Mississippi’s new anti corruption laws for Government work to secure its rights of financial gains as it strips the right of its citizens to same


Whatever happened to “For the People by the People”. Wait, there is a disturbance in the force. Living here helps us realize the laws of the rest of the country don’t apply here. I was under an impression we were selectively chosen for abuse over crimes of racketeering influential corruption of an organized group and such was already illegal. Oh, excuse me. The story reveals applying a self-severing law of government to prosecute those stealing from State Government. Couldn’t hurt.


Margaret Cooper director of Mississippi Crime Stoppers program stole money from the program to pay for movie tickets, hair appointments and trips to the vet for her pet. She pleaded guilty to stealing $2,400 and the state Department of Public Safety fired her in 2010. In a deal with prosecutors not only will she serve no jail time, but she has had her record wiped clean. Sometime between being fired and pleading guilty she landed another state government job.

She is currently working at her new government job to pay money back that she stole from her old government job. The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson Ms.) indicates public officials tend to get off easy when they’re caught in government corruption cases where their caught stealing. It shows a trend of light sentences and early release, inequity of sentences, lack of prosecution and expunged records.

The State Auditor whose office investigates cases of government corruption and public officials are reporting that the light treatment of public officials erodes trust and provides little deterrent to such crimes. State Auditor Stacey Pickering, plans to push lawmakers for tougher public corruption sentencing laws in next year’s session. Gov. Phil Bryant — former state auditor — says he’ll give the new laws his support.

     Mississippi Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps says government embezzlers are perfect candidates for alternatives to imprisonment. He notes these people can be working and paying restitution when on house arrest or parole. State corrections officials are calling for lesser sentences for nonviolent criminals as lawmakers grapple with the soaring costs of incarceration. For the current budget year, an increase in prison population caused a $30 million deficit for MDOC.

Mississippi Judge Rapes 16 Year-Old Girl:                                                              Billy Bonner, a former Justice Court Judge pleaded guilty to raping a 16-year-old girl while she was cleaning his house.admitted that he raped the girl last summer. Bonner was arrested and charged last July after Wayne General Hospital reported a rape victim had been brought there and claimed she had been attacked while doing house work for the former judge.

Jones County Ms.                                                                                                                   A Bond for Cory Cotten, 27 was set by Justice Court Judge David Lyons at $100,000 Cotten is accused of computer luring persons under the age of 16 to engage in sexual contact and the exploitation of children.Cotten had been under investigation by authorities since June. District Attorney J Ronald Parrish said people will not take advantage of child in Jones County and get away with it.


Parts of two nuclear power plants were shut down and another one put on alert, as the ‘Superstorm’ Sandy ravished the US East Coast. The storm may hit as many as 26 of the nuclear facilities along its path. Explosions, fires, and floods have devastated New York, killing at least ten people statewide.

Sandy, left over 50 houses ablaze, seven subway tunnels flooded with nearly 2 million New Yorkers without power. The nuke Point plant north of New York City was shut down on Monday due to an external grid issue. Entergy Corp, said its employees are not at risk.

Parts of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island are underwater. Much of the New York city is  without power and mass transit has been shut down until further notice.

Sporadic explosions could be heard throughout the city. Emergency 911 operators were receiving 10,000 calls per half hour, NYC Mayor’s Office reported.

An unidentified man was arrested for disorderly conduct in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania late Monday. After being rescued a suspect was ushered away by police, who suspected him of attempting to loot the site for copper and other items that could be sold.

_______________     __President Obama and Mitt Romney both made comments on Hurricane Sandy and offered condolences to the victims. However, it is still not clear what effects the storm will have on Election Day. (Source: CNN)____________________

President Obama and Mitt Romney both made comments on Hurricane Sandy and offered condolences to the victims. However, it is still not clear what effects the storm will have on Election Day.

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