Take note of the events to this point regarding the self-serving laws of, you guessed it, Mississippi. So yeah for what its worth we’ve done a good job of shedding light on our court murdering extortion. But have we done as well to show that these sick minded mother fuckers will abuse children. Any one reading our post regarding the death and surrounding  events regarding Jerry Stringer can understand the court corrupts at will.

To briefly explain. My child and grandchildren became additional victims of a matter in where these utter ass holes working the courts in Jackson felt they needed to incarcerate our child and years later steal a life policy left by the grandparent to the grand kids. Like I’ve said, fucking thieves.

Check it out. The uh, court pushes its statute of limitations with allegations the 1998 make-believe (children minded people like to play make-believe) order to dismiss leaves no action due to limitations. Face it if you aren’t a murder or a child molester or a fucking thieve your ass is grass when it comes to Mississippi and there is no justice for you. But I’m not changing my name or engaging in any of this type of shit just to become what. A log in the lake of fire. Look how they allowed the statues to run for this crime to promote a release because it looks like that’s what was done. Must be hard to convict someone when your a bigger criminal that those you pass judgement on. Watch your children.

The Current Shit:    CHILD_ABUSE_by_COFFR_IESU_zps998e9a01.jpg image by Gabriele-Sanala

John Langworthy a music minister at Morrison Heights Baptist Church faces felony gratification of lust. He has an eight-count indictment charging him with sexually molesting five boys ages 10-13 between at various locations between 1980 and 1984. Clinton police have charged him with two counts of gratification of lust and Jackson police filed six charges, before his arrest in September 2011.

A motion to dismiss the indictment contends the statute of limitations has expired. Langworthy pleaded innocent before Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Bill Gowan, who will rule on a motion filed Sept. 21 by Langworthy’s attorney, Jeffrey Rimes.

Baby Sitting: You might find this interesting. When our child was taken first by the 22nd, judicial court in Louisiana, the state trial consisted of us caring for other children in the court lobby on the day the court was trying to take ours away. When the court went to lunch we stayed in the lobby caring for the children. None of those working child protection claimed to have any children of their own. My step dad and useless mother went to lunch with attorneys and judges. I’m somewhat mindful with who I hangout with. Staying with the needy children meant more than being with a bunch of no good mother fucking cock sucking thieves. ARE WE STRAIGHT?

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