So after walking out on politics back around 1997 I was never more certain that I was on to something more biblical than the social drama being had. I’ve heard from both sides of the recent battle and the related fear that were doomed to a final destruction because of stuff like this or that. In my understanding of the gospel Obama wasn’t going anywhere, not till………

 THIS: First it was 12, then it was 33… now it’s all 50 States with individuals petitioning the Obama Administration to allow them to peacefully secede from the United States. It started in Louisiana. Then Texas. WhiteHouse.gov provides a “service” whereby “citizens” may initiate a petition and then they have 30 days to obtain 150 online signatures in order to appear on the site, and 25,000 signatures for the Obama administration to pay attention.

 THAT: National gun sales are reportedly booming. It’s a trend being seen in the desert southwest as well. “I heard numbers anywhere from no increase to 130-percent increase. Across post-election America, guns are giving consumers a lot of bang for their bucks. And it does seem be wide spread. I got friends with stores all across the country and business has been decidedly upbeat.” Some say the grab for guns is being fueled by a fear President Obama will make good on a 2008 campaign promise to re-enact the 1994 federal ban on assault weapons.

And now a word on Secret Societies from President John F. Kennedy. 

MORE ON       On Wednesday 14th,2012 we were paid a visit by the Sheriffs department looking for my brother in-law. After being put out of his mother and next his sister’s home he invited his ass over to our place. After being warned of any drug use he was asked to leave. He returned with lying promises he would fly right the Sheriff’s office returned Thursday apparently the folks across the street have a beef with my brother in-law. Since he was told he wouldn’t be allowed to live with us any longer than it took for him to get a place of his own it was clear trouble making horse shit surrounded us. Todd was asked to leave after concern our child lives with us as well. She is also state property. Bright and early Friday morning the Mississippi Department of corrections along with a member of the Marion County Drug Task Force was knocking at our door.

The folks across the street claimed to know many members of the last group running the Sheriff’s office. OK, that explains a bunch, in fact they have a reputation of calling the law when someone farts. Anyways, after that digging and plundering in our belongs with what looked like a special light to detect drugs and all, one officer came to the back door and said “there ain’t shit in here”. The last group running the Sheriff’s department stated once that they had intended to plant drugs on me. I sent word in return that if that shit started drugs wouldn’t be the only thing getting planted. The neighbors have filed charges and I’m being told Todd will be pressing charges of his own. Oh my! Back to our program.


When it comes to modern day religion the line blurs. Many believe that a post nuke world will create a need for tons of weapons, food and some hide away hole and for what?

Anyone who reads scripture without understanding them could make waves over what is assumed. The problem is pushing a fear which is unknown but not impossible to understand. ________________________________________________________

THE GOSPEL: let’s do the simple first. The gospel of Christ tells us not to fear that which can kill the body or the flesh but fear that which can kill both, body and spirit.. The gospel teaches us that the last ruling antichrist will deceive the entire world. Wouldn’t that be hard to do if Satan went around forcing some form of mark on anyone or killing those who refuse to accept it? He’s a repair man with all the answers to all the political problems and the world will marvel at his ass.

Being delivered by a brother, mother or family member up to death is just that. Who is Satan? He is death and your deliverance to him will be to ask you to worship him just as he asked this of Christ. Do you recall get thee behind me Satan? There’s your mark in your head, the acceptance that he is Christ and his works will be done by your hands if you believe. Or in your hands. It’s like this through the entire bible.

Born of water and spirit isn’t about being baptized. It is about not leaving heaven as an angel and having children like the builders of the pyramids. It means to be born of woman the water bag burst having had your spirit placed within by God. This is the gospel which will be preached though out the whole world then the end will come. Born innocent to chose.

Scripture isn’t you or me believing what we want. It isn’t what many believe because Christ made clear it wouldn’t be till the end of this earth age before understanding could be had. The first sentence of your bible states “in the beginning God created the heaven and earth”. Right after this it states the earth was without form and void. Does that make sense? All through the bible scripture explains that this earth will go through three ages. The first earth age of peace and joy with our heavenly father. The current age after the overthrow of Satan’s rebellion for the throne of God and the next eternal earth age after the return of Christ and judgement of all souls. This earth will pass away. God intends to have his throne right here on earth which makes total annihilation by nukes a far fetch deal. We might start a war but God will end it.

I was as much a skeptic as anyone before 1981, regarding signs of ending this age. Knowing most bible scholars marked and noted the return of Israel as a state of its own in 1948. This is the date given to count the generations in relation to the following scripture “this generation shall not pass before the fulfillment of Revelation is had. Or these things be fulfilled. The bible gives three generational time lines 40, 70, and 120 years. Here’s my interest in the 70 or 72 year time lines. With Obama trailing his opponent early on I went to bed after telling my wife with much certainty from scripture Obama had to remain in office to complete what his part of scripture remained.

We were taught to beware a man who could take our crown, who would deceive and obviously he would change many things. He would have three six’s in his name. I have no problem with Ronald Wilson Reagan fitting this description. More meaningful than this was the related view of the four horse’s in Revelation.

Fitting the description of the white horse the red horse would follow. That came after Reagan said to the USSR. tear down this wall. White horse, Red horse. It’s all about a new world order. Next a black horse with scales. Are we balanced enough yet? Obama half black half white. Obama bring a monetary balance and maybe a racial balance. Remember the BP, oil spill. Obama took control and gave that control to the oil companies instead of attacking the problem quickly. We didn’t want to hurt the oil and wine. But what was the last occurrences of the black horse before Satan’s(the pale horses) return? A day’s wage for barely or wheat. In four years I think we might be going hungry and the answer to your problems will be waiting for you and me to worship him for food and other fleshly needs instead of the real Christ.

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