THE ONLY OPPOSITION TARGETED WAS A FAMILY OF THREE. I’ll ask you excuse my clear anger at times. These writings are from memory which might give explanation. We’ll start the Anatomy below.

   stock photo : Senior glamour vintage man wearing suit and tie and hat. Black and white studio shot. Gangster look. Smoking cigar and drinking glass of whisky. Isolated.

Brief target profile. Husband 34, Wife 33, and a Child of fourteen. With the hundreds of million’s or billions had by the court’s use of us for awards and abuse implemented, it was never enough to replace our home, pay for needed medical cost or any other initial damages. Do I get angry?

Only when I think about what kind of low life shit for brains, sons of bitching brown-nosing ass-hole  scum shit / douchebag does it takes to fuck up our life and that of my child or any child for that matter. Yeah, I got feelings.

So these self glorified ass-holes looking for financial and political gain came to my house. Next they were paid by the corporations via a corporate criminal cost cutting through and by the courts to simply destroy our lives in the event our exposure wasn’t fatal, ie., if our exposure didn’t kill us they might. It was all about the Benjamins. Some kind of shit huh? Never knew them, they didn’t know about the future. You know, blogging and those times when others look at you and know how just how big of a criminal you really are. That getting where you are was as criminal as it gets, as others envy your protection from prosecution. At least, on earth.

With every part of their criminal puzzle posted via the world-wide blogosphere the court continues to state at its last court hearing, that our claims were dismissed and some kind of fucking horse shit hill-billy magic created under state authority ( fuck the Constitution) which voo-dooingly made all the money from my family’s lawsuit theirs. It also appears that our claims were the only ones used.

I’ll try to remember here in Mississippi people are shot from clothes line arguments or as the man who killed his sister over a glass of water after Katrina, so says news reports. You know we’ve all seen it in movie, where some actor says,”I’ve killed men for less”. Right after this is when the bad-ass outside the protective state federal governmental Matrix goes to prison for life. It’s a wuzzies game, are you a wussie?

The world has formulated this Matrix for its own use and no one else. Real life ain’t acting, there are no less than a hundred attorneys and three state agencies (you know and pay for them) suddenly taking way too much interest in a family searching for God and who 1. wasn’t looking for popularity, fame or fortune. 2. Who knew the world was as phony as the people who played stupid games in it. 3. Just wanted to be let alone. So much for what we wanted. Now folks will tell you life is what you make it. That’s a Fucking lie! It wasn’t my intent to blog about criminal ass-holes for decades, but I’m going too!

Jane states clearly why we sought an attorney in here deposition. She needed medical aid for real toxic exposure, something else that ain’t happening. To think I thought that protect and defend the Constitution meant something more maybe it should have read protect the American people. Apparently words are still protected. When there true. For now.

Before moving to our secluded and future toxic dump site, I’m certain those we knew were aware we were attempting to understand bible scripture after years of social eating and drinking with weekend foot-ball games around our pool table. By summer 1988, that was all over. The years from 1988 to 1995 were spent studying military combat, martial art’s, meditation, and human psychology, my bible studies remained yet, I somehow failed to understand I must ask for understanding in seeking it. Finding answers so undeniably true and different from assumption is awesome. Were better now.

Nobody special here, I’m human. Some folks can’t drink. Eighty proof, what a joke, a clowns drink. Wild Turkey! To this day every six or eight months I’ll drink a bottle. Alone at home with my wife after the kids go to sleep.    ____________________________________________End Profile

Before we start I would note there are countless laws written to specifically prevent the types of abuse we are being subjected to. About those laws and understanding the true meaning of law. Did you know? Actual law came from God through Moses. What is a judge? Inspired by God, Moses writes God’s law.

corruption concept -Accounting and Finance -          6 “Then I commanded your judges at that time, saying, ‘Hear the cases between your brethren, and judge righteously between a man and his brother or the stranger who is with him. 17 You shall not show partiality in judgment; you shall hear the small as well as the great; you shall not be afraid in any man’s presence, for the judgment is God’s. The case that is too hard for you, bring to me, and I will hear it.’ 18 And I commanded you at that time all the things which you should do. _________________________________________________

        THE MAKING OF A  RICO: Photo                                  The folks who ran the Gaylord facility in 1995  had an ideal construed by someone with the IQ of a Cue-ball. From HazMat:

On September 14, 1995, nitrogen tetroxide vapors had leaked from a valve on a tank car while it was at the Gaylord plant. A mechanic sprayed water to suppress the vapors and then directed the water stream onto the valve stem as the tank car was unloaded. When the water was turned off could not be determined.

Union Tank Car Company (manufacturer / owner) arrived at the plant to replace the four valves. Postaccident examination of  the tank car disclosed that one valve stem had significant wear. The tank car was thereafter sent to the Vicksburg Chemical Company in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on September 26, for another load of nitrogen tetroxide.

On October 5, the chemical company recorded that the tare weight of the tank car was 9,500 pounds over the marked weight for the tank car. A Vicksburg employee noticed  the tank car’s trucks had been replaced, thus changing the weight. The tank car was then filled with approximately 10,000 gallons (110,000 pounds) of quality checked, nitrogen tetroxide before it was transferred to the tank car. The loaded tank car was returned to Gaylord.

On October 12, Gaylord employees began transferring dinitrogen tetroxide from the tank car to a storage tank. While this transfer was taking place, the material in the storage tank was simultaneously being transferred into the plant. At 9 a.m., the process safety interlocks shut down the chemical reactor. Gaylord’s investigation  revealed that the nitrogen tetroxide had been contaminated with water raw DMSO.

Gaylord decided to transfer the contaminated material from the tank car and storage tank into stainless steel highway cargo tank trailers. Overnight, between October 12 and 13, the meter indicated that 10,100 gallons of product were transferred from the tank car into two cargo tanks. When the transfer operation was stopped, a material sample was taken from the transfer system; the sample contained a small amount of green liquid with foam.

At 4 a.m. on October 13, Gaylord employees believed the tank car was empty,  weighing of the material loaded into the two cargo tanks revealed that only 491 gallons (6,080 pounds) had been transferred. On October 16, Gaylord determined that the vapors  from the tank car were excessive, the material was not dilute enough to permit discharge of the residual material into the plant sewer system. vapors started leaking from another cargo tank that had been filled with the same material from the storage tank.

On October 19, material samples obtained from the tank car and the three cargo tanks were taken to the Vicksburg Chemical Company for chemical analysis. On October 20th, by 6 p.m Gaylord employees had transfered material remaining in the tank car to a cargo tank, their meter indicated that 6,700 gallons of material had been transferred from the tank car

.Water was added to the tank car then was discontinued when the internal pressure of the tank car rose.  Gaylord employees vented the vapors from the tank car and later on the evening of October 20, Gaylord employees began emptying the material from the tank car into the plant sewer system; after 2 or 3 minutes, a large vapor cloud was released, and the unloading was stopped.

On October 21, a Gaylord employee twice added water to dilute the material in the tank car and vented the vapors. The internal pressure of the tank car increased each time the water was added.On October 23, . plans were made to complete the emptying and the cleaning of the tank car.

At 12:54 pm.,Gaylord received the results of the chemical analysis of the material sample obtained from the tank car on October 19. The results indicated that the material was dinitrogen tetroxide and after discussing an apparent discrepancy with the Vicksburg laboratory specialist who had tested the sample. Gaylord believed that on October 13 the nitrogen tetroxide had been unloaded from the tank car and diluted with water. Results were unexpected as Gaylord goes on to make a claim that samples may not have been representative of the material in the tank car.

October 23, Gaylord employees put more water into the tank car, an additional hose was run from one of the tank car valves to a water-filled drum. At 3 p.m., the pressure appeared to be falling, but at 3:30 p.m., it was still above the measurement limit of the gauge and appeared to be rising. At 3:55 p.m., a yellow-brown vapor was observed leaking from the dome of the tank car. The head on the B-end of the tank car failed about 4:45 p.m. releasing a huge reddish-brown vapor cloud.   Postaccident Actions:  Gaylord Chemical Corporation has discontinued the use of tank cars to transport nitrogen tetroxide and now uses smaller tanks that hold only 3 percent of the volume capacity of the tank car involved in the accident. Cargo purity assurance procedures, including the testing of cargo before and after loading, have been implemented to prevent the transport of contaminated cargo. The plant has additionally installed equipment to warn residents of any accidental release and, in coordination with the city of Bogalusa, has developed emergency procedures and conducted training.

The tank car destroyed in this accident was the last carbon steel tank car in use that had been approved by the US Department of Transportation for transporting nitrogen tetroxide, which wasn’t the chemical Gaylord released.

Probable Cause: Fear of major lawsuit for the intentional open air disposal of toxins.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the accident was the lack of adequate procedures on the part of the Gaylord Chemical Corporation and the Vicksburg Chemical Company to prevent or detect the contamination of nitrogen tetroxide with water   DMSO, resulting in the formation of an extremely corrosive product and the subsequent failure of the tank car. Contributing to the severity of the accident were the Gaylord Chemical Corporation’s inadequate procedures for emergency transfer of Dinitrogen Tetroxide contaminated cargo from the tank car.

Recommendations – None

Classvictim Report:   The official report starts the ms-information campaign with claims water caused the overweight condition however, water don’t mix, H2O and Nitrogen Tetroxide creates a highly explosive substance. In the words of a chemist after asking where did I say that mixture of nitrogen tetroxide and water occur? “there’s no way it was water in that tank car, that scenario would have blown Vicksburg off the map”.

So for the remainder of these events we need to understand the actual chemical having deccsions made on by Gaylord was N2O4, Dinitrogen Tetroxide. This mixture is only created with the use of DMSO, dymitial sulfoxide. DMSO is a by-product of paper manufacturing. The facility’s operation  always held storge problems with this left over dymitial sulfoxide. RICO is all about working with others for a common criminal goal. Please remember Gaylord never reported their knowledge of facts regarding their problem to HazMat as required by law.

With knowledge of weather used in agricultural tree growing and no option to re-transport or off load any remaining toxins and with a sample of the tank cars contents by October 12th, Gaylord begins formulating a plan for disposal. Open air release is the only option. Attempting to control and prevent as much damage as possible an agreement to release a cloud toxic poison devised. In an effort to coincide with rain, wind and time of day to results sought for are as follows.


1.  A need to await the Monday October 23rd date for release had to do with two facts, one was, it was perceived, that it would rain on Tuesday. This rain was supposed to have washed away any chemicals on the ground after release. And secondly the wind always blows to the Northwest, the desired and intended direction for the released poison. It rained Wednesday October 25th, they missed by one day.

2. The release needed to occur shortly before dark. This would help hide the effects of any damage after the release or cloud descended to the ground. The wind will stop blowing for an hour before day light or dark. Any wind traveling cloud would fall to the ground when the wind stopped carrying it. Directing the cloud to a less populated area of the Parish where Gaylord grew trees supported a thought that damage would be minimal. DMSO ain’t a joke but it would take a whole post to point out dangers.

3. Possibly if the cloud would land on Gaylord owned land afforded Gaylord they could use the very information had to claim as they did that,  no harm was had to anyone near the plant. The plot to release wasn’t perfect as stated by Billy Ray Rester, but cheers were had when the cloud took a Northwesterly flight. Rising above the tree line the cloud traveled right out of town over the airport and headed right towards our home. And just as planned by those brilliant corporate criminals their cloud of poison stopped in a secluded area before traveling to Mississippi. The only problem was that this secluded area the cloud stop at was right over our home and property. So how do you get twenty four thousand claims from this? While protecting the criminals involved ? RICO, that’s RICO, GOT IT?

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