BUT FIRST: From local Pearl river.  

Deer Vs. Man

A man who went out for an easy day of deer hunting ended up in a fight for his life with the hunted deer. Chad Hebert said his 13-year-old son had shot the deer, but the deer got up and started charging Hebert. While trying to hold the deer down, Herbert’s sons joined in to fight the deer off. “I took a knife and cut a big old hole in his neck,” said Herbert’s son, Gavin. The deer ran about ten feet before collapsing and dying.

“He just jumped up and charged me,” Herbert said. “He was blowing, snorting and grunting that when he just charged me.” “It was the scariest situation I’ve ever been in,” Hebert said. “I just thought my life is over. This monster is just going to maul the mess out of me.


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