As turmoil spreads the globe might the internet provide for reporting what isn’t reported by media. Can anonymous fill that role? Could other countries share events for delivery to them?

FRONT BURNER: If it appears we’re venting, then we are. The criminal displacements of us by the courts leave a lot of horse manure to deal with. The release of those reprogrammed family members from their prison cells with a don’t give a shit attitude is also causing some trouble. When we owned our own property it was easy to over look certain family members and their friends who stayed drunk and hung around out back. Usually anyone owning property also owns a shed or other type of building on their property and that might or might not have been alright. It was after all a means of gathering certain types of information. But that’s gone now. We’re on rental property and the problem here is. Am I to physically fight off these folks who don’t care that the property isn’t ours and don’t understand we now have children and there ain’t no way in hell they’ll be around partying in our home. We’re on our own because everyone knows calling the Police is a last resort.

What a fix, I haven’t laid a hand on anyone over the destruction of my own home am I to fight over the property of another? Court arrest and imprisonment results in beer sells. Perhaps these kids should have a talk with my brother in-law Todd. As of October 26th, 2012 my brother in-law has been committed to a psychiatric evaluation over his 13 year cell term. He can explain the hard time spent, but still can’t answer what his charge or crime was. It started with an allegation he was involved in a murder yet when it was proven he was clearly innocent of the charge, other charges were used to hold him.

RE: The party crowd. The last two weeks have been filled with arguing and near physical confrontations to prevent it from happening here. I’m not going to swing first but I do intent to be the last one doing the hitting if the shit starts. What makes it able to piss me off is the fact we are here because of the corrupted court rulings directed at us in efforts to extort our awards. This is the life of displacements. So if we get leaned on, we lean back. The folks we rent from are really nice and they have stated they would consider selling the land to us. Still the high fence and locked gates cost too much to build on a rented property. Guess we’ll just keep leaning.

Words from the past: When attorneys and the courts create their fraudulent class actions they need medical conditions to report to the courts. Those medical conditions have a medical cost added for a collecting effect. Living in a society to the brain washing that those who prosper in it are attorneys and doctors your bound to see insanity from these beliefs. Merit less claims and being without real injuries prescription drug addictions.

One of these actions leads to drug addiction and or a drug arrest if the person doesn’t die from over dose first. Money for the state either way. The other slides by because although a fraudulent crime is had attorneys and the court’s ruling on lawsuits cover their asses pretty well with fraudulent court documents. A good example of their fraud is right here on this blog.

David Baria’s driving force of creating fraudulent claims were directed to Pearl River. When asked where all we had been on the day of the chemicals release Mr. Baria angered about where all we had gone stated y’all weren’t in Pearl River. The Pearl River claims were used at the failed trial.

Pearl River County: Out of control. That is how Pearl River County officials describe the death rate from drug overdoses as they consider its small population size. Since January, 17 people have died from drug overdoses. The latest death was Friday from heroine, but officials say most are due to prescription drug abuse. FRAUDULENT PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE.

Pearl River County was the location of Sheriff Richard Stringer’s counterpart sentencing judges. This is where our child and my brother in-law were sentenced.

Even when an attorney is arrested he or she is given special treatments and releases. >>>>> BILLY ARATA, case in point!

Sample Bit from an earlier post:: These payments under guise of fraudulent class made to Bill for the countless threats to not sue the towns major employer. Temple Inland paper mill and related corporations.  As I had stated in an earlier post, does the state owe Bill Arata? Meaning will Bill be set free of drug charges regardless his guilt? He played a major role to prevent our legal rights against Gaylord with the first attempted abduction of our child through the Office of Child Protection Services in Bogalusa.  An abduction later taken up by the state of Mississippi regarding said extortion plot. Allowing our child to wed at an early age broke his grip on us as Mississippi turns to false arrest.

THE BACK BURNER: As the entire town of Columbia, Mississippi completes its repaving of all of its roads and streets more improvements are being spoken of. An article in the local paper states that the water and sewer may also be upgraded. Hey folks, since when is this kind of money spent by elected officials had and nobody is complaining about where the money is coming from. Why, their spending that money like it was extorted from someone else.

THE OVEN: Wouldn’t you just know it. Our new location has provided us with relatives of Duke Polk. You might recall Mr. Polk was arrested for a murder committed by someone else many years ago. I can tell you the statement made by another relative, that the Polk family has been the target of past law-enforcement is evident. Duke remains in jail at this time as his trial continues to be move back. What’s the problem? The truth!

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