the area and a guard at each gate entrance being used. What would that kind of look like?

That’s what! And if you hear the ass holes running things tell you the states can’t afford it, call them a liar to their face, because they are giving more protection to someone who got caught with a little marijuana than the entire life that lays before your child or mine. How about the release of the non-violent persons to save the children from those who are. How about a $25.00 dollar protection fee on every gun sold. That’s just for starters.                           __________________________________________________________

TWO: So why can’t a visit to the ER be the same for the classvictim as everyone else? Dinitrogen Tetroxide and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Both are known to cause adverse behavior in human beings like me and the ass holes we’ve encountered.

George Fleming

 ER arrival 11:38  just like every other time my name is put in the states computer the folks reading say much with facial expressions. Am I what, on Magnolia care? WTF isn’t magnolia a flower the states flower? Why yes it is, but with the states extortion upon us magnolia care would be less than Rose water, and more like piss water.  My friend who caught a ride to the ER with me for a busted shoulder was talking to a group of people and mention the Gaylord 1995 release and it seems despite the belief little is known of this extortion it ain’t so. Seems word has gotten out and around. Good! But no I ain’t on state care.

  Here’s more. Around 1:00 pm I was taken to my room to await the doctor. At 2:00 pm I was told my blood pressure medication had been ordered. Like hell it has I had not yet even seen the doctor. The doctor walks in around 3:30 and says hey you! Not hello, hi or anything normally said by a medical doctor. Guess that medicine was coming from a ways off. The problem was the new blood pressure medicine and I was seeking my old medication which worked just fine. So why was it changed. The organic shit which will always remain in my family’s bodies or any real victim of the chemical release thickens in colder weather. This in turn causes the heart to pump harder. So the doctor is trying to stabilize a condition which changes with temperature or pressure. The new medication doesn’t mix with the organic toxin given us by exposure.

There is to much pressure being applied in the past for us to use medication we can’t take. Oxycontin, Soma, Xanax  etc. The state attorneys have class action-ed the lawsuit and seek to use medical class herding mentality on the medical end as well. My wife Jane continues to be denied medical aid through the state and was recently given a hearing over the phone after her last denial. I was questioned about her condition. It was all horse shit they were gathering info on the condition of the really exposed. I told the person on the phone if they could figure out how the state was able to collect the 18 million on behalf of fraudulent claims by medicaid settled on my family including my wife through the state how is it she was still not entitled to medical aid they would probably figure out the rest of the many reasons she needed aid and why they would continue to deny any to her. I was told the information was being collected for the states medicare services. My reply was that, that was my concern. Back to the ER.

Anyway, I was given the right prescription for my blood pressure another medication that I won’t be taking and with not so much as a whimper of my pain I was offered a shot of pain medication. With all the horse shit I rejected that shot as well. Are my days of going to the hospital over? How bad does this lawsuit need to end? ___________________________________________________         

Three: It is with a bit of certainty that all shit pulled on us a few months back with the sell of the grand kids home and land by my Mason step brother and my Eastern Star mother and a claim by these extorting fucking thieves that the attempted unlawful chemical disposal is over, it sure appears like the extortion group wanted us to leave the state. Guess there’s a whole lot about the post toxic condition they know nothing about. Like I’m not going any fucking where but right here. I hope that these folks start to die off knowing I’m going to bad mouth them even after their laid  underground. Someone questioned if I got paid to post these events or did I feel that I needed to. You tell me. Until the government screws so many that it will have no choice but to ban internet use because of its own corruption we’ll be blogging away.

Other than saying hello, I haven’t spoken to my mother or step brother. I’m hearing that both are in deep regret. But then I’m told you can’t fix stupid. Thinking that going back to some place you use to live at years ago had remained the same is dumb. Like when all this started, I wanted to go back home and load a bus full of my old buddies and burn down most of the fucking state for fucking with me. With years separating us and my biblical studies that would never be. So hey mom don’t worry. I bet you didn’t realize today’s alternative bands have got a song for just about everything our glorious state government ran fuck-up has given us. HIT IT!

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